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North East India Tours

Discover the hidden charms of India and ensure you a unique experience!

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North East India refers to India's most east region that consists of seven sister states and the brother state Sikkim, which is the least explored area. Tired of the cultural and heritage journey? Let's take the North East trip packages to explore the forest covered region - a totally different India where will sweep you off your feet. Travelling in this isolated paradise, you will appreciate the mighty snowcapped mountains, the vast tea gardens, mysterious monasteries, endangered wildlife, amazing hill stations and the stunning waterfalls etc. It is the right destination for you to escape from the chaos.
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Trip Planning FAQs

Is a permit required to visit North East India?
Yes, but not for all the states in this region. At present, it only requires permits for foreign nationals to visit Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. The foreign tourists are required to have the Inner Line permit to visit Sikkim, and the Protected Area Permits to Arunachal Pradesh state.
Is it safe to travel to North East India?
Yes. It is relatively safe for a foreign tourist to travel to North East India. You might hear of some news about conflict and movement and safety becomes the biggest concern to travel there. In recent years, with the support of the state government, it has become a popular destination for tourists home and abroad. Safety is not a big problem for travelers. While, we still suggest you contact a reliable tour operator for your North East India trip, which makes it easier for you to travel in some undeveloped area with poor road condition or some unexpected situation.
When is the best time to visit the north east region of India?
Due to the unique geography, the temperature and climate varies from state to state in India. So, you will see diverse views in different months. Generally speaking, taking a North East India tour from November to May will be more comfortable as it is relatively dry and safe with less rain and landslides. While, the only problem you may concern is the waterfalls are not so active in winter.
How to get to and travel around North East India?
There are two ways to get to North East India: train and flight. No matter which way you choose, you will arrive in Guwahati which is the capital city of Assam state and the gateway to North East India. There are trains and flights available to Guwahati from some big cities in India. Then, you could travel to other states of this region by car or by train.
Is Kaziranga National Park open all the year round?
Not exactly. Kaziranga National Park as well as other national parks in Assam are closed from May 1st to Oct 30th. If you plan to visit Kaziranga, do remember to arrange your North East India tour between November and April.
How is the mobile connectivity in the seven states?
India's North East region is less developed, mobile network and internet access may not work in some remote areas. While, in the big cities, you can use a phone and the internet.
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