12 Best Places to Stay in Goa

Every trip discussion about Goa ends with one important question “where to stay?” whether you are visiting just by yourself or with groups of friends and family. You will always find it hard to select an appropriate place to settle based on your budget and desire. However, these details will also help you decide the right accommodation to choose from in Goa based on your budget and location.

Options are available for budget hotels, high-end luxury hotels, and homestay opportunities. It will suffice the traveler in you because you will have options for the best places to stay in Goa without burning a hole in your pocket.

Budget Hotels

1. Palm Shade Spring

Budget hotels are often hard to find and even if you do, you will be confused to choose the right one. Palm Shade Spring is an ideal budget hotel for people who are planning for Goa. This hotel is around 20 min from the closest beach, which is Benaulim Beach.

Where: H. No1648/b Benaulim - Vasvaddo, Salcette, Benaulim

Price per night: Around INR 1,200 for a double room

2. Lotus Beach Resort

The important plus point of this hotel is that it’s very close to the Airport. The distance from Goa International Airport is around 25 km (15 miles), and the beach is just 3 min’s walk away. This hotel is an ideal choice for family holidays from every perspective.

Where: Via Maria Hall, Vaswaddo, Benaulim

Price per night: Around INR 2,000 for a double room

3. The Hawaii Comfort

This comfortable three-star hotel is one of the best places to stay in Goa for people looking for peace amid nature. This place is surrounded by soothing nature and palm trees; it’s also in close proximity to the Panjim airport. The Hawaii Comfort will be a good choice because it is also well-connected to famous Goa attractions.

Where: Behind Donapaula Police Outpost, Dona Paula, Panjim

Price per night: Around INR 2,100 for a double room

4. Mayflower Beach Resort

If you want to experience the joy of staying in an Old Portuguese cottage, the Mayflower Beach Resort will serve the purpose right. This cottage has a pool on its premises and sits in close proximity to the airport, night clubs and Baga Beach.

Where: Tito's lane, Saunta Vaddo, Baga- Calangute Road, Calangute

Price per night: Around INR 2,150 for a double room


1. Curly Coelho Cottage

The Curly Coelho Cottage is one of the best places to stay in Goa for experiencing the stillness of nature. It’s close to Dona Paula, and you will easily be able to travel from the nearest airport. This cute cottage is surrounded by mango trees and coconut trees. At this place, you will not have to worry about the caretaker, because the place offers you a full-time caretaker as well as a cook.

Where: Dona Paula, Goa

Price per night: Around INR 6,026 for the entire cottage

2. Prison Hotel

This hotel is a quick fix for backpackers. If you are looking for some budget-friendly options with a unique set up, then Prison Hotel will be a good choice. This place has a different architecture altogether, plus this place is very close to Anjuna Beach as well.

Where: Anjuna, Goa

Price per night: Around INR 1,218 for a private bedroom, two people can easily be accommodated in these rooms.

3. Casa dos Silveiras

This place has a very vintage vibe; it’s a beautiful Portuguese villa. It is said to be the ancestral home for the Silveira family. This hotel is situated at Divar, and it uses the waterways as its main transportation routes.

Where: Divar Island, Goa

Price per night: Around INR 1,987 for the entire villa

4. Private Space in the middle of nature

If you think there is no way to escape the maddening crowd in Goa, then you can easily visit this place in the middle of nature. This property remains hidden in the middle of the jungle but you will be able to hire it for as long as you want. If you and your partner want to have an isolated time, then this homestay will be a great option. To add up to the plus points, you will also find the beautiful Agonda Beach very close to this place.

Where: Agonda, Goa

Price per night: Around INR 1,620 for a bedroom, it easily accommodates two people.

Luxury Hotels

1. Taj Exotica

When luxury is talked about, the Taj Exotica resort is one of the best places to stay in Goa. The environment of the resort is extremely romantic, and you don’t have to see the rating of this luxury hotel because the services will be expendable.

Where: Benaulim, South Goa

Price: Around INR 10,000 for a premium villa with a personal pool

2. Elsewhere

Yes, the name itself is Elsewhere. This place is rustic, quiet, and very calm. However, describing this place will not summarize the beauty there. This resort is again quite isolated and very well established. If you are bored of the rave parties and the back shacks, then this place will make sense to you.

Where: Somewhere in North Goa, the rest of the location will be reeled after you have made the bookings.

Price: Around INR 9,000 for Bakery Villa, it’s the entry-level of the villa

3. Goa Marriott Spa & Resort

This luxury resort needs no introduction. If you have been struggling to make the booking at the best hotels before visiting Goa, then give this hotel your first thought. The hospitality rooms are brilliant, and the place will be up to the mark when it comes to privacy. You can barbeque, laze around, or sit in your cozy cabanas.

Where: Miramar Beach, Panjim

Price: Around INR 19,008 for a double room (meals are included)

4. Taj Aguada

This hotel is situated at the Candolim Beach and it is known to be one of the best hotel resorts in Goa. This place is built in a huge space of 73 acres, and the hotel includes two bars, a tennis court, an outdoor pool, a spa, and a fitness center for fitness enthusiasts.

Where:  Candolim, Sinquerim Beach

Price: Around INR 15,000 per night for a double room.

After going through these about the best places to stay in Goa, you would not get rough any longer as to which budget will suit you the best. When you visit Goa, make sure you are carefree and have all the bookings done for the accommodation. We advise you to make the booking as early as possible to get a good deal in budget hotels, home stay, and other accommodations. When you have a place booked before you enter Goa, your trip will be a successful one.

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