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Our Clients' Testimonials

The following feedback and reviews are from our valued clients who traveled China with us. WarriorTours.com Team is grateful for the permission of the following guests to publish their comments and some clients' contact information. Please feel free to contact them directly with your questions or comments, or you can email us and we put you in touch. Our sales team wishes you have a good time with our honest and personalized services.

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Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. William Robert Burgher and Ms. Isabela Perez Burgher
  • From: Biloela, Queensland, AU
  • Itinerary: 12-Day China Tours of Beijing - Xian - Chongqing - Yangtze River - Wuhan - Shanghai

Dear Judy/Brenda,

Firstly I enjoyed the tour and would have no hesitation in reccommending one of your tours to my freinds.

More specifically:

1. We were kept busy and entertained. I cannot think of an occasion where I thought we were wasting time. My only complaint was at the Bejing Opera where I was seated so I could not see the acts on stage because people in front of me were seated higher.

2. All the hotel and restaurant meals were first class.

3. All the guides were conscientious. They were at least able to communicate successfully. I did not expect perfect English.The guides would have had different levels of experience and knowledge.

4. The buses and drivers were of a high standard.

Thank you for all your help.

Best Wishes,

Bill Burgher

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. Aneesh Bakshi, Ms. Simi Bakshi and Ms. Salina Bakshi
  • From: NJ, US
  • Itinerary: 12-Day Standard China Tours of Beijing - Xian - Lhasa - Shanghai

Dear Frieda /Hebe:

Thank you for the wonderful arrangements you made for us. It was nice for our family to meet Frieda!

1. All the meals were good, the last meal in Shanghai was excellent at the hotel restaurant before the Acrobat show, this was on August 22nd. Breakfast at the Pacific luck hotel needs better service. The hotel itself was very good.

2. All the guides were very gracious, however, it would be nice if some of them had a little more patience with the visitors.Their English language & Knowlege of the subject matter was very good.

3. Service attitude of driver was very good and the vans/cars were very clean.

"Our China trip was very enjoyable, we loved the hospitality of the local people, shopping was good and the sightseeing well organized. We would recommend Warrior Tours to our friends, as a matter of fact one family will be soon arranging a tour with you all"

Will send you some photos later.

Thanks again for a wonderful vacation!


Aneesh Bakshi
New Jersey, USA

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. Ian Matheson McHenry and Mr. Dean Eugene McHenry
  • From: US
  • Itinerary: 9-Day Standard China Tours of Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise -Shanghai - Beijing

Dear Maggie,

First, let me say that your responsiveness to my inquiries and to those of my son were wonderful. You pulled out of our messages the specific questions we asked and responded in a very fine way to each one of them.

Second, the overall trip was grand. Although we touched only a few parts of your great country, we have a much better sense of the dynamic changes taking place. I found I used and reused the word �marvelous� too often. My last visit was 27 years ago and the country seems very different today.

Third, let me address the questions on meals, guides and cars directly.

MEALS: The most elaborate meal was that you arranged for the first evening after our arrival in Shanghai. Both my son and I ate too much. The live Chinese music being played in the background added to a very pleasant meal. The meals on the Victoria Cruises were okay, though I�and many other passengers�got sick one day. That did not stop me from going to the Yellow Mountains, but it made the day less enjoyable than it would have been.

GUIDES: We had a guide in Chongqing and a guide in Shanghai, besides those provided by Victoria Cruises.

CHONGQING: I would have to look back to my notes on Chongqing to recall the guide�s name, but she met us at the airport and took us to the hotel. She was a bit uncertain as to whether a tour of Chongqing was a part of our arrangements, though when we asked to see a few places she took us to them willingly. At her suggestion, my son paid the driver 100 yuan extra for his driving. She was knowledgeable and a very nice person. Very early the next morning, she picked us up and took us to the Victoria Cruises� boat.

SHANGHAI: Vivian met us at the dock in Shanghai, took us around the city, brought us to dinner, and took us to the Shanghai acrobats in the evening. She did more than I or Ian expected, taking both my son and me to the airport when we flew to California and Beijing, respectively, on different days. She was efficient and knowledgeable.

Both guides were good and both spoke English well. They were far better than the guides provided for passengers on the Victoria Cruises ship.

CARS: The transport in both cases was excellent. Driving in China is not easy.

Fourth, one suggestion about hotels in Beijing: The Holiday Inn, where I stayed for two nights, is located a very long way from the metro and from sites that I wanted to visit. For that reason, an alternative hotel would have worked better. I must say, though, that I am not used to staying in such high quality hotels as you arranged for me and Ian.

All the best,

Dean E. McHenry, Jr.

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. Bernard Markowicz, Ms. Svetlana Markowicz and Mr. Jordan Markowicz
  • From: Virginia, US
  • Itinerary: 14-Day Luxury China Tours of Beijing - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin - Xian - Luoyang - Kaifeng - Shanghai

Dear Ms. Cynthia Xiao and Ms. Irene Zhou:

First, it was my pleasure to meet you, Cynthia in Xi'an. We enjoyed your city very much. We learned many things in China and had a very good time. Thank you for all of your efforts. I will answer your questions below.

We preferred meals that were more "Chinese" and less "meals for tourists". We actually enjoyed the meal on the riverboat in Guilin. We had several good meals, but they were at restaurants suggested by our guides. The best meal arranged for us were, for me I think, the ones in Xi'an. I'm sorry, but I cannot remember the restaurants anymore.

All of the guides we had could speak English well enough. And they had good knowledge of the places we visited and were able to convey the information to us in English.Linda in Kaifeng had some trouble, but Jaime from Luoyang was able to help her. Jaime speaks excellent English and acted as our interpreter.

Probably our best guide (in my opinion), was Jaime in Luoyang. She was very professional and competent. She even organized our wake-up calls at the hotel! Her English was the best of any of the guides, and she was very poised and patient. She spent 2 very long days with us, including many visits and many detailed explanations in English and she did not stop smiling. She assisted us in many ways, even those not related to travel, such as fixing my umbrella and pouring water for us at the restaurant. These little things showed me of her great willingness to be of service. She is an excellent resource for your travel company. I think she deserves a big bonus.

All of the drivers were very nice and the cars were clean. The drivers were so patient in all of the traffic!

Overall, I think we all enjoyed our first trip to China. Thank you for organizing this "introduction" to your country.

Jacquelyn Gluck

Client's information:

  • Name: Ms. Janet King-Williams and Ms. Alexa Williams
  • From: Connecticut, US
  • Email: blkazngirl@hotmail.com
  • Itinerary: 9-Day Small Group China Tours of Beijing - Xian - Shanghai


I just wanted you to know that my daughter Alexa (age 11) and I had a great time while on our 9 day China trip. We traveled in the small group that your company offered and we found it much more enjoyable than traveling with a large group.

The tour guides, David and Lilly were excellent. They were very knowledgeable about the artifacts we saw, well spoken, pleasant, kind and most accommodating. They even played games with us after visiting sites to see if we had learned anything.Much to my daughter's delight, she found this to be educational and fun.

The bus drivers were helpful at assisting the passenger's when needed. The foods in the restaurant's was excellent. The hotel rooms were clean, comfortable and the staff very accommodating to our needs.

On my next trip to China, I plan on using your agency again. I highly recommend you to anyone that is planning to visit China.

Janet and Alexa Williams

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. Jose Caaadell Pascual and Ms. Katerina Ludvikova Briza
  • From: Castellar del Valles, Barcelona, ES
  • Itinerary: 15-Day Luxury China Tours of Beijing - Xian - Lhasa - Shanghai - Guilin - Hongkong

Dear Ruby:

Thanks for your concern about the result of our China tour. I will try to answer your questions below:

We enjoyed our tour a lot. The service provided was between good and excellent.

In general the meals were Ok. One of the best was the lunch at Xian ( the first one ).We especially enjoyed our two dinners in Lhasa ( at two local restaurants ). Not luxury restaurants, but that was the kind of restaurants we are fond of.

The guides was good to excellent. Being myself was not an English speaking ( usually ) person, it is always difficult for me to understand English. But in my opinion the Guides English was correct. I could understand some of them better than others, but as alreaduy stated, means nothing. I would very much compliment our Guides in Lhasa, and in Guilin, which did more than expected, in order to help us in our requests.

The cars was very clean and the driver was attentive.

Yours sincerely

Josep Cañadell

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