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How to Plan Your Nepal Tour?

Best Time to Visit: September - November, February - April
Major Cities for International Flights: Kathmandu
Visa: All foreign travelers (except Indians) need a Visa travelling to Nepal. Most nationals can obtain the visa on arrival easily.
Money Tips: Nepalese rupee is the official currency in Nepal. It is easy to exchange US Dollars or British Pounds into rupees at local banks in Kathmandu. The rate is better than that at the airport.
  • 3-6 Days
    Explore Nepal holiday package with the must-see attractions in Kathmandu, or add one near village like Nagarkot or Dhulikhel.
  • 7-10 Days
    Explore the highlighted Nepal packages destinations like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan National Park, or add a neighboring country like India or Bhutan.
  • 11 Days or More
    Plan your best Nepal tour packages by exploring Nepal in depth with trekking experience, or combine Nepal with its neighboring countries like India, Bhutan and Tibet in China.

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  • Stanley Buzenet from GermanyPosted on August 11, 2020
    We saw a lot of pristine landscapes during our 7-day Nepal tour. I think Nepal is a tourist destination where everyone can make their dream of soaring in the sky come true. The weather was fine, and we had an opportunity to take a one-hour Mountain Flight trip for appreciating the magnificent Mt. Everest & Himalaya:)
    I was so excited about this fight!! It was the best experience of my trip to Nepal! I love this travel and I will never forget the feeling when I was on the plane and see the spectacular sight closely!
  • Nicole Sayyad from FrancePosted on July 28, 2020
    The Nepal tour was pretty good overall. The itinerary was a little bit tight but we all enjoyed the activities immensely. The tour guides and drivers were friendly and we felt so warm along the journey. Seeing the beautiful view of the Himalayas on the summit of the Chandragiri Hill was an unforgettable experience. Personally, the trip would be perfect if Nepal’s roads were better!
  • Markus Craig from AustraliaPosted on July 27, 2020
    Great itinerary, free, relaxing, nice hotel...The guides were dedicated and honest, and they were the simplest guides I had ever seen. We felt comfortable when talking with them. Ten points!
  • Doris Mayr from NetherlandsPosted on June 30, 2020
    The arrangement for every detail of this Nepal tour was excellent, including hotels, meals, and recreation...
    At the beginning, I thought that our trip consultant was the most surprising part. Linda was so expert in designing the route as we required, and she was patient and prompt to all our request prior to the Nepal tour.
    Later, the guide also impressed me deeply. The drift on the river in Chitwan National Park was so amazing and we all hoped that we could take a longer drift. Agate Travel was a reliable company!
  • Jane Demko from CanadaPosted on June 15, 2020
    To be honest, the landscape of Nepal was so breathtaking! But, the road and traffic were bad. That kind of affected our enthusiasm... however, I want to rave our drivers who were so proficient in poor roads. All the way, we felt not too bumpy. The sanitation of hotels was excellent. We were offered various meals, which made ourselves glutted. Generally speaking, this trip could better meet my expectations!
  • Anthony Ruttico from SwitzerlandPosted on June 14, 2020
    Every day of our Nepal tour brought us unexpected gains! Thank Agate for organizing the most enjoyable and memorable tour!
  • Bainbridge from USAPosted on May 27, 2020
    Our experience was quite awesome! Riding an elephant, a drift along the river on a canoe, going hiking... these activities were very interesting and the natural landscape also amazed me! The stunning sunrise over the Himalayas was the most beautiful moment of the Nepal trip!

    The schedule was quite easy and we could slow down and quietly experience Nepal’s charm: the simple locals and unique culture. The guide was kind to us and introduced the customs of Nepal in detail. We had a deep understanding of Nepal. All in all, we had a good time. Nepal was worth going to!...More
  • Antonia Harris from BelgiumPosted on May 03, 2020
    I especially love the route arranged in Chitwan & Pokhara. The exploration of National Park was quite exciting and interesting! We saw many rare animals and had a drift along the river. The guide got our schedule organized. Our guide’s photography was absolutely superb! She took lots of good pictures for our family. We enjoyed this Nepal tour very much!
  • Terrence Congreve from SwedenPosted on April 19, 2020
    This group tour to Nepal is highly recommended!! The local guides were knowledgeable enough to tell us lots of the culture of Nepal and share many interesting stories about traditional customs. The guide in Kathmandu was quite friendly. There was something wrong with our camera. He was so kind to take us to have it repaired. Very grateful!! Also, many thanks to all the staff for their hard work.
  • Claudia from IrelandPosted on April 06, 2020
    I loved our 7-day Nepal tours to Kathmandu and Chitwan! We booked an exciting safari tour to Chitwan National Park on Agate Travel 2 months ago.

    We experienced the canoe drifting, elephant back safari and appreciated the unique Tribal Dance, so wonderful! We were so lucky to see a Bengal Tiger 20 meters ahead of us and took so many photos with great cautiousness. Our guides and drivers were very experienced and well-trained to explore our surroundings and check for animals. Overall, this tour was perfect and we really enjoyed the jungle adventure!...More
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