Grand Island – Go For an Adventurous Vacation in Goa

Did you know about the Grand Island of Goa before? Because this place is quite secluded from the rest of the celebrity beaches of Goa, this island is more like a smart younger brother out of siblings who always get unnoticed. However, only the right person can spot his charm and intellect. Grand Island somewhat possesses the same qualities, it is also known as Grande Island or Bat Island. You must the heart of this travel journey beforehand, you can only reach this island on a boat or a jetty.

It won’t be wrong to mention that your journey to this island will be more interesting than the destination itself. On your way to the island, you will be able to experience some amazing water sports. Some of the Jetty rides also offer a great chance for dolphin seeing, swimming in calm water, snorkeling, and many other facilities.

When you read about the journey being more interesting than the destination, it included some amazing sight-seeing like Aguada Fort and jail, the millionaire’s bungalow, dolphin seeing and other interesting activities. 

Interesting Activities

Grand Island offers some of the brilliant water activities that are loved and enjoyed by numerous tourists throughout the year.

1. Scuba Diving

You must have heard of this brilliant water sport, diving into the water and witnessing the life under the surface is a magical experience. The full form of Scuba explains the reason why it is so called; Scuba stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. You don’t have to worry about diving or handling this water sport because you will be given proper training.

2. Snorkeling at Grand Island

The word “snorkeling” itself is interesting enough to antique the readers and travelers to try this fascinating water sport. This activity is practiced with full safety and training, so you will be able to enjoy this water sport at an affordable price.

3. Dolphin Boar Safari and Fishing

Close to the island you will come across another amazing thing to witness, if you are traveling with kids and family members, then the fun is doubled. If the weather is good and your luck is in your favor then you will see dolphins, the friendly creatures twisting and twirling in the water. The sight is mesmerizing, especially for kids. Another brilliant activity to try is fishing, where sometimes you are given the fishing ropes to bait the fishes.

These activities summarize peace and harmony, it’s a good way to de-stress yourself and enjoy a peaceful time with your family. The activities at the Grand Island might sound the mainstream but trust the vibe of the open sea and fresh air.

How to reach Grand Island?

38.1km/24.2 miles from Panaji

Travel time- 58min by car

Approximate fare by taxi- INR 600-700

Nearest Airport

Dabolim Airport is the closest transport platform from Grand Beach (46.5km/28.9mi), and you will be able to reach the destination after taking a bus or hiring a cab to Hansa Island for a quick jetty ride. The jetty will take you to the beach.

Nearest Railway Station

The closest railway station is Madgaon Railway Station (50km/31.1mi), but the route isn’t that easy. You will have to hire a cab or catch a bus to Hansa Island and get to Grande beach with the help of a jetty ride.

The Jetty ride will surprise you

Taking a Jetty Ride is the aptest option to reach Grand Island because you will enjoy the interesting activities just before reaching the Grand Island. Almost every Jetty offers recreational activities to keep the travelers entertained. Here are a few activities you will be able to experience.

Important Tips

Here are some tips to give you a good idea about how you can prepare before visiting this place.

• Wear comfortable clothes to escape any malfunction.

• You are advised to carry your towel and swimsuit if you want a closer view of the aquatic life.

• Don’t carry your valuable item or excessive cash along with you.

• You must carry your camera to capture a good picture of your journey.

• Carry your important medicine in case of emergency.

• You must listen to the instructions of the trainer at every water sport to stay safe and sound.

This important information before heading to the Grand Beach will help you stay safe and prepared. Don’t forget to carry your camera to catch the beauty of this journey.