Sunburn Festival in Goa

If you claim to be a music lover and you haven’t attended the Sunburn Festival in Goa yet, then you are probably not serious about what you love. This music festival in the state of Goa unfolds some of the best EDM hits and presents the renowned DJs from around the world on stage. The venues have always been Goa, except for the last two years it had gone through some changes. People who are planning to visit Goa during the festive season might want to book the tickets early to escape disappointments.

Interesting Insights

• Shailendra Singh started the Sunburn Festival in Goa, and he had one single objective behind this festival. He wanted to unite people through music.
• It began on December 28th 2007 and has been arranged in different locations over the years: Vagator, Goa (2007–2015), Pune, Maharashtra (2016–2019).
• The festival usually begins around 3 pm and run out till 10 pm. However, the fun doesn’t end there, there are numerous after parties where you can enjoy watching your favorite artists. The locations are mostly close by and you will be able to attend easily.

The electronic music festival is not new to Goa, the trend of music festivals began in the late 1980s and the custom continued to 1990s and even refined the 2000s and 2020s. The introduction of the events like Sunburn gave way for mainstream electronic dance and music, and it became even more popular.

Famous DJs

Undoubtedly, the Sunburn Festival in Goa is done on a grand scale and talented DJs get invited. You will be able to find crowds grinding into the beats of celebrity DJs. They play some exciting and unheard rhythm where you will be high on music from the very start. The festival has a history of inviting some of the well-known DJs like Tiesto, Snake Andrew Rayel, Afrojack, Mark Knight, Pete Tong, Shermanology, Quintino, Goldfish, Chuckie, and many others, who have performed in the Sunburn Festival.

Along with internationally acclaimed DJs, Sunburn Festival also presents some of the Indian DJs like Janux, Sartek, Anish Sood, Nucleya, Arsh, and many others.

Music Genres and Experiences

Your wish to be in another dimension might be granted in the Sunburn Festival in Goa because the fresh music has a very trendy yet alienated vibe. It completely mesmerizes the crowd and you will soon see the entire crowd humming and tapping to the beats together. Flashing lights, changing screen, imagine yourself clicking selfie under the colorful lights with a huge stage behind you. Yes, you will see five different stages with 100 plus DJs. Each one acclaimed to have mastered different genres and style which will fit your taste.
• You will get to experience the style like drum n bass, electronic, techno, house, trance, and many others.
• To turn the festival into a memorable one, you will not just have music but LED light and laser show to make this festival to be a real hit.


This event is a hot cake, but there are interesting things arranged for pre-event hours. There are many workshops and stalls arranged for the people who visit the event site. This will give you enough distractions for the day. To give you a glimpse of the workshops, you can shop and explore the puppet workshop, dream catcher workshop, kite workshop, drum workshops, and many others. These stalls are set up and workshops are conducted to challenge your brain and put your day time in good use.

The venue holds some interesting workshops during the pre-event hours. During the day, you could learn something new and let your hair down once the sun goes down. Yes, we know what you are looking for; you will also come across workshops related to musical instruments.

Food & Drinks Discounts

If you want to make your day trip at the Sunburn Festival in Goa to good use, then put visit the shops and bars during the happy hours. There are great discounts between 1 pm to 3 pm on all the food and drinks. You will be able to find the discount on drinks, like ‘Get one free if you buy one, or two’. There are also many discounts on the food available.

Festival Dressing Trends

The festival doesn’t only give a platform to groove for music lovers, but the tourist often visits this giant festival to experience the cross-culture vibes.  Since you are planning to visit the exciting Sunburn Festival in Goa, then you must know some of the festival style trends to tweak within the upcoming year. Based on the previous year festival trends, these styles of outfits are suggested for you to stay updated. Here are some of the trends that were quite highlighted in the Sunburn Festival in Goa.
1. Cotton summer dresses with bold prints and jazzy accessories were seen all over the festival in 2019.
2. Printed pants paired with sheer tops were the eye candy at the festival.
3. A pair of hot denim shorts with light summery tops is never out of fashion.
4. If the temperature dipped, the party freaks were seen grooving in a leather jacket.
5. If you are a person who doesn’t compromise with fashion over the weather, then wear a crop top.
6. Even a check shirt over a pair of denim looks trendy; to add the groove, roll up your sleeves.
7. Add some quirkiness to your dress up

These trendy outfits will keep you comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Ticket Details

If you don’t want to see the unwanted word ‘Sold out’ when you decide to make the booking, then you must decide on booking the tickets for the Sunburn Festival in Goa as soon as the dates are announced.
• Single Day Pass: The prices of the tickets keep altering every year, however, it is always somewhere around INR 2,000, with a Day General Access for INR 3,000, and a VIP pass for INR 5,000.
• Festive Pass: This again varies every year and the normal price of the festive pass remains INR 7,499 onwards.
• VVIP Table Pass: A single pass will start from INR 76,800 onwards (Prices may vary).
• Camping Combo Festival Pass: A single pass costs around INR 40,000 onwards (Prices may vary).

Safety at Sunburn Festival

If you have a question regarding the safety at this festival, then be carefree because Goa has 24/7 security during this festival to make sure that the people are safe and sound. In fact, during the festivals, policeman works overtime and keep all the entry and exit points secured at all time.

Quick Tips for Sunburn Festival in Goa

The crowd of the Sunburn Festival in Goa is huge and receives visitors from around the world. To make sure you are safe when you are attending the Sunburn Festival in Goa, follow these tips to enjoy without any trouble.
• Carry the earplugs to cut down the noise.
• Wear comfortable footwear.
• Keep your essentials handy.
• Carry selfie stick for clicking brilliant pictures.
• Do you know what happens when you forget your power bank?
• Girls, don’t forget your lipstick.
• Boys focus on music and lipstick both.

Let’s get your booking for the upcoming year; dates 2020 are yet to be announced so make sure you are prepared to visit the Vagator Beach during the festival. Groove over the dynamic music hits and cheer like there is no tomorrow.

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