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Israel Tours

Israel is located in the east of mediterranean sea. It has long history and rich religious heritage. Also it has the diversity of spectacular landscape, such as “the Dead Sea”, you may relax yourself and have fun there.

Tour Code: WT-Israel 04
8 Days Journey of Israel: Tel Aviv - Beer Sheva - Arad - Massada - Jerusalem - Bethlehem - Beit Shean - Tiberias - Galilee - Nazareth - Acre - Haifa

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Israel

    After arrival at Ben Gurion international Airport of Tel Aviv by plane, you will take a car to the hotel and have a good rest. This will be your first night in Israel.

  • Day
    Tel Aviv - Beer Sheva - Arad - Massada - Jerusalem

    After breakfast, you will leave Tel Aviv for Beer Sheva. Negev capital is on the schedule for a brief visit, then you will move on to Massada by way of Arad. The cable car will take you to the grand fortress built by Herod on the top of the Massada Mountain, which is famous for the resistance against Romans ruling. Overlooking from the top of Masasda, you can find the relics of Roman Army’s camp sites. Then, you are going to visit the Herods Palaces, synagogue and so on. If the weather permits, you can even see the Dead Sea. After the visit, you will head to Jerusalem.

  • Day

    In the morning, following the birds-eye view of Jerusalem on the Mt. Scopus, you will visit the Garden of Gethsemane and Church of the Agony, then travel to visit the Tomb of King David, Room of the Last Supper and Dormition Abbey at Mt Zion by car. Neustadt of Jerusalem is the next destination. There you will visit the museum and the newly built Israel Supreme Court and Holocaust Museum. After lunch, the Hadassah medical center will be arranged. Today’s last spot is Ein Karem where John the Baptist was born. Afterwards, you will return to the hotel.

  • Day
    Jerusalem (the old city) - Bethlehem

    A visit to the old city of Jerusalem will be arranged after breakfast. Firstly, you will head to the Jewish Quarter to visit several scenic spots, including the Western Wall, Temple Area, market, Via Dolorosa, which Jesus with the cross on his back passed by when he was suffering. Then move forward to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, to visit the Rachels Tomb and Church of the Nativity. After that, you will transfer back to Jerusalem.

  • Day
    Beit Shean - Tiberias - Galilee

    Today, you will leave Jerusalem early in the morning, passing by Jordanian Valley to Beit Shean, which is a famous important archaeological place. After the visit here, you will go to Capernaum along Sea of Galilee to look around several sites of the ancient synagogue. Then you will move on to upper Galilee in the north. Tonight, you will stay at the unique Kibbutz hotel of Israel.

  • Day
    Upper Galilee - Golan Heights - Nazareth

    Todays agenda is former Syrian fortifications and Druze Villages in Golan Heights by car all the way. Next, by way of Hula Valley, you will get to Safed which is the birthplace of Kabala. Here, you are going to visit some synagogues and Art nationals. After that, you will head for Nazareth, the holy place of Christ, then back to the hotel.

  • Day
    Acre - Haifa - Tel Aviv

    After breakfast, you will move westward to Acre to visit the famous Crusader Stronghold and Medieval castle. Then move on to Haifa, the third biggest city of Israel. Here you will visit the Bahai Shrine and the beautiful gardens. Later, you are going to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Haifa Bay and West Galilee on the Mount Carmel followed by the visit of Roman theatre and other sites in Caesarea. Finally, you will travel back to Tel Aviv and enjoy the views in the city.

  • Day
    Departure from Israel

    After breakfast, you will transfer to the airport for the flight departing from Israel and put an end to this fabulous panoramic tour of Israel.