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Papua New Guinea Tours

98 percent of Papua New Guinean are native Melanesians and their country is sill under developing. But it is the untouched tropical beauty, the unpolluted sandy beaches and sea, the mysterious local people and their pure traditions and folkways that attract the tourists the most.

Tour Code: WT-Papua New Guinea 04
10 Days Port Moresby - Sepik River - Karawari - Tari Gap Region - Madang - Mount Hagen

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Port Moresby

    Upon arrival in Port Moresby, the capital city of Papua New Guinea, you will transfer to check in a hotel and take a rest for the rest of the time.

  • Day
    Port Moresby

    Today, you will fly to Mount Hagen and then transfer to the selva area of Sepik in Wahgi Valley by a chartered plane. Here you will board on Sepik Spirit which is designed for exploring Sepik River and start your 3-day cruise tour. Sepik Spirit is specially designed with woodcuts, air-conditions, enough space, entertainment area and staff. It will provide the best service for you to explore the mysterious area. You will watch “spirit houses” along the Sepik River, the famous carvings, the traditional “sing-sing” dance and you can appreciate local arts everywhere.

  • Day

    In the morning you will go to Karawari Lodge by a small boat, which is located in Karawari River. Here you can overlook the dense tropical rainforest, hear tweet among lorikeets, eclectus parrots, cassowaries and cockatoos.

  • Day
    Karawari - Tari Gap Region

    You will fly to Tari by private chartered airplane to overlook the rare views. After arrival, you will check in Ambua Lodge for a good rest. This region has the bird of paradise with 13-colour feathers and it is also the biggest orchid garden in the world. In the afternoon you will walk to explore the forests and waterfalls.

  • Day
    Tari Gap Region

    Tari is the land of Huli “wig” who practices the witchcraft. Their life has been influenced by the bird of paradise and they dress up themselves by flowers and the feather of bird of paradise. During the tour, you can take part in morning birding, hiking, learning Huli culture and faith. You will have an opportunity to see wig school and communicate with local people. Maybe you will also enjoy the spirit dance.

  • Day
    Tari - Madang

    After flying to Madang, you will check in a hotel and have a short rest. The nature and culture here are combined harmoniously. You can either wander on the sand beach or visit the villages along the Bismarck Sea. The following two days will be spent here.

  • Day
    Madang - Mount Hagen

    Today, you will fly to Mount Hagen and have a rest in Mount Kuta. In the afternoon you will see the preparation that the tribes make for Mount Hagen Show.

  • Day
    Mount Hagen

    It will take two days to watch the Mount Hagen Show - Sing-Sing dance. The dance show was founded in the 1950s and performed by 60 to 120 tribes. After the performance, you can communicate and dance with these tribes. The professional tour guide will tell you the tradition and culture about every tribe, through which you can experience their culture.

  • Day
    Mount Hagen - Port Moresby

    You will fly to Port Moresby and check in a hotel in the morning. The whole afternoon will be free for you to arrange.

  • Day
    Departure from Port Moresby

    After breakfast, you will go to the airport and leave Port Moresby by air.