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How to Plan Your Mongolia Tour?

Best Time to Visit: June - September
Major Cities for International Flights: Ulaanbaatar
Visa: Visitors need a valid visa to enter Mongolia except those from visa free countries.
Money Tips: The official currency of Mongolia is Mongolian Tugrik. Visa cards and US dollars are available in a few big cities.
  • 3-5 Days
    Explore the capital city - Ulaanbaatar in depth, including Hustai National Park and Terelj National Park.
  • 6-10 Days
    Explore highlights of Mongolia, extending to some must-go attractions like Gobi Desert and Bayanzag from Ulaanbaatar.
  • 11 Days or More
    Explore essence of Mongolia, or add several cities that the Siberian Railway will pass, such as Moscow, St. Peterburg and Beijing.

Mongolia Tour Reviews

4.916 Reviews
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  • Julie Renee from ItalyPosted on September 17, 2019
    The attractions arranged for our Mongolia tour was substantial and the itinerary was also easy.
    We enjoyed the beautiful sceneries on the prairie and watched the sunset over the endless desert. Both the vast grassland and magnificent desert view made us linger about. The guides were so enthusiastic and humorous, and drivers were very familiar with the route. Our schedule was also well arranged. Five-star rating for all staff's considerate service!!
  • Joseph Hogle from CanadaPosted on September 14, 2019
    Our guides were so conscientious and arranged the schedules quite properly. The weather when we visited Mongolia was pleasant and cool, the sceneries were intoxicating. We had a wonderful time!
  • Hamel from the UKPosted on September 12, 2019
    The blue sky and magnificent desert landscape were fabulous! Mongolia was a must-see tourist destination for relaxing!
  • Nicole Dolak from USAPosted on September 12, 2019
    Overall, I was very pleased with the itinerary and accommodations. The whole journey was exciting! My husband and I had always had a desire to explore the grassland and desert, and this wonderful Mongolia trip made our wish come true. The sky there was so blue and the air was so fresh. We were not tired at all and spent a pleasant time!

    The unique Mongolian yurt was satisfactory. It was quite clean. Both dairy and beef jerky were delicious and authentic.

    We had so much fun riding horses on the vast prairie! And climbing the highest dune to appreciate the spectacular Gobi desert view was also a memorable experience.

    Here I must rave our guide. He was so thoughtful and served us with an excellent attitude. He was also dedicated to helping us with all our questions. I was satisfied with his efforts. We really appreciate everyone’s professional job done on our Mongolia trip!
  • Kathy Silvers from AustraliaPosted on September 12, 2019
    Warm guide and fantastic service! We were so delightful during the exploration of mysterious Khongor Sand Dunes. It was the largest desert area of Mongolia. It was interesting that we could hear a unique sound when the wind moved the sand. Climbing the highest dune, we enjoyed the spectacular Gobi desert landscape. It was really an unforgettable Mongolia desert tour!
  • Naisbitt Karin from MalaysiaPosted on September 11, 2019
    We felt quite easy and enjoyable on this tour to Mongolia! If we were tired when visiting attractions, we could have a good rest in the tour vehicle. Hotels were good but I like staying overnight in Ger camps more. It was novel and interesting! The meals were pretty good. We had western food and local Bar-B-Q. Here I would like to show my sincere gratitude to all of the guides for their considerate service. They made my Mongolia journey full of joys!
  • Julie Mae from CanadaPosted on September 09, 2019
    Great arrangements for schedule and classic attractions! Driver was quite enthusiastic and thoughtful! The tour vehicles were comfortable and spacious. We had an easy time on endless grassland. The guide in Gandan Monastery was experienced and humorous. She shared so many interesting stories of solemn golden Buddha. And she also led us to Hustai National Park to enjoy natural landscape and find rare horses namely takhi? Maybe this name. I don’t know. All in all, we were satisfied with our outstanding guide and amazing Mongolia trip!
  • Tim Keeley from ItalyPosted on September 09, 2019
    Endless prairie was worth visiting. Scattered with herds of cattle/ sheep & horses, the green grassland looked more beautiful and more alive! This Mongolia tour was relaxing. Just the time was short. I want to explore more mysteries of Mongolia again!
  • Mary Lechich from the United StatesPosted on September 08, 2019
    Our guides were sunny and warm, providing thoughtful service. Local drivers also did a good job. My families were all grateful for their efforts. The whole journey was pleasant and easy! Mongolia’s sky was so blue and the prairie was vast and green. Visiting Gandan Monastery, exploring Hustai National Park, appreciating music and dance performance, riding a wild horse... left us very deep and memorable impressions! Really a worthwhile trip!
  • Madeleine from ItalyPosted on September 06, 2019
    Generally speaking, the whole trip went smoothly. Our flight was cancelled due to heavy rain. Fortunately, the following schedule of the Mongolia tour was not delayed. Secondly, the weather was perfect when we visited all the natural parks. In addition, we met an extremely enthusiastic and interesting guide who spoke fantastic English in Ulaanbaatar. He guided us to experience prairie charms safely and comfortably. Overall, we were so lucky to have a good time during this wonderful Mongolia trip!
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