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Norway Tours

Norway is a very long and narrow country situated at the northern tip of Europe, crossing the Polar Circle at about 2/3 of the length, named as the “Land of the Midnight Sun”. It is a very beautiful country, with many magnificent mountains and narrow fingers of sea which run between its cliffs. Over a quarter of Norway is made up of huge forests and also it is the “skiing paradise” for you.

Tour Code: WT-Norway 03
8 Days Tour of Norway: Oslo - Ulvik - Bergen - Flam - Balestrand - Geiranger

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Oslo

    You will reach Oslo, the capital of Norway, which is also the largest city of the country. Upon arrival, you will go to check in a hotel and have a good rest to get back to your best condition. In the afternoon, you may enjoy the streetscape of Oslo simply by walking. You can visit Royal Palace, and walk cross Aker Brygge. Besides, there are a lot of stores here. If time is available, you are suggested to pay a visit to National Art Gallery of Denmark..

  • Day
    Oslo - Ulvik

    In the morning, you will ride along the attractive Halling Valley, pass by Honefoss and finally get to Geilo, a small town with a long history and extensive contacts, which is also the most famous ski resort of Norway. In the afternoon, you will ride across the vast Hardanger Mountain Plateau and stop at Fossli to enjoy the sight of well-known Voringsfoss Waterfall in Norway. After that, you will head for idyllic Hardanger Fjord, and then take ferry to go through Ulvik Fjord, the branch of Hardanger Fjord. Finally, you will arrive at Ulvik village.

  • Day
    Ulvik - Bergen

    The whole day of scenery tour starts from morning. You will appreciate many pieces of orchard along the Hardanger Fjord and get to Bergen in the end after going through Oystese and Norheimsund. In the afternoon, you are going to visit fish market and flower market of Bryggen Harbour. Then you will take the cable to climb Mount Floyen, where you will not only take a panoramic view of Bergen, but also look far into the distance of charming harbor. When the visit puts to an end, you can go shopping in the street shops near the Bergen harbor.

  • Day
    Bergen - Flam - Balestrand

    You will leave for Voss through Dale by bus, then get to Naeroy Valley, passing by Stalheim Canyon and finally reach the Flam. Through the whole way, you will enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, which are all the ideal places for taking pictures. After taking a short break in Falm, you will take boat along the narrow Aurlands Fjord and Naeroy fjord to get to Balestrand finally. Along the route, you can appreciate the little waterfalls, cliffs and mountains covered with snow as well as many wild animals.

  • Day

    You will leave for Fjords to take a full tour of the outstanding beautiful natural scenery here. What you have viewed during this day will make you a certain view of the permanent memory. Furthermore, it is also suggested that you pay a visit to the local aquarium and an art museum, and then take a walk at the Balestrand for tour.

  • Day
    Balestrand - Geiranger

    Firstly, you will take ferry from Dragsvik to Hella, where the journey scenery is very fantastic. After that, you are going to take a land route to Fjærland. At the same time, you will travel across the biggest Jostedalsbreen glacier in Europe. It is not only the vastest glacier over the European continent, but also the main attraction of the Jostedalsbreen national park. Next you will go to visit the Norwegian Glacier Museum. There are regular documentaries in the museum, which give you a detailed account of glacier physiognomy. There is also a glacier model, where visitors can walk in it and watch the internal structure of glacier. In the afternoon, you will get to picturesque Hellesylt village by way of Loen and Stryn, in which you will transfer to ferry to visit the most magnificent Geiranger Fjord among all the fjords in Norway.

  • Day
    Geiranger - Oslo

    In the morning, you are going to drive along the famous Serpentine Road, go across Grotli Mountains and Lom, and finally reach the Lillehammer, where you will pay a visit to the spectacular Gudbrands Valley. In the afternoon, you will get back to Oslo along the biggest lake of Norway. After arriving there, you are arranged to have a rest in the hotel.

  • Day
    Departure from Norway

    You will proceed to airport in the morning and return home by plane.