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Bolivia is known as the Roof of South America and a height of 3636 meters makes its capital, La Paz, the highest one in the world. The rainy season is from December to the next March and the dry season is from April to November. A guided tour to the world’s biggest saline lake, Salar de Uyuni, and stay overnight at the local hotel which is entirely made by salt is a must do.

Tour Code: WT-Bolivia 04
12 Days Journey of Peru - Bolivia

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Lima

    Arrive in Lima, the capital of the Republic of Peru by plane. Your trip will start from flourishing Miraflores district. At Parque del Amor (Love Park), you will have a good perspective to watch the coastline of Lima.

  • Day

    Today, you will visit the old city of Lima, one of UN World Heritage sites. There are huge underground grave at Convento de San Francisco, Plaza de Arms decorated in variegated color, Plaza de San Martin and Cathedral. Then you will head to Pisco known as insular town by bus. Roaming on the central square, you can savor coffee while relax yourself and feel the world passing.

  • Day

    You will visit Tasmania by boat - the nature reserve of pelicans, flamingoes and sea lions. Then you will go to Nazca to watch the well-preserved mummy because of dry weather. If you have interest, you can spend money experiencing unforgettable sightseeing fly, enjoying the mystery coastline of Nazca from welkin.

  • Day

    Welcome to dazzling Arequipa known as the city of white. Most of buildings here are made of volcanic rock. There are colleges, museums, churches and other recreation facilities, hot spring and relics of Incan culture in the city. Walking there, you will watch the special sight and unique architecture of this city.

  • Day
    Colca Canyon

    You will visit Colca Canyon which is twice the depth of Colorado Grand Canyon to enjoy its spacious sight. Maybe you could see the splendid scenery that eagles are spiraling over the Colca River whose sea level is 3600 meters.

  • Day

    Wall built by Inca winds its way to amazing Cuzco central street. You can wander in the market, visit cathedral, ruins and fortress and feel the tinges of the old Inca Empire, then go to special stores to choose some teas as souvenir.

  • Day
    Sacred Valley - Ollantaytambo

    After visiting people of Sacred Valley, you will go to Ollantaytambo by “American Camel”. Here once was temporary encampment where Inca king Manco resisted Spanish aggression. Manco was the only king that fought against Spanish invasion.

  • Day
    Inca Trail - Machu Picchu

    You will feel tired to explore Inca Trail but it is really worthy. This mountain road is built along the Andes Mountains of South America by old Incan Empire from 1438 to 1532. It is about twenty three thousand kilometers. As a main transport line, Inca Trail connects Inca kingdom and Quito–the capital of Ecuador in old Inca Empire and extends to Chile’s capital Santiago. Then in Machu Picchu known as “Lost City of the Incas”, you will visit the well–preserved Incan relics from Pre–Columbian period to experience the history of Inca Empire.

  • Day

    The Andes mountains City Cuzoo in the south of Peru is one of the oldest cities with cool weather. It had been as capital of Inca Empire for a long time. Cuzoo is the famous archeological and Incan culture center. There are many ancient palaces, temples, fortresses, cathedral, archeological museums and colleges opened in 1692. You can ride a bicycle or just walk around to feel the specific charm of this city. You can also drink coffee and have a rest near Plaza de armas.

  • Day

    After passing through the high Altiplano with attractive scenery, you will visit Puno around Lake Titicaca.

  • Day
    Lake Titicaca

    You will visit artificial drifting island in Ulus. Floating Island was developed from grass boat which was bound by many layers totora reeds. You will get together with local people and experience an arduous trek or take part in a fierce football or volleyball match.

  • Day
    Departure from La Paz

    Passing through the border, you will enter into the beautiful Bolivia. Your trip will be ended in wandering around elegant and unsophisticated Spanish architectures, La Paz filled with old Inca Empire culture.