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Hungary Tours

Hungary is an inland country which has little villages full of Mediterranean inspiration and Turkey Age styles, superior wines, museums, hotspring and spa, traditional handicrafts, interesting custom and national parks. All these features draw millions of curious tourists every year and they expect you to come, too.

Tour Code: WT-Hungary 02
7 Days Journey of Hungary: Budapest - Lake Balaton - Esztergom - Visegrad - Szentendre - Puszta

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Budapest

    After arrival in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary by air, you will transfer to check in the hotel. The rest time of the day is free for you to recover from the jet lag or look around by yourself.

  • Day

    The whole day will spend in Budapest. You will visit many places, including the Elizabeth Square, theatre and Heroes Square/Millennium Memorial. After visiting these places, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Elizabeth Bridge, River Danube and buildings along the banks. After that, you will head to Gellert Hill, walk to castle district to visit Matthias Church and Fishermen Bastion, etc. The last stop today is the House of Parliament.

  • Day
    Lake Balaton

    Today, you set out from Elizabeth Square to the biggest china-making city (built in 1826). After this, you will proceed to Lake Balaton to appreciate the most beautiful scenery of Peninsula of Tihany. Lake Balaton, the biggest lake in the middle of Europe, is famous in Hungary for its attractive view, which makes it well known all over the world. The Hungarian called it “Hungarian sea” proudly.

  • Day
    Esztergom - Visegrad - Szentendre

    Today you will have a full day sightseeing tour on Danube. Start from Elizabeth Square, you will pass through three Cities and each of them has distinctive features. First, you will go to visit the oldest Imperial residence and the centre of the religion - Esztergom in Hungary, here you will visit the church. Then move forward to Visegrad, which has the unique scenery. Finally, you will arrive at Szentendre, where you can visit the Natural Pearls and Jewels Museum. 

  • Day

    Szentendre is a city which is built around Danube and a number of tourists come to visit it for its splendid scenery. Thanks to the residence of Serbian that creating the town with Mediterranean City style and several Orthodox Eastern Churches here have just proved it. You will visit the Museum here, for example, the Margit Ceramic Museum and the Marcipan Museum. After finishing the visit, the rest of the time will be free and you can just travel around all by yourselves.

  • Day

    Today you will go head for Hungarian Puszta. First, you will go to Kecskemet for a short visit. Then proceed to Puszta hacienda where you will have a special experience that tourists can have opportunity to learn to ride and learn to distinguish the quality of the horses.

  • Day
    Departure from Hungary

    After breakfast, you will travel to the airport and then leave from Hungary by air.