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Top 10 Things to Do in Goa, Best Places & Activities

Goa serves the purposes right for all kinds of travelers. This state is famous to have sun-kissed beaches, delicious Goan food, beautiful churches and some of the amazing locations where you can relax your stress away. Goa can be segregated into two categories where you will find the jazzy parties in the Northside of the Goa, and soothing beaches in the South part of Goa. However, the sectors have interesting activities in most of the beaches, some have it better than the other, but you will surely enjoy your stay.

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Here are some of the top 10 things to do in Goa.

1. Go for Water sports

Water sports are one of the important reasons why tourists are attracted to Goa and also one of the best things to do in Goa. The perfect beaches offer a great opportunity to test the waters with incredible activities for fun. You will be able to go swimming, scuba diving, waterskiing, parasailing, etc. The number could go on; trying out one of the water sports in Goa while you are here is a must for every traveler.

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2. Try Scuba Diving

Let’s begin with scuba diving because it’s one of the loved and famous activities in Goa. For people who are not very good at swimming can also take some tips and quick classes for scuba diving. The activity is set on international standards with the help of trained experts. You will have complete safety while you explore the underwater world. Some beaches even offer packed lunches along with the scuba diving package.

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3. Cycling at Divar and Chorao Island

If you enjoy exploring beaches and beautiful surroundings over a cycle, then hop on a cycle to take a trip from the Comburpha Island to head towards the Chorao Island. You will find many trainers to brief you over how to handle the breaks and bicycle gear. Safety instructions must be followed religiously to avoid any trouble along the way.

You will be given a light breakfast on your way to Chorao, and continue your journey to the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. This cycle expedition ends after the lovely bird watching and sightseeing in Divar Island. You can head back to the Soccour Church after you are done exploring the stunning sights of these locations.

4. Jetlev Flyer

If you love adventure sports, then you will enjoy Jetlev Flyer. Flying against gravity over water is no joke, but it sure has a lot of fun. You will be provided with proper training for this activity, there will be instructors guiding you before you finally head for it. It is definitely going to be a superhero moment when you find yourself flying with water pressure. It will be one of the best things to do in Goa. 

Note: This water sport is a little expensive, so if you are on a budget, try opting for other activities.

5. Ocean Trek

The ocean trek is a long walk from the deserted grassy Baliem plateau all the way down to the northern Arambol Beach. The stream is famous to have medicinal mud called ‘Multani Matti’ that runs on the banks to the hillside. Another thing that you will extremely enjoy is the scenery and surrounding view. In total, you will cover the trek sight which is around 5km (3.1 miles). For people who love unplanned adventure and want to live in the moment, going for ocean trek will serve the purpose right. Ocean Trek is some of the amazing things to do in Goa.

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6. Hot Air Balloon Flight

Exploring nature’s beauty and experiencing water sports can get boring after a while, especially, if you are planning a long holiday in Goa. Apart from viewing the coastal beauty of Goa, you can also try to go for the hot air balloon adventure. This activity mostly happens in South Goa and you are sure to love the experience. The handcrafted baskets look beautiful and for waiting merely 30 minutes, your hot air balloons will be inflated with motorized fans. The stunning view of the state will look incredible up from 900 feet and don’t worry about the safe landing.

7. Join Sailing and Snorkeling

You can go for a sailing excursion from Dona Paula towards Grand Island and you will enjoy the brilliant view on your way because the place is filled with the lovely hillside and wonderful beaches. If you are wondering about snorkeling, then Grand Island offers the best experience for it. The Aquatic life underwater will stun you with its beauty. Also, this Island has a lot to explore in terms of old ruins of a meteorological station.

8. Quad Biking

If you thought Goa was all about beaches, water sports, and churches, then you are wrong. Goa also has some brilliant road adventures, especially quad biking. You will find many quad biking planners in Goa. They offer 200cc quad bikes to go through the tricky and muddy areas from the dense forest region. However, you don’t have to worry, because it will be suitable for all kinds of riders.

9. Camping

How can you leave Goa without camping under the stars? There are some amazing places for you to set your camp. You can carry the food items and drive to the relevant place; here are some enchanting places to go camping.

• Cola Beach

• Anjuna Beach

• Goa Velha

• Panjim

• Calangute

• Talpona Beach

These beaches are not just perfect for camping but a lot of other activities as well.

10. Ziplining

Ziplining is another sport adventure that many people look for when they visit Goa. If you are not very sure about your postures and spirit, then you can get the training in the area too. Take a leap and get the flying experience right across trees and dense forests of Goa.

These fun things to do in Goa will be some of the memorable activities. Make sure you are carrying your camera to capture these moments.

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