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Top 5 Water Parks in Goa You Must Visit

You must have heard endless things about the beauty of nature in Goa, but have you ever heard people talk about the incredible water parks in this state. If you don’t have much idea about which amusement parks to visit, then the description of some of these water parks in Goa will explain a lot of things. Goa is undoubtedly filled with racy activities and superb locations to visit. To add to this fact, Goa also has some of the best Water parks, with colorful and thrilling rides best for people who enjoy the adrenaline rush.

1. Froggyland

If you are looking for a brilliant water park with multiple facilities, you are suggested to visit the Froggyland. This amusement park is well-equipped and located at a prime location for easy access. If you are staying somewhere in the central region of the Goa, you will be able to reach this water park easily. You will be able to be to enjoy world-class water slides and relish the food in this restaurant. Here is some information regarding the ticket pricing and relevant timing you can visit.


• Tuesday to Sunday (10:00 am – 6:00 pm)

Ticket Price and Entry Fees

• Adult (height of above 4 feet) INR 500

• Spectator (not using the pool) INR 300

• Child (height of below 4 feet) INR 350

2. Splashdown Water Park

The location of this amusement park makes it one of the well-known water parks in Goa. Splash Water Park is located in Anjuna beach which is another reason why this place is very famous among the tourists. Especially, if you are traveling with family to Anjuna beach, make sure you are visiting this water park. Your kids will have a gala time at giant water slides, and kids pool, make sure you have some arrangement for photography because you will find great props to click pictures. If you love thrill and water slides, then here are some rides to give you a head start. You will enjoy the twisted ride, the caterpillar, tornado, panic attack, and many others.


• Monday to Sunday (10:30 am – 6:00 pm)

Ticket Price and Entry Fees

• Adults (above 4 feet height)  INR 520

• Children (below 4 feet height)  INR 420

• Senior citizens (age 60+)  INR 370

• Spectators (no pool access) INR 310

• Children (below age 2) free access

3. Blue Whale Water Park

The name will surely increase the curiosity to visit this park. You will come across the ultra-fast boats and transparent poolside with many unique amenities that make this park stand out from the rest. The best part about this water park is that you will be able to get into this beautiful place without drilling a hole in your pocket. It is considered to be much cheaper as compared to other expensive amusement parks in Goa.


• 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Everyday)

Ticket Price and Entry Fees

• INR 300 for each person is to be paid.

4. 6 Shades of Nature

If you were planning for a night out, then visit this water park, because it is the only park in Goa that is open 24/7. You will feel yourself at home in the middle of nature and soothing environment. It’s just soothing to know that, apart from having a good time, you can also grow your own trees alongside the water park. You will find a comfortable cottage to stay the night close to the artificial waterfall.


• Open 24*7

Ticket Price and Entry Fees

• The entry price may vary.

5. Nagesh Water world

As one of the most compelling water parks in Goa, it is famous because of having the best natural surrounding at a prime location. The beauty of this water park is enhanced due to the surrounding; it has tall coconut trees and wooden cottage under the beautiful open sky. There is no doubt that the Nagesh water world has some features that set this park aside from the rest of the others.


• Monday to Sunday (8:00 am – 8:00 pm)

• Entry Fee: INR 500 (including lunch), INR 350 (without lunch)

Important Tips for Visiting Water Parks

Knowing the important details about the five water parks isn’t enough; there are certain things which you might regret not knowing. To make sure you have a brief idea about a certain situation, follow the list of tips.

• Keep your parking closer to the water park

• Reach the park a little early

• Rent a Cabana if you can afford it

• Skip the wave pool

• Bring your food and water if it’s possible and allowed inside the park

• Keep patience while standing in long lines for the water rides

• Rent a locker to keep your items safe

These tips will be of great help in keeping you out of unwanted trouble. After reading about the fun rides, and exciting activities, it’s obvious that Goa is very well equipped with amusement parks as well. These water parks are even better when you are visiting it with family, or friends.

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