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7 Places to Visit in Goa in Your Next Itinerary

You plan for places like Calangute, Tito’s Bar, Baga, Panjim, and other mainstream locations every time you are in Goa. Why not try something new this time? Goa is a mesmerizing place and sure there are some of the hidden places to visit in Goa, which many tourists are not aware of. These places are concealed, however, filled with adventure and beauty. In that case, imagine being in those places and enjoying the calm environment along the beach. Sounds like a heavenly experience? Isn’t it?

So to explore some of those hip and nature places to visit in Goa, take a look at some of these places to make the most out of your trip. These unexplored places will surely summarize and bring out the real traveler in you.

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1. Galgibaga Beach

If you want to explore the cleanest beach in Goa, then Galgibaga Beach will be the perfect place to visit. This beach is also known for the seasonal hatching and nesting of the endangered Olive Ridley turtle. The sand on the beach looks beautiful with white shining sand; this beach also gives a brilliant sunset view.

How to Reach?

Since the beach is in a distance from the nearest railway station and the nearest airport. The easiest way to visit the location would be by hiring a private cab. You will also be able to travel from a bus via Canacona Bus Station to Mashem and take a ferry to the beach directly.

2. Cumbarjua Canal

Yet another place to visit in Goa which is not very crowded, but some tourists with the taste to explore the hidden gems of Goa will love this place. It is a small strength of around 15km (9.3 miles) and it will also connect Zuari and Mandovi. However, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes to walk along the marshy banks and be careful because this location is also known to have lots of crocodiles.

3. Velsao Beach

This silver sand beach also received occasional starfish washing around the seashore. You will love to explore the coconut groves all around the beach and many decorated lilies in the area. If you are looking for some romantic places to visit in Goa, then without any second thought, mark this beach in your itinerary. It’s better to visit a hidden location than seeing the same place twice.

How to Reach?

You will find many direct buses accessible from Panaji to Velsao. The Kadamba Bus Terminal in Panjim is around 7 km (4.3 miles) from Velsao. Other standard buses are obtainable from Colva, Vasco da Gama, and Margao.

4. Chorla Ghats

Goa has some of the best natural treasures and hidden gems, and Chorla Ghar is one of them. It might be in a location which is in a distance from the main population, but it surely is a place to visit. This place is located on the junction of the borders of Goa, Karnataka, and Maharashtra, it lies towards the northeast of Panjim. You will find breathtaking beauty in nature in this area. The best part of this place is the waterfall, a few rare species, and biodiversity. This place looks brilliant during the monsoon season. 

5. Arambol Beach

Among all the hidden places to visit in Goa, this is a small fisherman village with enticing beauty of nature and fishing occupation. You will find a famous flea market in this area; this place is mostly famous for its night parties, hippie culture, barbeque at the shacks, and brilliant adventure activities. Water sports are also available and people who love paragliding can take a ride easily. Apart from these activities, you will also find kite surfing and beautiful sightseeing from the cliff. It is a question by the handful of the crowd who has been to this place, that how it falls under the hidden treasures of Goa?

How to Reach?

You just have to make a two-hour journey from Dabolim International Airport to get to Arambol beach. You can easily find much public transport and from Pernem, the nearest bus stand is around 2 km (1.2 miles) away from the beach.

6. Bogomolov Beach

You will get to explore the fascinating village nearby, crystal clear azure water, lavish sea-facing accommodation, places serving delicious Goan food and a peaceful environment. Wonder why you haven’t been there yet? Apart from these lovely surroundings, food, and music, you will also find a lot of water sports on this beach. Swimming and scuba diving are some of the activities you can try. This surely will be one of the calming places to visit in Goa’s hidden location list.

How to Reach?

Buses are available regularly from Vasco da Gama which is around 8 Km (4.9 miles), and it’s the nearest bus stop. Buses are also available from Panjim which is around 31 km (19.2 miles) away.

7. Harvalem Falls

This waterfall is around 500-600 m ahead of the Pandava caves in this small town. The caves are famous because of their link with the Pandava from the Mahabharata. The road to the waterfall ends with a temple that is said to be dedicated to Lord Rudreshwar. From within the temple, you will be able to hear the sound of the gushing waterfall, on spotting the waterfall from the temple you will come across the beautiful sight in front of you. This location is perfect for photographers and people who love exploring the beauty of gushing waterfalls across the cliff.

Other Hidden Places in Goa

Apart from these seven places in this beautiful state, some more places are hidden yet hold an incredible charm for tourists. Some of the places follow:

• Butterfly Beach

• Cabo De Rama

• Fort Tiracol

• Lamgau Caves

• Rivona Caves

• Butterfly Conservatory in Goa

• Netravali

• Carambolim Lake

• Fontainhas

These places have a different story to tell. You will love the environment and the peaceful surrounding, to make sure you’re doing something out of the ordinary, Keep these places to visit in Goa for your next trip. Goa has some hidden gems which you must not visit, mark out the places and explore the excellence of nature.

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