Divar Island

Divar Island is considered to be the hub of interesting people and culture because the history of this place goes back to the time when Divar had a huge population of Hindus. However, the place was abandoned due to some religious conflicts and also because of the plague epidemic that spread in the area during that time. After the massive population moved, they left behind the ruins of temples and religious significance in Goa.

Now Divar Island serves as a stunning tourist spot due to all the right reasons, people with Goa on their bucket list never fail to add this little adventurous town into the list.


This stunning Island is located around 10 km (6 miles) distance from the capital city of Goa. The island is also connected to old Goa with Rivana from the south-east and Narve from the south-west. However, all the connections will have to be traveled via ferry. The closest railway station to this island is at Carambolim. The route to Divar Island is very beautiful, the scenic beauty will be mesmerizing and you will enjoy the road trip that will remind you of a typical Goan countryside.

Quick Facts about the Divar Island

• The water sports in Divar Island are considered to have some of the best water sports in Maharashtra.

• Along with the mainstream watersports, Divar Island also has some unique water activities that are quite different from the rest of the other places.

• The thrilling water sports are done under experienced trainers and instructors.

• Take good advantage of the morning time and visit the island early to enjoy all the water activities nicely.

• The Divar island also celebrates three very interesting festivals in different seasons.

• One of the very unique specialties of this place is that it offers Urak. Urak is a mild cashew feni that is only found in the Divar.

These quick facts summarize just a part of this beautiful location, the best way is to plan a trip to Divar Island and explore the stunning location yourself. Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture some unmatched beauty into your picture.

Water Activities Included

Divar is a dazzling island and also a hidden one, you must have heard very little about this island and tourists hardly consider this place in their itinerary. However, they don’t know what they are missing. The place is surrounded by clean and calm backwaters and the view will surely be attractive enough to leave an impact into your mind. Apart from the picturesque location and beautiful view of the flora and fauna, you will also come across these interesting water sports in this location.

Jet Ski

Jet skiing is a watercraft that is accepted as one of the most adventurous water sport. Divar Island offers a perfect spot for jet skiing, you will be helped by an instructor before you finally go ahead with the ride. Various beaches in Goa offer this water sport but Divar island has an upper hand when it’s about the price and location.

Bumper Ride

This ride is suggested to be considered by you after you have tried the jet skiing, parasailing, paragliding, or at least one out of the three. This water sport is quite practiced here where you will be thrown in a huge air tube and then dragged by a fast speedboat like a sled. Sound thrilling?

Banana Ride

This water sport is mostly done with a group of four or five people depending on the model of the boat. The banana boat ride is also known as a water sled, the recreational boat is then set free with the rider. This water sport brings out the adventure side of you.


The fishing is another recreational activity that can be done in Divar beach with various varieties of fishes toiling around the calm water. You will be able to fish salmons, soormai, catfish, ladyfish, stingray, local barramundi, and guitarfish, and more. Visit during the month from October to May when fishing is considered the best.

Crab Catching

If you are planning to go for crabbing then you are to leave early before the afternoon starts because the timing for crabbing in Divar Island is from 3 o’clock to 7 o’clock. You will enjoy catching fishes on this island and the joy is doubled when you are with family and friends.

Festivals to Celebrate

Feast of Our Lord Redeemer

This festival is celebrated annually in Piedade, Divar. The festival takes place mostly in November on a Sunday close to the 3rd week of the month. The feast is celebrated at one of the village and it instantly attracts all the devotees in the place from all over Goa.


Consider this festival as an Indian version of Halloween celebrated in Goa. This is a three-day festival where the local youth prepare homemade masks and costumes and some cowbell to venture around the village. This youth demand for snacks and drinks from the residents and frighten the children of the villages too.


This festival is especially celebrated during the monsoon season on the fourth Saturday of August. The Bonderam festival is attended by thousands of people and the local tourists who plan on visiting the Divar Island.

If you are into spirituality and want to dedicate sometime of your holiday in meditating, and visiting spiritual places to search your peace, then feel free to visit the ancient churches and temples that are well maintained for devotees even today. The recent mass immigration in Goa has resulted in an increase in temples and many spiritual places. Divar Island has three main temples and several other temples build throughout the island.

How to reach Divar Island?

Divar Island is at a very close distance to Goa capital city with around 10 km (6.2 mi). The best way would be via a ferry. Old Goa has a route that runs from the south side of the island whereas the east end of the island is attached to Naroa in the Bicholim taluka. You will be able to travel via ferry which frequently runs across from morning to the evening.

Taxi Route-31 minutes
Estimated- INR 750-900

Ferry Route- Runs between 7am-8pm
Estimated- INR 55-100

Town Car- 31 minutes
Estimated- INR 1,800- 2,600

The travel fares for this location may vary based on the season, crowd, and weather. You must always keep an alternate travel option open in cash of emergency.