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Try Your Luck in These Five Best Casinos in Goa

Want to gamble legally in India? Goa is where you should be instead of researching about any other place. It’s one of the most happening states in India with serene beaches, entertainment, and clubs for having a good time. There are no blind spots when it’s about Goa, you will find endless casinos and best bars to gamble and party.

If you are thinking about options, then you will have to choose between the on-shore casinos and the off-shore casinos. Most of the live actions are done at the on-shore casinos, which are great entertainment destinations and by law, you can only experience the electronic games at the on-shore casinos.

When the off-shore casinos come into the picture, it is mostly dominated by the Pride group and the Deltin group. These two famous competitors follow two different kinds of market prices. Pride has a lower price range compared to the Deltin group. The former serves the Indian market whereas the latter is more into the western clients.

1. Deltin Royale Casino

This stunning casino has a four-story set-up over 40,000 square feet area, and it is known as one of the best casinos in Goa. The place has around 123 gaming tables and dedicated rooms for the poker, and Indian Flush. Space also comprises with a nice gourmet multi-cuisine, entertainment sections, Kid’s zone, and restaurants. There is no shortage of entertainment because you will find international dancers to comedy shows all under one roof.


INR 3,000 per person - Monday to Thursday

In the basic price, the INR 2,000 one time use chip is including, with unlimited food, drinks, and entertainment.

Timing- Open 24 hours every day

2. Big Daddy Casino

This casino is a recent off-shore place owned by the Golden Globe Hotels. The casino was launched in 2019 as a great competition to the Deltin Royale. The catch at this casino is that the equipment is the latest on par with Las Vegas and Macau. The casino is filled with 110 gaming tables, and over 900 gaming positions. There are some features which are not found easily in other casinos. One of the floors of this posh casino is completely dedicated to high rollers. Even if you plan to visit the casino with family, you will not have to worry about them because there are entertainment zone, bars, cigar lounge, multi-cuisine restaurants, children’s areas to play and many others. The entertainment in this casino is world-class with famous musicians, bands, and popular artists.


INR 2,000 per person for Daytime Deals and 1,000 one time play chip. You can also get a regular package of 2,500 rupees per person from Monday to Thursday.

Timing- 24 hours on the seven days a week

3. Deltin Caravela

This casino belongs to the Deltin group and is a stunning off-shore casino aiming the serious gamblers. Gamblers who want to play their heart out without any disturbance. This floatel casino has a brilliant entertainment arrangement and luxury is redefined. The place has an on-deck Jacuzzi and a brilliant fine dining restaurant with a bar. The area might be smaller than other on-shore casinos but it is preferred by high-end gamblers.


The pricing of this casino might surprise you because it is comparatively cheaper than the others. 1,500 rupees per adult and a 500 rupee one-time play coupons.

Timing- Not Fixed

4. Casino Strike

If you want to know about one of the off-shore casinos, then this one will fit your needs. The casino is situated at the Grand Hyatt and it is recently launched in the year 2016. There is a section dedicated to the high rollers and you will find all the latest entertainment hovering over in that area. There are Russian dancers, high-end entertainment, and DJ’s at the VIP section of the casino. You will not regret taking kids along, because the place also has a kid section and play station with games for teenagers.


The entry charges are INR 2,000 per one from Monday to Thursday. The one-time pay coupon included INR 2,000 along with unlimited food and drinks.

Timing- 24 hours

5. Casino Pride

This casino belongs to the Pride Group and mostly serves the Indian clients. The idea behind this casino is very similar to the Deltin casino just at a cheaper rate. This casino mostly attracts the high Indian rollers, the place is structured over 30,000 square feet area with around 40 gaming tables and numerous slot machines. Again, your kids will not be bored because the casino consists of a kid’s section too, which will keep them entertained.


The entry charges are INR 1,500 from Monday to Thursday, and INR 500 for a onetime Play Coupon. The rates are INR 2,000 from Friday to Sunday and 1,000 rupees for a one-time Play Coupon. You will be able to enjoy unlimited buffet, and drinks until midnight.

Timing: 24 hours a day. Live entertainment from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Quick Tips Before You Hit the Casinos

Nothing works right if you are not prepared, so before you are about to gamble, make sure you have some productive tips. These will help you stabilize your senses behind the table when you are working the moves in your mind.

• Keep your eyes on the prize

• Know when, to ask when

• Exploit the law of nature

• Go big or go broke

• Practice will make you perfect

• Don’t play Keno

• Don’t forget to wear a watch

• Buy your drinks

These few tips will keep you from being bankrupt, and you will be able to walk out of the casino with enough money to return to your hotel. However, you must focus on the 2nd the last tip and wear a watch because you will not find any clocks at any of the casinos. They want you to lose track of time, will you fall for it?

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