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6 Unmissable Wildlife Sanctuaries in Goa

When people think about Goa, they can picture themselves having a good time at the beach and enjoying the water sports. Apart from the jazzy nightlife and delicious food, Goa is also a paradise for animal lovers because it has some of the brilliant sanctuaries in several parts of this state. These sanctuaries have exotic wildlife with numerous animal species and flora & fauna. Visiting the wildlife sanctuaries in Goa will also be a good place to get away from the stressed daily life. Here are some of the sanctuaries to give you a brief idea about the place.

1. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is situated in around 38km (23.6 miles) from Margao and it is the smallest sanctuary in Goa. However, over the years, this place has gained popularity. The crowd is mostly school children, travelers, and nature lovers, but you will be able to spot many animals including Gaur and Sambhal Deer. To make sure your tour at one of the wildlife sanctuaries in Goa is memorable; you can also take an elephant ride to explore the location better.

• Famous For: Wildlife animals like leopard and Gaur

• Visiting Time: 9 am – 5 pm (closed on Thursdays)

• Camera Charges: Rs 25

• Entrance Fee: Rupees 5 (adults) Rupees 2 (Children)

2. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

You can explore the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary in Molem, situated at a distance of 13km (8.0 miles) along the Northeastern borders of Goa. The sanctuary is covered with dense forest and it can also be reached from Panjim, which is at a distance of around 60km (37 miles). You will get to spot numerous species of flora & fauna, birds, animals. The arrangement of comfortable dormitories and cottages are done by the tourism department for tourists who would like to stay.

• Famous For: Wildlife Sanctuary

• Visiting Time: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM on All Days of the Week

• Entrance Fee: Rs.10/- for Adult, Rs.5/- for Child and Rs.3/- Per Student

3. Molem Wildlife Sanctuary

The Molem sanctuary is an important part of the Bhagwan Mahaveer sanctuary that falls in the Sanguam region, one of the must-see wildlife sanctuaries in Goa. If you are thinking about what would be the best time to visit this sanctuary, then make sure you are planning on visiting the sanctuary between November and March. Since the place looks beautiful with lush greenery and a different set of animal species, wildlife photography can be done. Also, if you love trekking, then you will find a long trekking trail pretty safe for tourists. Along with these facilities, you will also come across a 12-century temple, viewpoint, and waterfalls. Keep your cameras ready because you can come across Black Panther, civet and wild boar, Bengal Tigers and more.

• Famous For: Endangered animals

• Visiting Time: 8 Am – 5.30 Pm

• Entrance Fee : Rs 20 (Adults) Rs 5(kids)

• Camera Charges: Rs 30

4. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

The Cotigao wildlife sanctuary is located in Palolem and it is a well-known sanctuary in Goa. It ranks as the second-largest sanctuary of the state and houses tall trees, and a collection of rare plant species. The entire forest in the sanctuary is quite dense and it also shares the borders with Karnataka. The animals only come close to the water; you will be able to spot bears, panthers, and other animals in the sanctuary. If you are too passionate about the animals, then you can stay in the sanctuary for a day or two in the arrangements done by the government.

• Famous For: Rare plants and trees

• Visiting Time: 7 am – 5.30 pm

• Entrance Fee: Rs 5

• Camera Charges: Rs 25

5. Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

This Sanctuary is located in the Eastern Goa and the wildlife sanctuary serves as a fresh source of water names after Neturli, and Zuari River. This sanctuary is surrounded by high mountain ranges, and the native of this place worships nature and the abundance it provides for them. This place is well known for spotting Giant squirrel, Black Panther, Great Indian hornbill, and several snakes. This sanctuary is brilliant to visit with family and friends.

• Famous For: Black Panther

• Visiting Time: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm

6. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

For people who love going for bird watching, this location at the western tip of Chorao Island will completely surprise you. The place is a mangrove swamp, and it is named after the famous ornithologist of India Dr. Salim Ali. Your fondness towards watching birds will be fed when you visit this bird sanctuary. There are some rare and exotic birds found in this sanctuary. You will also be able to experience famous activities like boating within the sanctuary.

Entry Fee- Rs. 100

Timing - Visit during the day to spot exotic birds.

Important Tips

Visiting every place has its own rules, and when you are visiting a natural habitat of wild animals, you are bound to follow some norms. The beautiful beasts run their surroundings according to their own rule and you will be an uninvited visitor. Here’s what you must keep in mind before stepping into their territories in the wildlife sanctuaries in Goa.

• Wear sober colors, because very bright color attracts the animals

• Maintain silence, don’t put up loud music in your ride

• Never try to get down from the Safari vehicles

• Don’t litter the surrounding

• You shouldn’t wear strong perfumes

• If you are a photographer, remember to keep your flash off

• Pack wisely and know the best season to visit the sanctuary

• Be patient

These will help you in getting out of the sanctuary safely without disrupting any animals. Have a wonderful trip and visit during the day to explore the surrounding under bright light.

Goa seems to have something for everyone, be it a bird lover, beach lover, food lover, or a party lover. People with a disturbed mind has found their sanity in this place, if you want to make memories and want to experience something different, then plan your trip for visiting the wildlife sanctuaries in Goa.

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