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How to Plan Your Laos Tour?

Best Time to Visit: October - April
Major Cities for International Flights: Vientiane (Capital), Luang Prabang
Visa: Visitors of most nationalities require a visa to enter Laos. It is easy to obtain the eVisa prior to trip or visa on arrival.
Money Tips: Laos Kip and US Dollars are commonly accepted in cash in Laos. Credit card use is improving but quite limited to only large hotels or restaurants.
  • 3-6 Days
    Explore the highlights of Luang Prabang, and you can add Vientiane for a 5-6 days trip.
  • 7-10 Days
    Explore the must-see destinations in your Laos itinerary, or add one neighboring country like Vietnam or Thailand.
  • 11 Days or More
    Explore Laos vacation in depth, or combine Laos with its neighboring countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

Laos Tour Reviews

4.810 Reviews
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  • Aaron Willacy from CanadaPosted on January 01, 2020
    The arrangement was quite satisfactory! I was very pleased with the guide who met us at the airport on time... We were served pretty well from the time we got off the plane to the hotel.

    Agate travel services were also excellent! We were supposed to fly directly to Vientiane, but due to the airline’s temporary cancellation, we were diverted to Luang Prabang. So we decided to visit Luang Prabang first. The travel consultant was very flexible in changing our itinerary.

    This ancient town really preserved hundreds of priceless ancient buildings. The subsequent experience in Vientiane was also great! The Patuxai Victory Monument was truly spectacular! There were many exquisite Buddha figures and colorful paintings carved on the monument. It is indeed the most popular scenic spot in Vientiane.

    We are very satisfied with our amazing Laos trip. Next time I will contact your travel agency again if I and my friends want to travel abroad.
  • Macy Salome from USAPosted on December 15, 2019
    Tour guides were very responsible to tell us the next day’s itinerary and attention matters the night before. The sightseeing time was well controlled!
    The itinerary in each city covered a lot of sites and every building was fabulous! We loved the Patuxai in Vientiane most! The whole Laos trip was enjoyable!
  • André J. Pike from GermanyPosted on December 06, 2019
    The guides and drivers took good care of us all the way. They explained patiently and kindly helped us with our luggage. We enjoyed their company very much.

    We explored the local night market and experienced a unique vehicle -tuk tuk. It was very interesting! We also tried Lao-Lao, a local rice wine. During this Laos tour, I deeply experienced Laotian culture and history. Laos is a unique country that is well worth seeing!
  • Tamara Lambert from ItalyPosted on November 19, 2019
    The schedule was very satisfactory. We chose hotels by ourselves.

    The consultant of Agate Travel was accommodative to our requirements. Very flexible travel to Laos!
  • Bruce B Petrov from SingaporePosted on November 05, 2019
    It was nice to see the gorgeous sunset and the relaxing Mekong river cruises. In addition, we strolled in the night market and experienced a lot of cultural customs of Laos. The life rhythm of Luang Prabang was so slow and comfortable. We enjoyed this Laos tour very much!
  • Hayley from FrancePosted on October 22, 2019
    The first stop on this Laos trip was Mount Phousi. It was the highest spot in downtown. We could see a panoramic view of the Luang Prabang old town and the beautiful scenery of Mekong River.
    This was a good start for our following 10-day Laos trip covering enchanting waterfalls, pious monks, mysterious stone jars, resplendent Buddha statues, spectacular Patuxai Victory Monument...
    Our local guides were quite professional, explaining both the history and legend in detail. We listened with great interest. All in all, the experience at each site was unique!...More
  • ceshi from MalaysiaPosted on October 01, 2019
    The hotel was all 4-star well selected and the service of the staff was fantastic! Personally, after a tiring day of visits, a comfortable rest would make us more energetic the next day. Agate Travel made it! We did have a good rest! The whole route was well arranged. Our guide also spoke good English, and we had a good understanding of Laotian culture.
  • Leigh Shethia from AustraliaPosted on September 03, 2019
    Taking a boat tour on the Mekong River, watching monks collecting food, exploring the historical buildings of Luang Prabang, paying a visit to Patuxai Victory Monument...these interesting activities were all impressive! My luxurious Laos tour has come to a successful end, but this trip was quite memorable!
  • Catherine Ramsay from USAPosted on June 07, 2019
    I’m so happy that I have a chance to review our trip to Laos. I’d like to say that we really enjoyed our 10-day south Laos tour! Although it was hot in Laos during those days, our tour vehicles and hotels provided us with pure bottled water and cool air-conditioners. We felt comfortable! UV was very strong, suggest you doing well in sunscreen!!
  • Charles Okorie from CanadaPosted on March 24, 2019
    We appreciated beautiful sceneries on both sides of the Mekong River by boat. While we spent the daytime wandering through the cities of Laos, we had a completely different experience visiting the distinctive night market streets at night. There were so many people and the atmosphere was quite busy! A wide variety of small goods at reasonable prices were sold. And locals were also very enthusiastic. All in all, the experience in Laos was very enjoyable!
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