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How to Plan Your Mongolia Tour?

Best Time to Visit: June - September
Major Cities for International Flights: Ulaanbaatar
Visa: Visitors need a valid visa to enter Mongolia except those from visa free countries.
Money Tips: The official currency of Mongolia is Mongolian Tugrik. Visa cards and US dollars are available in a few big cities.
  • 3-5 Days
    Explore the capital city - Ulaanbaatar, including Hustai National Park and Terelj National Park for your Mongolia trip.
  • 6-10 Days
    Your tours in Mongolia can cover the highlights of Mongolia, extending to must-see attractions like Gobi Desert and Bayanzag from Ulaanbaatar.
  • 11 Days or More
    Explore essence of Mongolia, or add several cities that the Siberian Railway will pass, such as Moscow, St. Peterburg and Beijing.

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Mongolia Tour Reviews

4.868 Reviews
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  • Savitha from ColumbiaPosted on February 23, 2021
    Mongolian yurts were fun to stay in. The sunset in the desert was very beautiful. The guides were responsible and humorous. Excellent quality of this 7 days in Mongolia tour to Gobi Desert.
    • Evangeline from AustraliaPosted on November 11, 2020
      10 days Mongolia tour was beyond my expectations greatly! Now I’m back to my home but I miss the wonderful travel very much. I gained a lot not only taste the beauty of Mongolia. Free and easy! Such a special experience was down to the warm guide who not only took beautiful photos for me but explained cultural customs. I like the friendly Mongolian people and the slow-paced prairie life. That made me who live in busy cities calm down.
      • Mohamed Nolan from CanadaPosted on September 12, 2020
        We got a wonderful experience on this 8 days Mongolia tour! The Ger Camp in the Hustai National Park was nice, and the food was good but we had very little communication with the owners of the camp.

        Luckily, there were full of guys from other tour groups playing dance music next to us in their tent. We were invited to join them, which added a more pleasant atmosphere for the prairie trip.
        • Kimi from USAPosted on August 20, 2020
          The 5 days Mongolia travel was meaningful and memorable! With the nice guide and beautiful natural sceneries, we spent a good time on this reasonable route! The driver was very enthusiastic, and expert in driving. Tour car was comfortable and was in good condition!
          • Ann La Cava from MexicoPosted on August 09, 2020
            I was impressed deeply by a spectacular complex of buildings, hundreds of white pigeons, unique turtle rock, and wonderful traditional show...... Excellent 7-day private Ulaanbaatar tour!
            • Victor George from NorwayPosted on August 05, 2020
              The attractions were very abundant and actually we were a little bit tired. Although it was only an 8-day Mongolia vacation, we visited several dozens of scenic spots.
              All of them were worthwhile! The guide was professional and interesting. It rained, but our schedule was reasonably adjusted.
              Agate Travel is reliable and it has become my first choice to travel abroad!
              • Traycee Zimmermann from PortugalPosted on August 03, 2020
                We had an amazing experience! The schedule was full and fantastic! Actually, this was the first time to experience a private customized tour. The consultant was professional to design the 13-day Mongolia tour as our requests.
                Encounter with camels in Eagle valley and exploration of National Park... interesting and memorable!
                • Samantha Levine from ItalyPosted on July 30, 2020
                  Vast expanse of grassland teeming with animals and valuable monastery with exquisite carvings impressed us deeply. The 13 days Mongolia tour was full of surprises. It was enjoyable!
                  • Diann Vyas from SpainPosted on July 15, 2020
                    I have been to many places, but this 5 days Mongolia tour brought me a special feeling. The cozy and comfortable schedule made me relax totally. Four-star hotel & Ger Camp were great and I enjoyed the tasty beef on Ger camp very much.
                    The picturesque blue sky, green grassland, enthusiastic Cindy (travel consultant), responsible driver, and humorous guide were all impressive! Cindy was patient and helpful with choosing a short Mongolia trip; the driver was so well-versed in driving and kept us safe; the guide introduced the Mongolian culture, grassland traditions for us all the way and sang Mongolian songs from time to time.
                    The whole journey was quite exceptional and we got a great experience!
                    • Kaylene Wessel from GermanyPosted on July 14, 2020
                      Enthusiastic guides and driver were local Mongolians. The guide explained in detail and arranged the schedule properly.
                      The driver was good at driving on the prairie. We had a taste of beautiful natural scenery on grassland and giant gold Buddha in Gandan Monastery. Overall, this 3 days Mongolia tour was excellent!
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