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Chile is the world's most long and narrow country, and is only a Drake Passage away from the Antarctica. When traveling there, please note that the local temperature range has a large difference between the morning and the evening, warm outerwears are needed. And the local hotels do not provide personal toiletries, you need to bring your owns.

Tour Code: WT-Chile 04
8 Days Tour of Chilean Fjords and Antarctica

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Buenos Aires

    Upon the arrival at the international airport in Buenos Aires, you will go to the hotel by car and have a rest to recover from jet leg.

  • Day
    Buenos Aires - Ushuaia

    In the early morning, you will go to Ushuaia which is located in the island Tierra Del Fuego by air. The flight is to be arrived at noon. After lunch, you can have a simple tour in the city by yourselves. At about 16:00 you will take the most advanced Polar expedition cruises Haida Luther “going forward” on the appointed port, which is to be set sail to Antarctica at 18:00.

  • Day
    Tierra del Fuego

    Tierra del Fuego is an island with amazing scenery and rich history.  Your tour will start from here, the most southern part of South America.  In the following four days, you are going to explore the unfrequented  piece of land, including the magnificent Chile fjord, an unknown area  with only a small number of exploration ships are available. As security  is eternal theme, to keep safe, the captain will decide the course  during the voyage. We will be scheduled to visit the sites distributed  along the coastline including GeEnJiao, then the case, William port,  McGonagall of Reina Island and punk ALeiNaSi tower.

  • Day
    Drake Passage

    The strait Drake Passage is named after jazz Drake. As the greatest waterway, it connects the Atlantic and the Pacific. Its fame and the legendary adventures make it the most frequently mentioned strait in the history of exploration. You will have the opportunity to participate in lectures about the strait when the ships move smoothly towards south.

  • Day

    You may think that you’ve already known Antarctica well, however you’ll find that many of your theories would be turned down when arrive there. As the last piece of pure land, with chilly air, towering ice and endless White Mountains, Antarctica is the home of millions of penguins and large-sized whales which are nourished by its surrounding waters. There is no permanent residence for human, but only some sites for scientific research and the peaceful cooperation between countries. The movements of the Antarctic can be affected by ice, wind, and the change of weather. Your voyage is of no exception, so the final landing choice will be subject to the range of the voyage. Each voyage is unique, and the experienced Haida Luther crew will try their best to offer you an unforgettable travel experiences. 

  • Day
    Drake Strait

    When going homeward, you will travel through the Drake Strait again. Here, you will get some unforgettable memories and a new understanding of the Antarctica.

  • Day
    Ushuaia - Buenos Aires

    This morning, you will arrive in Ushuaia, the most southern town on earth. After dealing with the formalities, you will have about 3 hours to go sightseeing there. Then you will take the flight to Buenos Aires at appointed time and place arranged by Haida Luther. Then check in the hotel and have a good rest.

  • Day
    Departure from Buenos Aires

    This is the last day of your tour and you are going to have a city tour during the day. After dinner, you will transfer to the Buenos Aires international airport, and then take a departure flight.