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How to Plan Your Australia Tour?

Best Time to Visit: September to November and March to May
Major Cities for International Flights: Sydney and Melbourne
Visa: Visitors should apply for the visa in advance at the local embassy. Some EU countries could apply for the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) online.
Money Tips: The official currency in Australia is AUD. There are exchange service at airports, railway stations and some shopping malls. The exchange rate is more favorable in Australia. You could also withdraw some cash with your credit card from ATM machines.
  • 5-8 Days
    Visit the two most popular cities in Australia - Sydney and Melbourne with their surrounding sites, like the Blue Mountain and the Great Ocean Road.
  • 8-10 Days
    Travel along the east coast of Australia from Melbourne to Cairns to enjoy the wonderful coastline scenery with the Great Barrier Reef.
  • 11 Days or More
    Explore the natural wonders in Australian outback with the most popular destinations or travel in depth to the West and South of Australia.

Trip Planning FAQs

When should I visit Australia?
The best time to take Australia tours is in spring and autumn, when the climate is pleasant and you could join many outdoor activities. The spring in Australia is from September to November and autumn is from March to May.

If you travel to Australia in summer from December to February, you could choose some beach cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. In winter from June to August, you can enjoy skiing in south of Australia.
Can I use my credit card in Australia?
Do I need to tip in Australia?
Can I drink the tap water in Australia?
Can I use my mobile phone during Australia tours?
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