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How to Plan Your Laos Tour?

Best Time to Visit: October - April
Major Cities for International Flights: Vientiane (Capital), Luang Prabang
Visa: Visitors of most nationalities require a visa to enter Laos. It is easy to obtain the eVisa prior to trip or visa on arrival.
Money Tips: Laos Kip and US Dollars are commonly accepted in cash in Laos. Credit card use is improving but quite limited to only large hotels or restaurants.
  • 3-6 Days
    Explore the highlights of Luang Prabang, and you can add Vientiane for a 5-6 days trip.
  • 7-10 Days
    Explore the must-see destinations in your Laos itinerary, or add one neighboring country like Vietnam or Thailand.
  • 11 Days or More
    Explore Laos vacation in depth, or combine Laos with its neighboring countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

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Laos Tour Reviews

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  • Kaysa Cheverall from NetherlandsPosted on April 11, 2021
    Overall, the experience of Luang Prabang day tour was excellent! Several members had a poor sense of sightseeing time, but the following journey was not delayed. Guides shared interesting historical stories of those distinctive Buddhist temples and served us very well. I was so happy with the slow and quiet life in this old town. The short day tour sparked my great interest in more tours to Laos!
    • James Christoforou from NorwayPosted on January 03, 2021
      We were content with comfortable hotels and tasty buffets. The guide in Nam Ha National Park gave us a safe feeling. He had an excellent quality and responsive with a gentle temper. With him, we had a good time in exploring the primeval forest.

      We also had a panic there and experienced the interesting tuk tuk—a kind of local vehicle. An exciting 10 days Laos adventure!
      • Sheeran from CanadaPosted on October 16, 2020
        Full score service and extraordinary introductions from our tour guides were the most satisfying things for me on this 10 days north Laos tour. Thanks a lot for their company and trying to provide everything good for us!
        • Emilie from FrancePosted on September 29, 2020
          The 8-day Laos trip came to a successful end! Overall, the trip was good. We had both western food and local specialties. They all tasted good. Rooms were large and equipped with comfortable beds, but the facilities were relatively unadvanced. The service attitude was excellent!

          The natural landscape was pristine and unpolluted. The ancient buildings were also magnificent!

          Roads in Laos were under construction and so they were in poor condition! It took us about more than 6 hours to drive from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang. It was a bit tiring.

          On the way, the guide was very enthusiastic and tried to relieve our boredom by telling us interesting historical facts about Laos. We were very grateful for her efforts! Also thanks for her wonderful explanations of the beautiful landscapes outside the window.

          Finally, thanks to Agate travel for providing this trip. The beautiful natural landscapes of Laos were well worth exploring except for poor and dust roads! By the way, a mask or veil would be better.
          • Gabriella from the United StatesPosted on September 27, 2020
            We visited 5 cities of Laos during our 10-day Laos trekking adventure. The distance between the five destinations was relatively far from each other. It took much time on the road. But when we appreciated the splendid architectures, beautiful Nam Song River, stunning sunset over 4 Thousand Islands, we knew that all fatigues were worthwhile!
            • Bijoy Yee from ColombiaPosted on August 14, 2020
              Reasonable arrangements of schedule saved a lot of time for us to visit the scenic spots and enjoyed ourselves! Satisfied with the attentive service and wonderful experience of our 7-day Laos trip!
              • Alexander from MexicoPosted on July 22, 2020
                We had a great hotel room, which provided excellent free buffets and comfortable beds. Every local guide was outstanding and all had different strengths. I was impressed deeply by the guide who was so informative and shared much Buddhist knowledge with us in Vientiane. Very grateful to him for helping us to understand this religious country well!
                • Radha Majack from USAPosted on July 07, 2020
                  The natural scenery of Laos like Kuang Si Waterfall, Mekong River and Plain of Jars were worth visiting! Wat Sisaket, That Luang and Patuxai Victory Monument…were quite resplendent! All in all, we spent a pleasant time on this Laos trip!
                  Local tour guides and drivers were also responsible for their work, all satisfactory! Travel consultant Kelly was quite competent and flexible! Thank them for their attentive service!
                  • David Mohan from AustraliaPosted on July 07, 2020
                    This Laos trip brought me a perfect experience! The tour guides were young and experienced, interesting and knowledgeable! Attractions were full and fabulous! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during this amazing visit!
                    • Nakajima Toshihiko from JapanPosted on June 08, 2020
                      The Laos tour to Luang Prabang was a bit tiring but very interesting. We visited several classic sites of Luang Prabang: Wat Xieng Thong, Pak Ou Caves, and Royal Palace Museum… The overall feeling was: Laos was a country of primitive ecology, simple lifestyle and pure people. It’s worth visiting in person!
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