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10 Facts about Goa You Can’t Miss

Goa can be summarized easily with few statements, it is best known for being the original hippie capital of India and a coastal paradise with happy places and stunning beaches. These unique combinations turn Goa into the dream destination for tourists from around the world. Apart from these mainstream things which are known to most of the people, Goa also have a few facts that are surprisingly unknown.

These facts about Goa can be unknown to even those who already visited Goa; this original hippie place drives tourists from around the world throughout the year for all the right reasons. Here are 10 such facts that might compel you to visit Goa, or if you have already been there, you might crave to pay a second visit.

1. Goa is Rich in Mineral Ore

Goa doesn’t only run on the tourist economy but the export scene is huge when it comes to Mineral Ores. In the 16th century, it was discovered that Goa is rich in mineral ore and after the Dutch conveyed the people about stones having iron, the mining began after that. Goa still contributes a huge amount of mineral ore to Japan, this way Goa is a big contributor to increasing the GDP of India. Recently, magnesia, limestone, bauxite, and clay are few other additions to the mineral ore export.

2. Party Capital

One of the very obvious and well-known facts about Goa is that it is considered to be the party capital of India. This state is well-known or cheap liquor and rave parties; Goa has over 7000 bars which are always packed. The locals of Goa are not really a fan of cheap liquor because they are pretty used to the idea.

3. Goa Has the Highest Per Capita Income

The residents of Goa are lucky people because they have numerous avenues of recreation. They have beaches, forests, party boats, entertainment, casinos, and many more. Also, people living and earning in Goa are financially comfortable in their business and daily work.

4. The Non-Decomposing Bodies of St. Francis Xavier

Another important fact about Goa that drives the crowd from around the world to this place is the non-decomposing body of St. Francis Xavier. In 1542 when the Portuguese ruled, St. Francis Xavier (a well-known priest) began his spiritual journey of spreading the Gospel. He helped many people turn to faith and passed away on his way to China where he was heading to spread Christianity. His body was brought to Goa in 1553 and enshrined in a glass case.

5. Asia’s Only Naval Museum is in Goa

The Naval Museum in Goa is Asia’s first aviation museum. This fact is a brilliant one because there are only about six other museums in the world and one is in Goa. It displays the history and other details about India’s Aviation.

6. Two-Wheeler Taxi in Goa

This is one of the surprising facts about Goa; it’s the only state that runs a two-wheeler taxi. Goa is full of two-wheeler taxis; you can easily ask for a lift from a biker, pay him and get to your destination at the same time without any problem.

7. Goans Can Have a Dual Passport

You might already know this fact, but for the ones extracting information about Goa for the first time, this will help. Goans can have a dual passport. They can apply and avail of a Portuguese passport along with the Indian Passport. Isn’t that great?

8. Oldest Rocks Are Found in Goa

For people who love exploring ancient rocks, this fact might bring a shine in their eyes. Goa is also known for having some of the oldest rocks in India. It is found in between Molem and Anmod are known as Trondjemeitic Gneiss. These rocks are 3,600 million years old.

9. Goa Celebrates Two Independence Day

Goa celebrates two separate independence day, the first one on 15th August 1947 when India became free from British rule and an independent country. However, Goa was still under the control of the Portuguese and they refused to release. On 17th December 1961, the Indian Army Invaded Goa, and on 18th December the Portuguese governor officially surrendered. So the second Independence is celebrated on 19th December as the Goa liberation day every year.

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10. The Largest Floating Casino in Asia

It’s about saving the best for the last; Goa is also famous for having Casinos. Goa is an exception for having some of the best casinos in India. In fact, it might come out as a surprise that it has one of the largest floating casinos in Asia. It’s called Deltin Royale, and it’s an outstanding ship that looks stunning at night with glorious lights and multicolored tube lights.

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These facts about Goa are constantly talked about due to its brilliant back story and famous attributes. Apart from these facts, Goa is also known for celebrating festivals that have kept the culture and traditions alive. Visiting Goa can be an interesting journey for people who are looking for adventure, peace, and parties. It’s a weird combination but Goa offers everything that a traveler dreams of.

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