Careers at – We Need You!, a professional travel brand featuring global tour solutions, aims to meet your holiday needs and expectations by offering classic tour packages and 100% tailor-made tours.

We uphold the spirit of tourist-oriented and dedicate to developing budgets and group sizes catering to all consumers; we believe teamwork creates value and success; we always keep up with market trends and develop innovative thinking among our employees.  

Now, we are looking for people who agree with our company culture and have great enthusiasm to work with us. Here are some job positions waiting for your resume:

Product Editor – English: 2 People


Editing, website editing, travel product editing, English


English travel website product-related content planning, writing, picturing; Maintain and update the existing online products


English major (Bachelor's degree);

Excellent English reading and writing ability;
Strong ability in organizing and integrating tourism information and resources;
Carefulness, strong sense of responsibility, great communication skills and team spirit;

Proficient in using a computer.

Travel Consultant – English: 5 People


Arrange travel routes and travel-related reservations for global visitors. From the beginning of the customer consultation until the final successful completion of the travel plan, you need to provide professional advice and information according to their needs. The stronger your ability is, the higher your salary will be. 


English major with TEM4 / TEM8 (Bachelor's degree); 

Excellent English reading and writing ability, great communication skills;
Thoughtful, flexible mind, good mathematical ability;
Strong ability to resist pressure, good sense of customer service and team spirit;

People with experience in the tourism industry are preferred.

Tourism Marketing: 2 People


Marketing and planning, marketing and managing, overseas market, market analysis


Be familiar with the company's products, discover the market demand, and develop new tourism products and business growth points;

Promote sales growth through online and offline market expansion and advertising; 
To assist in the development and implementation of the company's marketing development strategy.


University Bachelor's degree, love tourism industry, no major and age restrictions; 

Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

People with more than two years of relevant work experience in the tourism industry are preferred;
People with more than one year of experience in website planning or marketing are preferred;
Flexible mind, innovative spirit, strong market awareness and analytical judgment;
Good planning and organization ability, and strong execution;

High sense of responsibility, good interpersonal skills, communication skills and teamwork spirit.

English Website Editor: 15 People


English travel website content planning and writing. 


English major with TEM8 (Bachelor's degree);

Great English reading, writing and translation skills;
Good Chinese comprehension and writing skills;
Proficient in using a computer;
Flexible mind, good logic, strong ability in organizing and integrating tourism information and resources;

Carefulness, strong sense of responsibility, great communication skills and team spirit.

English Intern: 10 People


To assist website editors in the collection, translation and preparation of English resources;

Writing English tourist routes


Undergraduate students in English major with at least TEM4 level; 

Excellent English reading, writing and translation skills;
Good Chinese understanding and writing skills;
Proficient use of computers and the internet;
Strong logic and ability to organize and integrate information resources;
Carefulness, strong sense of responsibility, great communication skills and team spirit; 

Ensure attendance of more than 4 days per week and continuous internship for more than 3 months.

Freelance Volunteer: 20 People 

We are looking for English freelance writers to join us! 

We hope you have great English writing and translation skills;
No restrictions on working place and time so you need to complete your task on time;
People with relevant tourism writing experience will be better!

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