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Botswana Tours

The republic of Botswana covers wildness of grassland, deserts, wetlands and salt pans. Undoubtedly, it is regarded as an ideal tour destination for travelers who are addicted to having adventure in.

Tour Code: WT-Botswana 03
7 Days Journey of Botswana: Maun - Okavango Delta - Chobe - Victoria Falls - Johannesburg - Kasane - Livingstone

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Botswana

    You will fly to Maun in Botswana by way of Johannesburg in South Africa. Upon arrival, you will transfer to take a small plane to the airport of resort area in Okavango Delta. Then you will take a car to check in the resort and rest there.

  • Day
    Okavango Delta

    You will stay at Okavango Delta for two days. On the first day, you will take a cruise tour, while on the other day you can walk around for sightseeing. During the two days tour, you will appreciate the largest inland delta in the world, the largest and most beautiful oasis in Africa with magnificent natural landscape. At the same time, you can see many wild animals.

  • Day

    Today, you will take a small plane to Kasane, Chobe. After arriving in the late afternoon, you will take a tour of Chobe River by boat. During the journey, you will find you travel among hippos, elephants and buffalos, and you will also have the opportunity to closely observe the habits and naive look of these wild animals.

  • Day
    Chobe National Park

    The whole day will spend in Chobe National Park. The park, built in 1920, was originally the hunting area of the colonizers. In 1971, the Botswana government officially designated it as a national park. Chobe National Park, occupying 11000 square kilometers, possesses wide rivers with clear water and vigorous water plants. Numerous animals such as ospreys, storks, lions, antelopes, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, buffalos, hippos and crocodiles live there. The park remained native state of nature. The former President of America Bill Clinton has travelled here when he visited Botswana in 1998.

  • Day

    Today, you will leave for Zambia to visit Africas largest waterfall, as well as the worlds largest, one of the most beautiful and most spectacular waterfalls---Victoria Falls. The waterfall is located in the middle of Zambezi River of Africa, where is the boundary of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It’s more than 1700 meters (5,500 feet) wide and 108 meters (355 feet) in the highest point. Therefore it becomes one of the world famous waterfalls and was listed in the World Heritage List in 1989. Late in the afternoon, you will take a cruise tour on Zambezi River.

  • Day

    Today you will continue the visit to Victoria Falls. Different from the first day, you will fly over the falls by a helicopter this time and you can get a spectacular panoramic view and the surrounding scenery of it. In the evening, you will enjoy the traditional local dinner.

  • Day
    Departure from Botswana

    After breakfast, you will fly back to Johannesburg, and then take a connecting flight to return home.