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How to Plan Your Cambodia Tour?

Best Time to Visit: November - April
Major Cities for International Flights: Phnom Penh (Capital), Siem Reap
Visa: Most nationals require a visa to enter the country. You can obtain your Cambodia visa on arrival at airport, or apply E-visa before travelling.
Money Tips: US dollars in cash are popularly used in Cambodia. Credit card is only accepted in upscale shops, restaurants and hotels.
  • 3-5 Days
    Plan your Cambodia holiday package to visit the Angkor Wat temples, the Tonle Sap Lake and Khmer village in Siem Reap.
  • 6-10 Days
    Explore Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville in Cambodia. Most travelers visit Siem Reap and Vietnam together.
  • 11 Days or More
    Explore Cambodia in depth, or combine Cambodia with its neighboring countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar.

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Cambodia Tour Reviews

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  • Edward Timothy from GermanyPosted on July 06, 2020
    We found the route on Agate Travel. We had a full day tour to Angkor Wat.
    The local guide was very knowledgeable and humorous. She was always happy to answer our questions and her English was quite good. The whole experience was great except it was a little HOT. We would definitely recommend using this travel company.
  • Anja Ximenes from AustraliaPosted on June 22, 2020
    The driver was steady and the guide was experienced. They were all very enthusiastic and helped us a lot with the photograph.
    The hotel provided a big breakfast, warm service! This route almost covered all the classic attractions of Siem Reap. The itinerary of 6-day Cambodia tour was tiring but very full, and the group friends got along very well. We enjoyed ourselves greatly!
  • John Hepple from the United StatesPosted on June 22, 2020
    Just appreciating the stunning sunrise at Angkor Wat in the early morning, I knew the Cambodia trip was worth it!!
    Let alone how spectacular Angkor was! 4 days Siem Reap trip including many old temples and cruise on Tonle Sap Lake was of excellent quality at affordable price. Highly recommended!
  • Carlotta Borzsei from AustraliaPosted on June 11, 2020
    Cambodia visa upon arrival went smoothly. Highly praise the local tour guide for his thoughtfulness and patience. Although our flights were delayed due to bad weather, the guide and driver were still patient and able to handle those problems. Characteristic spots and excellent service were also the highlights of this Cambodia trip. The arrangement was reasonable and we visited all the places we wanted. 5-star!
  • Colin Youngberg from MexicoPosted on June 11, 2020
    It was surely a memorable travel experience in Cambodia!
    I like the food we had at a restaurant recommended by our guide. The dishes were so delicate and colorful. They tasted pretty good with a reasonable price. This Cambodia trip was scheduled as my own needs.
    The itinerary was easy and I spent a comfortable journey. The slow-paced tour was just wonderful! The local guides and drivers arranged for me were nice and the group members were also warm.
  • Charles Frone from SwedenPosted on May 23, 2020
    The whole itinerary of 8-day Cambodia trip was full and quite interesting! From reservations to hotel transfers, tours of monuments, airport transfers, we all spent our time in comfort. The guides and drivers were very nice. Super satisfied!!
  • Kaitlyn Behnke from the United KingdomPosted on May 21, 2020
    Our 9-day Cambodia tour was so joyful with a reasonable schedule. We all admired the stunning sunrise in the early morning, so intoxicating!

    The guide who explained temples in Angkor was really familiar with all the best locations to shoot and was also kind to children. She even bought small snacks for the children at his own expense.
    PS: Tara Angkor Hotel was quite satisfactory with hearty breakfast and a clean pool & great location.
  • Sheila Seinfeld from FrancePosted on May 11, 2020
    Cambodia was one of the top tourist destinations in Asia due to the world-famous Angkor Wat. In person, it is a Buddhist state similar to Thailand but had different landscape characteristics from Thailand’s.
    In addition to numerous historical sites, Cambodia’s natural scenery was also very charming, such as the colorful floating villages on Tonle Sap Lake. We traveled to Cambodia last December and it was the best time to visit Cambodia when the temperature was most moderate of the year, and the little rainfall made our Cambodia trip more convenient!...More
  • Kenneth Teetz from NorwayPosted on May 08, 2020
    This time I went on a Cambodia package tour with my little brother. As soon as we arrived in Cambodia, he couldn't wait to go out and visit. We visited many places of interest. The most interesting ones were some of the temples at Angkor Wat, which were made up of huge stone Buddha statues and were very distinctive. After listening to our guide’s explanation, we felt that the temples of Angkor Wat were of great historical significance. Some temples were surrounded by huge trees. It was really a wonder. Group meals were OK and we were used to them. All in all, the 9 days Cambodia trip was a good one and we gained a lot....More
  • Genniene Featherstone from IcelandPosted on April 29, 2020
    Our Cambodian guide was humorous and grasped an excellent English accent. He gave us detailed and interesting explanations, very fascinating! He was so helpful to recommend affordable restaurants according to our taste. The hotels were clean and spacious, equipped with complete facilities. We had a joyful time on the 9 days Cambodia tour and Cambodia is a country worth visiting twice!
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