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Recommended North America Private Tours

Things to Know Before Visiting North America

Basic Facts

Name: North America
Area: 24,709,000 sq km (9,540,000 sq mi)
Location: Western Hemisphere, Northern Hemisphere
Population: 592,296,233 (2021)
Population density: 25.7/sq km (66.4/sq mi)
Languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch
Time zones: UTC-10:00 to UTC±00:00
Main countries: United States, Canada, Mexico
Largest cities: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto

  • Chichen Itza, Mexico
    The Statue of Liberty
  • Mexico Carnival
    Mexico Carnival
  • Havana, Cuba
    Niagara Falls, Canada
Where is North America?

North America is the third largest of the world’s continents, as well as the most developed continent in the world. It is composed of the world’s largest Greenland, and the sovereign states of Canada, the United States and Mexico. It is bounded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean which connects Europe, on the south by the Caribbean Sea of Central America, on the west by the Pacific Ocean which connects Asia, and on the north by the Arctic Ocean, which is covered with ice all year round.

Best Time to Visit

North America spans from tropical zone and temperate zone to cold zone, and its climate is greatly influenced by its geographical landscapes. As all of its mountains go in or almost in a north-south direction, the humid air from the ocean cannot reach its central part; the cold air from the Arctic Ocean can go very south while the warm air from the Atlantic Ocean can go very north, so one obvious climatic feature of North America, especially the United States is changeable. But in general, it is suitable to visit all year round while May to October is the best.

The United States: It has four seasons: spring from March to May, summer from June to August, autumn from September to November, and winter from December to February. Usually, summer is the travel peak season since most Americans would spend vacations at that time, while spring and autumn with pleasant weather are the best time to travel. Winter skiing in the United States is also a good choice.

Canada: Canada is a vast territory, and the temperature and climate are quite different. It is recommended to travel from May to October. The temperature in early summer and early autumn is relatively comfortable, and the maple leaves in early autumn are very charming.

Mexico: Mexico has a tropical savannah climate with evergreen trees in all seasons, no severe cold in winter and no extreme heat in summer. It is mainly divided into rainy season (June to October) and dry season (November to May). The best time to travel is during the dry season when the climate is comfortable and there are also some major festival celebrations.

Natural Wonders to See

Occupying a vast land, North America is rich in natural scenery from high mountains like Rocky Mountains and Mt. Ranier, deep valleys like Colorado Grand Canyon and Death Valley, large lakes like Superior Lake, long rivers like Mississippi River, big waterfalls like Niagara Falls, endless desert such as Sonoran Desert, to seaside landscapes like Miami and Cancun’s gorgeous beaches. Last but not least, a visit list to North America should not exclude the Yellowstone National Park boasting active geysers, colorful hot springs, valleys, waterfalls, lakes, and forests and grasslands, which are home to various wild animals.

  • Grand Canyon, United States
    Grand Canyon, United States
  • Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica
    Glacier in Alaska
  • Blue Hole, Belize
    Aurora in Canada
Historical & Cultural Treasures

Before Columbus set foot on this continent in 1492, North America had long been dwelled by the Indians, who created the Maya Civilization and Aztec Civilization. Although they suddenly disappeared for unknown reasons, visitors can still explore their traces from the relics, like Pre-Hispanic City of Chichen-Itza and Templo Mayor in Mexico.

After 1492, Europeans started their ruling over the continent and built many modern landmarks, like Golden Bridge, Statue of Freedom, and White House in United States, Toronto TV Tower and Halifax Castle in Canada, Zocalo Public Square in Mexico and various cathedrals and high buildings spreading all over the land.

Top Activities to Enjoy

In addition to sightseeing, there are many interesting activities worth to do in North America. To name a few:
• Hiking in Yosemite National Park;
• Walking on a glacier in Alaska;
• Snorkeling in Hawaii or the Caribbean Sea;
• Watching aurora and skiing in north Canada like Whitehorse and Churchill City;
• Attending one of the carnivals in Mexico.

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