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How to Plan Your Guatemala Tour?

Best Time to Visit: November - next April
Major Cities for International Flights: Guatemala City (the capital)
Visa: Visitors from 86 countries including US, Canada, New Zealand, do not need a Guatemala visa if their stay is within 90 days. Also, visa is not required for holders of residence permits issued by El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, based on the Central America-4 Border Control Agreement.
Money Tips: The local currency is the Guatemalan quetzal. US dollar is widely accepted in most areas, while it is still important to take some quetzal. Major credit cards can be used in large cities and towns. Those small stores, supermarkets and restaurants only accept cash.
  • 2-4 Days
    Schedule your 2 to 4 days' Guatemala tour packages by exploring the highlights in the colonial city - Antigua.
  • 4-6 Days
    Extend your Guatemala tours to 4 to 6 days by covering the Lake Atitlan to admire the picturesque shining blue waters.
  • 7-8 Days or More
    Prolong your Guatemala tours to 7 to 8 days and visit the Mayan ruins of Tikal and Yaxha in Flores.

Trip Planning FAQs

What are the best scenic spots to go in Guatemala?
The top scenic spots in Guatemala are the preserved Spanish Baroque-influenced architecture and the cobbled streets of Antigua, the shores of beautiful Lake Atitlan and the villages along the lake which offer travelers a unique view, the famous colossal Maya temple pyramids of Tikal and Yaxha in Flores, which are the Mayan culture lovers' paradise, and the active Pacaya Volcano, which is the best choice for outdoor adventurers.
What vaccinations are required to enter Guatemala?
What is the main language in Guatemala?
Is there WiFi available in Guatemala?
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