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Best Time to Visit: October - April
Major Cities for International Flights: Cairo (Capital city)
Visa: Most foreign travelers need a visa to enter Egypt. It is easy to obtain the visa on arrival, or one can apply for e-visa prior to trip.
Money Tips: The Egyptian Pound (LE) is the official currency in Egypt. You can exchange foreign currencies like US Dollars, Euros or British pounds easily when in Egypt.
  • 3-7 Days
    Explore Giza Pyramids in Cairo, or add a Nile River cruise from Aswan to Luxor to enjoy the natural scenery as well as historic temples.
  • 8-14 Days
    Explore the highlighted destinations including Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Abu Simbel, Alexandria, Hurghada (the Red Sea).
  • 15 Days or More
    Explore Egypt in depth with desert safari experience, or combine Egypt with its neighboring countries like Israel, Jordan or Morocco.

Egypt Tour Reviews

4.918 Reviews
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  • Janetta Bonney from ItalyPosted on September 17, 2019
    I was very grateful to the tour guide and driver!
    I had a headache and stomachache during this tour. Our guide and driver took me to the hospital and bought me medicine as soon as possible. It was very thoughtful!
    In addition, every scenic spot was amazing! The guide also took beautiful photos for us and patiently explained to us the local customs and travel precautions...
    It was because she was so responsible and considerate that my Egypt tour was complete and wonderful!! ??????
  • WILLIAM Anand from USAPosted on September 15, 2019
    Egypt’s profound history, beautiful natural scenery and unique local customs, only when we experienced them by ourselves could we appreciate the charm of Egypt. I used to travel alone. But this time I went to Egypt with a group. Everyone in my small group took good care of me and I was grateful! They made my trip more wonderful! I got to know warm-hearted drivers and guides who spoke excellent English. Many thanks to Agate Travel for arranging this unforgettable trip for me. I was so delightful!
  • Russell Hamilton from AustraliaPosted on September 12, 2019
    My mother and I liked the atmosphere of our group very much, which made us feel comfortable and warm. Very wonderful Egypt tour. We would like to recommend the company to you!
  • Katalin Hibben from MalaysiaPosted on September 12, 2019
    I will choose your company to travel together for the next trip. I thought this Egypt tour was worthwhile for both the warm group members and the stunning scenic spots. If I have a chance, I hope to visit Egypt again in three or five years to feel the new face of this ancient country and to listen to the local guides to tell the legendary history of Egypt ~~
  • Wanda Ann from the United StatesPosted on September 11, 2019
    I especially want to thank all the local guides on my Egypt trip.
    They were all conscientious, and also provided thoughtful service. I was particularly impressed by my two guides. The guide in Cairo slept for only four or five hours at night so that she could arrange and carry our belongings early. And another guide in Aswan gave notice of the schedule in advance and solved all kinds of emergent problems timely and effectively. Both of them did so much to guarantee our journey was substantial and enjoyable! I like them very much!!
  • Sarah Dorsing from BritainPosted on September 10, 2019
    In addition to the spectacular pyramids, I was also impressed deeply by Abu Simbel with delicate carving. It was a great building worth seeing, full of ancient Egyptian wisdom......Quite interesting Egypt tour!!
  • Jason Hammer from CanadaPosted on September 08, 2019
    I made several new friends and saw the traces of ancient civilization and historical development during my Egypt tour. I felt different cultures, habits, food and the enthusiasm of local people. The tour guide was very conscientious and dedicated to sharing some interesting facts with us. All of the staff provided us with satisfactory service. We got up early for a few days but it was worth to see the beautiful sunrise. Local people especially the kids loved to laugh and waved to us. I could feel their innocence and purity. In addition, we had to go through security checks at every scenic spot....More
  • Johann Abelard from The United KingdomPosted on September 06, 2019
    It was an incredible and very satisfying Egypt trip! We were lucky to meet a dedicated and responsible tour guide! She was quite knowledgeable. We all admired her professional explanation. The histories of the Great Pyramid of Khufu and the Sphinx were still deeply engraved in my mind. It was a worthwhile trip! All the members of the tour group were warm and polite. We lived in harmony and had a good time during this short journey!
  • Magdalen Driss from ItalyPosted on September 05, 2019
    The Egypt trip was over successfully! This trip did not disappoint me! The travel consultant Linda was responsive and conscientious, and the tour guide was professional and enthusiastic. They could try their best to meet all our requirements. The whole schedule was well arranged. While visiting the scenic spots, we learned about the brilliant history and culture of ancient Egypt. Strongly recommend the Egypt tour organized by Agate Travel:)!!
  • Claus Latiff from BritainPosted on September 02, 2019
    I had a fantastic experience on my Egypt tour! I was arranged in the 5-star well selected hotels with comfortable rooms and great amenities. The catering was also quite satisfactory. It was truly a great package tour! Highly recommended!!
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