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How to Plan Your Chile Tour?

Best Time to Visit: November - next March
Major Cities for International Flights: Santiago de Chile (capital)
Visa: Visas are exempted for certain nationals like US, Canada, New Zealand, EU member states, etc. For travelers who are required for a visa, please handle it at least 30 days before your Chile tours.
Money Tips: The currency in Chile is Chilean Peso. US dollar is not typically accepted in Chile other than perhaps some hotels. Major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are widely accepted in Chile’s large cities and towns but may not be accepted in small towns and rural areas. Please prepare enough cash when visiting these parts in case credit cards are not accepted.
  • 4-7 Days
    Schedule your 4 to 7 days' Chile tours by exploring the highlights in 1 to 3 cities, like Santiago, Valparaiso and Easter Island.
  • 8-12 Days
    Extend your Chile tour packages to 8 to 12 days by combining 3 to 4 cities for sightseeing in difference regions, like Chile District, Patagonia area, and desert region.
  • 13 Days or More
    Prolong your Chile tours to the whole land and experience the unique scenery from North to South

Trip Planning FAQs

What are the best scenic spots to go in Chile?
The top scenic spots in Chile are Torres del Paine National Park in the south Chile which is the outdoor adventurer's paradise, Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean which is famous for its mysterious stone statues, the Atacama Desert in the north with singular landscapes and the attractive winery in the capital city Santiago de Chile.
Are international flights included in your tour prices?
What is the best time to travel to Chile?
What should I wear in my trip?
Should I tip the guide and driver during the trip? If yes, how much should I budget for tips?
Where can I change US dollar to Chile Peso?
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