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Ethiopia is easily to be neglected by the tourists who always linked the hungry with the country in their minds. In fact, this ancient country presents one of the most stunning natural environments in Africa and allows you to experience nature beauty at its finest. The tranquility, indigenous cultures as well as the historic relics are unmatchable taste for anyone of you.

Tour Code: WT-Ethiopia 02
12 Days Trip of Ethiopia: Addis Ababa - Arba Minch - Chamo Lake - Abaya Lake - Jinka - Mago - Muriel - Turmi - Konso - Awasa - Wondo Genet

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Ethiopia

    Take flight to Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. Upon arrival, you will be driven to the hotel and assisted with check-in procedures. Then you can have a good rest at hotel or go for sightseeing in downtown. Addis Ababa is the place where the African Union’s Headquarter locates and it is also the biggest city with the highest elevation in Africa.

  • Day
    Addis Ababa - Arba Minch

    You will leave for Arba Minch in the morning by bus. On the way to Arba Minch, you will pass by several rift valley lakes. Arba Minch is 510 kilometers away from Addis Ababa, so you should prepare yourself for the long distance ride.

  • Day
    Arba Minch - Chamo Lake & Abaya Lake

    In the morning, you will head to Nech SAR national park, one of the wildlife habitats in Ethiopia. Nech SAR national park has the highest elevation in Africa and possesses many lakes as huge water containers, among which there are two most famous ones: Chamo Lake and Abaya Lake. In the afternoon you will take a cruise tour on Lake Chamo. Shortly after this, you will visit the Crocodile market and The Bridge of God.

  • Day
    Nech SAR national park

    Today you will continue the tour at Nech SAR national park. A Professional guide will show you around to enjoy the grassland and forests and observe the wild animals in the park. You can’t deny that Nech SAR national park is one of the most gorgeous places in Ethiopia.

  • Day
    Arba Minch - Jinka

    After a long ride along the ranges of mountains, deep red soil and dense forests, you will finally arrive at residential area of Dorze people, where is famous for textile manufacture. Dorze people’s houses are made of bamboo surrounded by flowers. Followed the visit, you are going to see the Konso people, who are the best farmers. In the southeast of Konso, there lives the nomadic Borena. At the end of day, you will finally get to Jinka and enjoy meal there.

  • Day
    Jinka - Mago

    Today, you will first proceed to visit Mago National Park, which is 33km away. Mago National Park is on the east side of river Omo with an altitude from 450m to 2528m. After2 hours ride, you will camp at Mago National Park for the night. Upon arrival, you are going to visit the Mursi village. The Mursi women are famous for wearing plates in their lower lips, which will become bigger and bigger because of the plates. The local people live isolated from outside world. After the visit, you will go back to the camp site, where you may hear some unique sound the place brings to you in Africa during the night.

  • Day
    Mago - Muriel

    This morning, you will ride to Muriel, 50 km away, pass along African grassland where you will view many wild animals like gazelles. Later, you will reach Murile Lodge, a land of camp site surrounded by Omorate Lake and huge trees. This area belongs to Karo tribal, where you may meet some Karo.

  • Day
    Muriel - Turmi

    You will ride to Turmi in the morning after passing through grassland. You will also stop by Omorate village on the way, and have chances to meet the Galeb. Later, you will arrive at Turmi camp, where you can see the Hamer.

  • Day
    Turmi - Konso

    In the morning, you will go to the grand Hamer market. The Hamer people are one of the most beautiful and overbearing tribes in the Omo Basin. Females wear leather skirts. After the stop, you will travel along the grassland and the continuous mountains. Finally, you will arrive at Konso Mountain and spend your night in a camp.

  • Day
    Konso - Arba Minch

    After breakfast, you will travel northward to the Rift Valley which is narrow but runs as long as 6000 kilometers. There are a couple of lakes in the valley, rich in many species of fish and birds. You will transfer back to Arba Minch along the Chamo Lake. At noon, you will be at the Arba Minch. In the afternoon, you will pay a visit to the Nechisar National Park.

  • Day
    Arba Minch - Awasa

    This morning, you will take a cruise tour on the Chamo Lake and observe hippos and crocodiles in close distance. Then you will arrive in Awasa after traveling through a vast stretch of rich land where bananas, corns and tobacco are planted. For the rest of the day, you will visit the beautiful Awasa Lake, which is surrounded by mountains and inhabited by a great variety of birds. This is a best place for bird lovers. Tonight will be spent in Awasa.

  • Day
    Awasa - Addis Ababa - Departure from Ethiopia

    Today, you will return to Addis Ababa from Awasa. The distance between the two cities is around 250 kilometers. In the afternoon, you will be free to arrange the activities on your own. After dinner, you will go to the airport and depart from Ethiopia by air.