5 Places for Perfect Scuba Diving in Goa

Stepping out of Goa without experiencing water sports is a crime. Goa offers amazing adventure sports facilities like kayaking, scuba diving, banana ride, and many others. Apart from being fun and adventurous, water sports are very expensive too, so if you are on a budget and want someone to suggest you the best one out of so many, then go for scuba diving in Goa. If you are thinking about being untrained, then you should know that there are several instructors available to teach you the proper way. Here are some of the best places to try scuba diving in Goa.

1. Grand Island

There are specific islands in Goa that provide specialized Scuba diving facilities, and Grand Island is one of them. The depth of water in this Island is around 7-20 meters (23-66ft), and you will get some excellent diving spots. No matter which level of diver you are, you will get an adventurous experience. Imagine exploring the underwater world, Grande Island is well-known for having exotic water species like Shellfish, dolphin, skates, fishes, colorful corals and many more. You get to pick your suit and explore the magic.

Location: Grand Island is situated just off the coast to Vasco De Gama. You will be able to reach this place within an hour (timing also depends on the boat you are boarding)

Best Time to Visit: October to February.

2. Malwan

This island is often compared to the pretty looking Tahiti Island and it offers some of the exciting spots for scuba diving. When it’s about the surroundings, you will love the white sandy beaches, mouth watering food, breathtaking sunset and sunrise and other hidden Island around this beach. It doesn’t matter if you are an excellent swimmer or a beginner. This island offer something for everyone. The water of the island has a crystal clear view where you will experience the best scuba diving in Goa around corals, and other water species.

Location: Nearest airport to this location is the Dabolim Airport which is around 2 hour drive.

Best Time to Visit: October - April

3. Pigeon Island

The location of this island is of the west coast off Murdheswar, making it the brilliant place for scuba diving in Goa, you will also be able to reach the boating site in around one hour via boat. If you look at this island from top, you will be able to make out the shape of this island which is quite interesting. The aerial view of this island explains the island is in the shape of a heart. It receives numerous visitors throughout the year, and specifically in the scuba diving season.

Best Time to Visit: October - April end

4. Nagoa

If you are a first timer or a beginner, then Nagao is another place for scuba diving in Goa which has one perfect beaches. The transparent water of this beach looks stunning under the sun; there are around a million fish and other water species that makes this island to be the best place for adventure. This island is situated in round 11km (6.8 miles) towards north of the South Goa.

Location: To have some clarity over the location and how you can reach this island, know that Nagao is around 17km (10 miles) from south-east of Vasco Da Gama and 22 km (13 miles) from Panjim.

Best Time to Visit: October- May

5. Sao George Island

This exotic island is easily reached within half an hour via boat, the distance between the island and central Goa is almost 25 km (15.5mi). If you are a beginner and want to have a soothing experience, then visit this island. The water level is just around 14- 15 meters (46-49ft), and it has some of the majestic scuba diving destinations. The island is also blessed with a brilliant under water view with stunning coral plants and various aquatic life.

Best Time to Visit: October – May

Scuba Diving Tips

For people who are planning to take on this water sport for the first time, make sure you read some tips to have the best time of your life. Scuba diving can be a little dangerous if you are not aware of the right instructions. You will always find the trainers available for you before you dive in, but it’s better to be prepared from your end. Here are some basic tips you can follow.

• Suspend a weight bag

• Minimize your weighting

• Relax and dive

• Don’t exercise after diving

• Stay warm

• Stay hydrated

• Make a safety stop

• Ascend slowly

• Breath continuously

• Do not hold your breath underwater

• Make sure you are certified for diving

• You must do a buddy check

• Equalize frequently as you descend

Following some of these tips will help you in completing the scuba diving safely. However, one thing that you must remember is ‘HAVE FUN’’. Every water sport has its plus points and it’s very important to make the most of such activities. Do not waste it by only following the instruction and forgetting that you went to have the best experience and time of your life.

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