Go Bonkers with the Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival is the soul of Goa and it is celebrated every year, with great enthusiasm and tourists from around the world to attend this jazzy event especially. There is no doubt that the carnival has electrifying celebrations associated with music, food, dance, arts, and many interesting things. Goa is known as the pleasure ground for Indians as well as international travelers. The Goa carnival is elaborate to make people from Global platforms involve in. some tourists visit the Goa carnival for networking and out of habit; while some can’t resist the madness of this carnival. Your Goa plans should revolve around February if you want to catch the Carnival.

Entry Charges at the Goa Carnival

There is no entry charge for this carnival and it happens throughout Goa for all age groups. Anyone and everyone are invited to attend the four-day exhilaration and madness. 

Location: Throughout Goa

Dates of the Carnival: Usually in February, for example, 22nd to 25th February 2020

Famous for: Cultural Festival of Color, Song, and Music

Things to Do at the Goa Carnival

The Goa Carnival undoubtedly celebrates the culture and traditions of Goa on a grand scale, based on the Christian tradition of Mardi gras (well-known as the fat Wednesday). If you have been into this celebration earlier, you must have been feeling the excitement from now itself. Here are some of the brilliant activities and experiences you can have at the festival.

Saturday Parade

This interesting Goa Carnival starts with the Saturday Parade as the king entering the event surrounded by dancers and musicians. There are fortune tellers, women, vendors, fire-eaters, acrobats, brass bands, jesters and many other interesting attractions in this crowd. Some of these people also follow the king in the procession on the main streets of Panjim, Mapusa, Vasco Da Gama, and Margao.

Khell and Fell — the Specialty of Goa Carnival

Folk artists play a one-act called the Khell and fell, which are the specialties of the Goa Carnival. Khell, the folk dance, is held in Chandor where the artists go around in the village, perform this dance and sing with famous musical instruments. During the carnival, you will be able to hear a lot of the sound of drums, ghumats - a Goan percussion instrument, violins, and cymbals soak the air.

The fell is well-known to have the acerbic and sardonic censure which is typically amusing to watch. This folk team also gets invited to some Goan hotels during the festivals to perform for the guests. 

Participate in the Red and Black Dance

There is some chance for the participants and the public of the Goa Carnival too. If you love dancing, then you can dress up and take part in the red and black dance in the carnival. You will get to wear a beautiful red and black outfit along with the mask to match the dresses. This dance festival will be a memorable one because it continues to spread the magic with incredible dance, music, and party throughout the night.

Other Activities

Apart from these racy activities and experiences, you will also get to be a part of colorful floats, cheer for the participants or take part in several sports activities held on the four days. The Goan food and native drinks in the Goa carnival take this festival to higher level. It is hopping with tourists from all over the world to enjoy the rave music and witness a short play. You will also find people enjoying the finest fish grills and meat from the stalls.

Tips to Follow at the Goa Carnival

To experience the real fun and joy of this annual event, you must visit Goa. To make sure that you are not missing anything from this event, and enjoying without any unwanted interruption, check out these tips to have a nice time.

• If you are planning to visit the Goa carnival, the first thing to take care of is to reserve the hotels in advance. Also because you might grab onto some early bird discounts, this will be a great way to start your trip for Goa is flooded with tourists during the carnival.

• Make sure you are carrying your comfortable shoes and the best outfits to attend the carnival as well as its hopping parties, and watch the street performances and folk dance in Goa.

• You must avoid drinking too much, because the drinks seem smooth and taste amazing but they are quite potent.

These tips will definitely help you get away with some of the unwanted difficulties in Goa. This annual Carnival doesn’t really need an introduction because the glimpse of the festival says it all.

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