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How to Plan Your Egypt Tour?

Best Time to Visit: October - April
Major Cities for International Flights: Cairo (Capital city)
Visa: Most foreign travelers need a visa to enter Egypt. It is easy to obtain the visa on arrival, or one can apply for e-visa prior to trip.
Money Tips: The Egyptian Pound (LE) is the official currency in Egypt. You can exchange foreign currencies like US Dollars, Euros or British pounds easily when in Egypt.
  • 3-7 Days
    Explore Giza Pyramids in Cairo, or add a Nile River cruise from Aswan to Luxor to enjoy the natural scenery as well as historic temples on your Egypt holiday packages.
  • 8-14 Days
    Plan your Egypt travel packages including the highlighted destinations including Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Abu Simbel, Alexandria, Hurghada (the Red Sea).
  • 15 Days or More
    Plan all inclusive holidays to Egypt in depth with desert safari experience, or combine Egypt with its neighboring countries like Israel, Jordan or Morocco.

Egypt Tour Reviews

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  • Matthew from the United StatesPosted on October 30, 2020
    Reasonable arrangements & professional explanations! The Nile River cruise was the best experience on this 11 days Egypt tour to Hurghada. The scenery of the Nile was very stunning and we got an in-depth exploration of the beautiful Hurghada. Exciting water sports made us so relaxed.

    The 5-star Hilton Hurghada Hotel had large rooms and high-end facilities. The meals in this hotel were hearty and tasty. The barbeque and local dance show in the desert were also impressive! Don’t miss the Valley of the Kings! Quite a rewarding trip!
    • Jorge Robert Jones from DenmarkPosted on October 03, 2020
      The hotel in Cairo and the Nile cruise were pretty good, and the buffets were various.
      • Kawai Mayumi from JapanPosted on August 19, 2020
        A relatively satisfying 8 days Egypt trip. Our consultant Angela and local guides were professional and dedicated. The world-famous Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, the distinctive Luxor Temple and the beautiful Hanging Church…these Egyptian mysteries are worth exploring! I have good memories of this journey.
        • Felix Roques from MexicoPosted on August 10, 2020
          The guide’s fabulous introductions of those breathtaking architecture like pyramids, temples and mosques. Standing in front of the great Sphinx, I truly realized the infinite wisdom of the ancient Egyptians. The price of the 6-day trip to Egypt was cost-efficient. Really worthwhile trip ah.
          • Paul W Dores from UkrainePosted on August 06, 2020
            Great arrangements for this 4 days Cairo tour! We covered all the sites we had planned. Except for a short visit to the Egyptian Museum, the viewing time in other attractions was well controlled. Our guide explained the history of ancient Egypt in detail with a good English accent. The Agate Travel agency’s service was really great. They arranged a wonderful hotel - Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa for us. The hotel was equipped with a large outdoor swimming pool and was in a good location where we could see the magnificent Giza Pyramids 0.6 miles away. The taste of Egyptian food was very special though I didn't like it very much. Overall, we had a great experience....More
            • Gloria Fitzpatrick from AustraliaPosted on July 27, 2020
              Our tour guide was very dedicated and experienced with a very thorough understanding of Egyptian culture and history. Those explanations gave us a taste of the customs of Egypt. His English was so idiomatic that I even thought he had studied in an English-speaking country. He was also quite humorous, and he livened up the atmosphere by telling jokes from time to time. A cheerful 8-day Egypt tour:)
              • Nathaniel Zepeda from FrancePosted on July 24, 2020
                Enthusiastic and professional guides and drivers.
                We got amazing explanations of the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. These two are must-see in Egypt. In addition, a cruise along the Nile River provided a quite gorgeous natural scenery. The 9-day Egypt tour to Cairo was a wonderful travelling experience! Egypt is worth visiting!
                • Katja Mudford from the UKPosted on July 13, 2020
                  Egypt, really a mysterious country! Our local guide was very experienced and professional. She was quite familiar with the scenic spots. Besides, she was kind and easy to get along with. Sometimes the weather was hot, and she bought us local delicious ice cream.

                  I could feel that she loves her job very much, and the hard work cannot destroy her passion. Thank you very much for leading us to this wonderful pyramids day tour!
                  • Amber Tobias from New ZealandPosted on July 13, 2020
                    I would like to say how much we enjoyed this Egypt trip!! The spots were all classic and worth visiting. The grand Great Pyramid of Giza & Sphinx could not be missed. The enchanting river scenery along the Nile was so stunning at sunset. Swimming and snorkeling were also relaxing activities during an 11-day Egypt trip. A desert safari tour was the most exciting part, a BBQ and a traditional dance show added more fun to the desert journey! So much entertainment, the order of sightseeing was right in place, saving much time on ride. Great itinerary! Thank Agate for bringing us an unforgettable time and a wonderful cultural travel!...More
                    • Lynne Mulyk from USAPosted on July 05, 2020
                      The tour car was comfortable and the route was very reasonable. When we travel to a foreign country, we have to taste the local food. I liked the Egyptian food and I was quite satisfied with the lunch arranged by Agate Travel. The service and food on the cruise were pretty good. The pyramids and museum were also well worth seeing! The sunsets on the Nile and the scenery on both sides were very charming! I enjoyed my trip very much!
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