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Italy is a true art tourist paradise. Besides astonishing natural beauties, Italy offers most fascinating and well preserved ancient art monuments for the art lovers. It is a real idea place for vacationers to have your body and spirit recharged. Cities like Rome, Venice and Florence are all hot tourism destinations known all over the world.

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Tour Code: WT-Italy 02
10 Days Tour of Italy: Rome - Pompeil - Siena - Pisa - Milan - Verona - Bologna - San Gimignano - Naples - Amalfi - Sorrento - Cinque Terre

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Italy

    After arrival in Milan, the city of fashion in Italy by air, you will check in the hotel to start your dreamy tour. The rest of the day will be available for personally chosen activities such as take a rest to ease jet-lag or go sightseeing around the hotel, initially tasting the charm of spirit of modernity indeed..

  • Day
    Milan - Verona

    In the morning, you will start the journey from Duomo di Milano, the most spectacular Gothic Cathedral in Italy. It is also known as the third largest cathedral in Europe, right after Basilicadi San Pietro in Vaticano and Catedral de Sevillay in Spain. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II will be your second stop. There you can have a closer touch with the prosperity of the modernist business centre of Milan. The following stop will be the Teatro alla Scala, a theatre of world renown that can bring first-rate singers and musicians a lifelong glory as they can perform on its stage. Then you will drive to your destination Verona to visit Colosseum and Juliets house, to appreciate the historical constructions of Piazza dei Signori, and to stroll along the famed stone bridge-Bridge of the Scaliger, having a wonderful view over the pulsating old town.

  • Day
    Verona - Venice - Bologna

    You will spend the day in Venice, a world-famed city on the water of Italy. First you will take a boat trip to the main island of Venice and then visit Plazza San Marco, a classic construction of Venice style, Basilica san Marco which is located in the centre of Venice, and Ponte dei Sospiri. Besides, you will have a look at the world-famous art of making glassware. Then you will end the day at a hotel in Bologna.

  • Day
    Bologna - Florence - Siena

    Today you will head for Florence, the most well-known art centre of Europe. After getting there, you will take a visit of Marble David and Piazza dil Duomo, the third largest cathedral in Italy and also one of the magnificent constructions during the Renaissance. There you can also have a look at the home of Dante. Then you will transfer to Castello Vicchiomaggio to visit the vineyard and taste the best Italian wine. Your next stop will be the mountain city Siena with a flavor of the middle Ages. It is a place featured by historical cathedrals which takes two hundred years to finish. You can also stroll around the world-famous Piazza del Campo and the City Hall. There you are free to enjoy every corner of this beautiful small town.

  • Day
    Siena - San Gimignano - Naples

    Today, you will take a trip southward along the Toscana, heading for San Gimignano, one of the UNESCO World Heritages Sites, to view the skyline of a cluster of ancient stone towers, stroll around the small town of Siena and to feel the primitive folkways there. Then you will visit some seaside spots such as south coast city Naples, Palazzo Reale, seashore castles and Castel Nuovo, etc. You can also take a leisure walk on the Mermaid Avenue, immersing in the fascinating landscape of Mediterranean.

  • Day
    Naples - Pompeil - Amalfi - Sorrento

    Today you will drive to visit Ancient City Site of Pompeil. Pompeil was a less medium town at that time whose streets and houses are preserved almost completely as a result of being buried by volcanic ash for long, thus Pompeil is accounted a veritable buried city. Then you are going to visit Amalfi Coast, one of the fifty most beautiful attractions around the world. Houses, waves and sails scattered on and off the seashore are covered with mist, presenting a tranquil seascape. It will be a feast for the eyes. After that, you will go to visit holiday resort Sorrento of south Italy and Capri Island. And if the weather permits, you can also go and see the famous Blue Grotta.

  • Day
    Sorrento - Rome

    You will have a whole day tour around the historic city Rome. Rome, possessing a great many relics of the Roman Empire Ages, has been celebrated as the destination of those who are interested in ancient world. Your itinerary includes Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Venezia, Foro Romano, the exterior scene of Colosseum, Roman Arches, Vaticano-based Piazza San Pietro and Basilica di San Pietro.

  • Day
    Rome - Pisa

    Travel to Piazza del Miracles to enjoy the marvelous Torre pendente di Pisa, famed as the seventh wonder of the world, and white marble cathedrals and baptisteries, accounted the symbols of Saturnian days of Pisa, etc. The rest of the day will be free for your own activities.

  • Day
    Pisa - Cinque Terre - Milan

    The whole day will spend in Cinque Terre on the Coast of Ligurian Sea. As one of the World Heritage Sites, Cinque Terre is constituted by five fishing villages-Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. All the cottages, fields and gardens are built up along the mountains, which conserves the natural beauty and formed an idyllic haven "away from the world". Then you will take a train travel along the road between villages and enjoy the extending coastline below the cliffs as well as the green vineyard on the slope.

  • Day
    Departure from Italy

    After breakfast, you will get to Milan Airport for your homeward flight and then farewell to Italy..