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How to Plan Your Thailand Tour?

Best Time to Visit: November - April
Major Cities for International Flights: Bangkok (Capital), Phuket, Chiang Mai
Visa: Generally, visa is required for foreign visitors who enter to Thailand. Certain nationals do not require a visa if they are qualified for visa exemption requirements.
Money Tips: Convert to Thai baht when you arrive in Thailand. Foreign currency is not popular here. Visa, MasterCard, JCB and American Express are accepted for the counter purchases and ATM withdrawals.
  • 4-7 Days
    Enjoy your Thailand vacation package with the most popular cities or sites like Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.
  • 8-11 Days
    In addition to the highlights of Thailand, extend the trip to golden beaches of Phuket and Ko Samui, or add one neighboring country like Laos.
  • 12 Days or More
    Plan your Thailand travel package in depth, or combine Thailand holiday deals with its neighboring countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar.

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  • Andrew Linke from SingaporePosted on March 03, 2021
    On the whole, I was satisfied with my Thailand trip.

    The tour guide in Bangkok arranged everything for us very carefully and his service was very considerate.

    The children liked him very much! Thank you very much for the kind care and wonderful introductions of local customs.
    • Satish Russell from AustraliaPosted on January 04, 2021
      This trip to Thailand had come to an end, but my relationship with Agate Travel agency had just begun!

      Here I would like to show our sincere gratitude to all of the staff: kind drivers, professional guides, patient consultant! I will definitely come back and book another trip! Highly recommend this company!
      • Katrine from NorwayPosted on November 15, 2020
        Our guides were all nice to offer us excellent explanations, comfortable itinerary, thoughtful care. The arrangements for the 8-day Thailand trip were in place and we got great fun joining the interesting activities!
        • Adriana Komisarz from ArgentinaPosted on September 16, 2020
          Immensely enjoyable on this 11-day Thailand beach vacation. The spots were wonderful and each of the temples had its unique architectural style. Impressive! Appreciated the fascinating tea plantation and breathtaking scenery, quite a relaxing activity. Phuket was my focus during the Thailand trip. Enjoyable beach and motorcycle tour around the island were awesome items that cannot be missed!
          • Ferdinand from the United StatesPosted on September 12, 2020
            Our meals provided in hotels were pretty good, beyond my expectations. The comfortable hotels made us have a good rest. I think I should go with a group next time. After all, it's nice not to worry about anything in a foreign country. Agate was trustworthy!
            • Carmen Medina from the United StatesPosted on August 10, 2020
              Although sometimes we were stuck in the road during our journey of five days, the beautiful scenery on the way was still unforgettable. My favorites were the blue sea & soft sand in Koh Samui, the splendor of the Grand Palace, the excitement of the Thai puppet.

              Along the journey, we learnt a lot about the history and customs of Thailand through the humorous guides. They were so kind to prepare Band-Aids, and patient to wait for us, take care of us. Super happy with their service. Looking forward to the next trip to Thailand!
              • Hirose Miki from JapanPosted on August 08, 2020
                With my families, I traveled to Thailand filled with exotic styles. High praise for Lexi. She provided us with full service. She was ready to help us with any questions about our itinerary. The route designed by her was very relaxing and enjoyable!
                The airport transfers were also in time and the guides would be waiting for us in advance. They were also prepared motion sickness pills for us thoughtfully. The whole trip was really pleasant!
                • Sarah Fischel from CanadaPosted on July 27, 2020
                  We were served with enthusiastic service and fantastic attractions. The responsible guide always did everything to give us a wonderful experience of our short Thailand tour. They were very hard, thanks a lot!
                  • Bland from ArgentinaPosted on July 25, 2020
                    The price of goods in Thailand was so low! The 10-day Thailand beach holiday was the best value for money! Our guide was knowledgeable and gave us vivid and interesting explanations. He did his best to satisfy us. We liked his gentle manner very much. I think he must be one of the top three tour guides I had ever met!
                    • Suzanne LaPointe from the UKPosted on July 11, 2020
                      I had this Thailand tour with my kids. The trip was smooth and everything was satisfying.
                      The guide was a local having a good English accent. Along the way, she took good care of us, and was warm-hearted to tell us the travel safety and precautions. She always answered our questions patiently. We enjoyed her careful service. Very dedicated! Overall, five-star rating!
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