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Czech 01: 5 Days Czech Tour to Prague - Moldava River - Karlovi Bari

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Day 1: Arrival in Czech
You will fly to Prague, the capital city of Czech. Prague is a city with long history. As early as more than 1000 years ago, it is the political center of the Czech kingdom. After arrival, you will first go to the hotel for a short rest and then visit the amazing castle of Chratsani and Cathedral of St. Vitou. Afterwards, you will go sightseeing in the Royal castle and bridge-stone of Karolos crossing the Moldaba River. At last, you will go to Prague old town and visit numerous ancient buildings and scenic spots in the old town areas.
Day 2: Prague
Today you can pay a whole-day visit to Prague freely. The city lies near the mountain and by the river. There are numerous historical sites and as many as over 2000 historical relics that receive the national key protection. It is no exaggeration to say that you can see nearly every kind of buildings of the past 13 centuries in every street and lane of the old town. Therefore, you can choose to return to the old town to carefully experience the historical and cultural atmosphere or go shopping there.
Day 3: Prague - Karlovi Bari
In the morning, you will go to Karlovi Bari, a beautiful hot-spring city, which was famous as “hot spring” in history (including 13 main hot springs and about 300 smaller hot springs). In the nineteenth century, Karlovi Bari became a popular tourist resort. Especially, some international celebrities used to get hot-spring treatment here. After arrival, you will go to the downtown area to visit Russian church, hot-spring pavilion and the tower where the rich men of Europe always got together in the eighteen century.
Day 4: Prague
Return to Prague today. After arrival, you can tour around freely. This will be the last traveling day before leaving, so you can make use of the last time to purchase some presents or souvenirs for your friends.
Day 5: Prague - Moldava River - Departure from Czech
This morning, you will first take a cruise tour on Moldava River and you can appreciate the picturesque scenery along both banks on the sightseeing boat of the river center. On the way, you can also see two beautiful bridges crossing the river. After the visit, you will transfer to the airport and then leave from Czech by plane.
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