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How to Plan Your Costa Rica Tour?

Best Time to Visit: December to next April
Major Cities for International Flights: San Jose (Capital), Liberia
Visa: Citizens of United States, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, South Africa, and most European countries are eligible for visa-free policy, while citizens from most countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia will need a visa.
Money Tips: The Colon is the official currency of Costa Rica, while US dollars and credit cards are widely accepted by most businesses in Costa Rica.
  • 5-7 Days
    Explore the Arenal Volcano and Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve with zipline or Manuel Antonio National Park with white beach.
  • 8-10 Days
    Plan Costa Rica tours to highlight attractions: Arenal Volcano, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve with zipline, Manuel Antonio National Park with white beach and Tortuguero National Park.
  • 11 Days or More
    Cover most of the tourist activities in Costa Rica including visiting coffee plantation, tropical rainforest, beach, volcano or birdwatching, surfing, snorkeling, skywalking, etc.

Trip Planning FAQs

When is the best time to travel Costa Rica?
It is appropriate to plan Costa Rica holiday packages all year round, while the peak season is from the end of December to next April. Based on the climate in Costa Rica, May to Dec is the rainy season, and rain keeps the forests of this country alive and beautiful, but travelers may not like the rainy weather much; From the end of December to next April is the dry season, also known as summer season, this period is the best time for tourists and international sunbathers to flock to the country.
How is the weather in Costa Rica?
Costa Rica is located in the tropical climate zone. The whole year is divided into 7 months of rainy season (May - November) and 5 months of dry season (December - April). The central valley has a pleasant spring weather all year round. The surrounding tropical plains have a warmer climate. The average annual temperature in San Jose, the capital, is lowest 15℃(59℉) and highest 26℃(79℉). In coastal areas, the average night temperature is 21℃(70℉) and daily temperature is 30℃(86℉).
Do I need to tip in Costa Rica?
Although tipping is not very common in Costa Rica, you may tip for exceptional services received during your Costa Rica tours. In most of the restaurants, a 10% service charge is already added to your bill. For porters, $1 per bag is appropriate gratuity. Tipping taxi drivers is not necessary. For tour guides and drivers, you can tip them $5 to $15 per day in total if you get very good services.
How much will it be for daily cost?
The daily arrangements of your Costa Rica tours will be handled by us as the itinerary specifies. For personal expense, it depends. As a fair estimate on costs reference, a typical meal costs around $5 at an economy restaurant, around $15 at a nicer restaurant. For beer or drinks, it costs around $2.00 at a typical bar or restaurant, and up to twice as much at a nicer one. For taxi fares, it is relatively reasonable. A short trip (2-3km) within San Jose or at a beach town, costs will be around $2 to $6.
Is the sunlight very intense in Costa Rica?
As Costa Rica is located in tropical climatic zone, the sunlight is indeed intense especially at noon, people will get sunburned or dehydrated easily. In this case, we suggest you prepare enough sunscreen and drink plenty of water during your Costa Rica tours.
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