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How to Plan Your Mongolia Tour?

Best Time to Visit: June - September
Major Cities for International Flights: Ulaanbaatar
Visa: Visitors need a valid visa to enter Mongolia except those from visa free countries.
Money Tips: The official currency of Mongolia is Mongolian Tugrik. Visa cards and US dollars are available in a few big cities.
  • 3-5 Days
    Explore the capital city - Ulaanbaatar in depth, including Hustai National Park and Terelj National Park.
  • 6-10 Days
    Explore highlights of Mongolia, extending to some must-go attractions like Gobi Desert and Bayanzag from Ulaanbaatar.
  • 11 Days or More
    Explore essence of Mongolia, or add several cities that the Siberian Railway will pass, such as Moscow, St. Peterburg and Beijing.

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  • Hugh & Cathy from usaPosted on July 12, 2019
    We are about to embark on our 3rd Tour with Agate Tours. The first two tours were exceptional. We brag to all our friends about the outstanding job Agate Tours has done for US. We can’t wait to continue with our excellent experiences with our venture coming up to Tibet and Mongolia.
  • Teoh Wan Han from MalaysiaPosted on May 22, 2019
    It was great! The tour guide is very good and have good command of English. She also help us to bring us to the bank to exchange the local money. She is quiet a pleasant person, good knowledge of the country, background, history and culture aspect. We have good experience and good time in Mongolia. The driver is also very good. It would be even better is the driver is able to speak some form of English, but we communicate via sign language and via Google translate.

    I prefer the Terelj National Park then Hustai National park. Reason being there is only wild horse to see in the evening and nothing much to do in the afternoon at Hustai National Park.

    The local musical performance which gave us a taste of difference musical instrument of Mongolia. Overall, it was a good experience. Thanks again.