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How to Plan Your Iceland Tour?

Best Time to Visit: All Year Round
Major Cities for International Flights: Reykjavik, the capital city
Visa: In addition to some countries that do not need a visa to Iceland, a valid Schengen visa is required.
Money Tips: Icelandic Krona (ISK) is used. Euro€, US$ or UK£ cash can also be used but at a low exchange rate, and you may not get your change back. It is not recommended to bring a large amount of cash in Iceland, as visa and master cards are accepted by most of the shops, restaurants, taxis, airport shuttle buses, gas stations, etc.
  • 5-6 Days
    Plan your Iceland tour packages to the classic Golden Circle and the most popular south coast, plus one day to the Snaefellsnes peninsula in west Iceland.
  • 8-9 Days
    Iceland tours combine the top ranked attraction sites along the Ring Road and cover the wildness of the Iceland's mysterious waterfalls, highlands, columnar basalts, moon-like surface, etc.
  • 10 Days or More
    Explore more hidden gems of Iceland in a bigger circle, from the capital city to the very remote regions with less crowds, including the westernmost end of Europe.

Trip Planning FAQs

Do I need to reserve an airport shuttle bus in advance?
It's better to make a reservation in advance if you do not have the airport pick-up service, since buying tickets and taking the bus are in different places. Minibuses only have 8 seats, which must be reserved beforehand. After a successful reservation, you can take a picture of the confirmation email as the ticket voucher.
Do I need to reserve tickets to the Blue Lagoon?
Absolutely yes. The National Geography has named the Blue Lagoon one of the world's 25 wonders, and the Conde Nash traveler praised it as the world's top 10 spa centers. Experienced and loved by many celebrities, the Blue Lagoon Hot Spring enjoys a high reputation. Moreover, to ensure all customers' experience, the Blue Lagoon limits the number of people who can enter every day. It is almost impossible to get tickets on the spot.
Is Uber or Lyft available in Iceland?
Not yet. At present, there is only one Taxi Company who has an APP named Taxi Hreyfill. Taxies of other companies can only be reserved by phone. The hotel staff can help with the taxi reservation.
Which APP do you suggest for whether forecast?
We recommend the following two APPs to you:

Weather Forecast APP - Vedur
Due to the changeable terrain of Iceland, the weather and temperatures vary in different areas. This APP tells you more accurate information about the weather, temperature and wind power on the day and the next three days.

Icelandic Aurora Forecast APP - Aurora Alerts
This APP reminds you the aurora KP index (Aurora intensity), including the specific time of sunrise and sunset every day.
Rent a pocket Wi-Fi or buy a phone card, which one is recommended?
Free Wi-Fi is available at most of the hotels, airport shuttles, tourist vehicles, coffee shops or restaurants. It is more practical to buy a phone card with data, as the signals are stronger along the Route 1 and major towns. Moreover, you may need to contact your hotel, the guide, call taxies by phone.
Where can I buy a phone card and what do you suggest?
It is convenient to buy a prepaid phone card in Iceland by cash or credit card. Travelers can buy it from the following places:

• Tourism Information Center at the City Hall
• On Icelandic & WOW Flights
• Duty free cashier at the baggage claim area, arrival hall, Keflavik International Airport
• 10-11 convenience store with green sign, Keflavik airport exit. And all branches of 10-11
• Gas stations
• Big shopping malls

There are 4 local telephone suppliers. Among those, we recommend Siminn (a telecom operator with the longest service time) and Nova (much cheaper).
Do I need to tip during my Iceland tours?
Tipping in Iceland is not something you have to do, but the driver guide will be happy to get some tips after a few days' service.
Is water from the tap direct drinking?
Yes. Iceland has the purest water in the world. All water from the tap can be drunk directly. There is no need to buy bottled water.
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