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How to Plan Your Morocco Tour?

Best Time to Visit: Middle March - June; September - Late October
Major Cities for International Flights: Casablanca, Marrakech
Visa: Valid visa is essential for entering Morocco, except for visitors from visa free countries.
Money Tips: Morocco Dirham is the official currency, and Euro is acceptable in some hotels. Exchanged cash in advance is recommended.
  • 1-4 Days
    Extend highlighted Marrakech tour to Sahara Merzouga or natural scenic spots, like Gorges Dades, Atlas Mountains and Todra Gorge. Or discover Casablanca and add one neighboring city.
  • 5-9 Days
    The essence of all-inclusive holiday package to Morocco commonly covers the four imperial cities: Meknes, Marrakech, Rabat, and Fez, as well as experiencing Sahara desert safari.
  • 10 Days or More
    In depth excursion to Morocco with round-circle route, including hot tourists cities, or extend to neighboring countries, like Egypt.
Comparison with Our Competitors
Stay in a hotel or a riad in Morocco?
As a part of Morocco’s culture, riad is popular with many tourists for its unique charms. Thus when visiting Morocco, should you choose a standardized hotel or a Moroccan riad? We hope our following ideas and suggestions will help you make a choice.

●    Features: Riad is a kind of boutique hotel in a fusion of modern and traditional elements, with a decoration style of its own, beautiful atrium and bubbling fountains. In the noisy medina, it allows you to enjoy peace in a riad, just like at an oasis in a desert. If you love taking photos, you can always find a spellbinding corner in riads.

●    Location: Most riads are in the old quarter, which has both advantages and disadvantages. Since the old town is off-limits to vehicles mostly, you'll need to walk to your riad. Of course, the riad will take care of your baggage handling. Don't worry about that. On the contrary, star hotels, for the large area, are usually outside the old quarter; thus, you will be sent to the hotel by a vehicle directly.
Set Menu Breakfast in Raid
Set Menu Breakfast in Raid
Luggage barrow in Old Medina
Luggage barrow in Old Medina
●    Breakfast: A riad is not large, with 6 to 10 rooms on 2 or 3 floors commonly. Without many guests, there are set menus of a few choice for breakfast. In contrast, star hotels will provide sumptuous buffet breakfast every day, and a satisfying breakfast will make your day full of vitality!

●    Elevator: Generally, riads are not high, so most of them are not equipped with elevators. Imagine that, you have to walk to the riad after a day out, and even worse, you have to climb stairs to your room...

●    Sound Insulation: Compared to a hotel, we have to say that sound insulation is not very good in some riad rooms. If you have a relatively light sleep, pay special attention to this issue.

●    Safety: Undoubtedly, no matter a riad or hotel, they are very safe. What we mention here is about the surroundings. If you have a penchant for taking a walk at evening or night, it's probably not a good idea to wander the maze of alleys in the old quarter at night! But it's much more relaxing to walk around the garden and pool of a hotel.

In short, the needs of guests always come first. It’s our pleasure to customize an exclusive hotel arrangement for you.

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