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Where all can you go for paragliding in Goa?

Every beach of Goa has a specialty and the majority of tourists are attracted to try paragliding. However, paragliding is mostly confused with parasailing. But both of these water sports are very different from one another. Though the concepts might be similar, here is the difference between the two. Paragliding goes up till 100 meters in the sky and takes the flyer much higher unlike parasailing.

People interested to experience the thrill of flying will have to take the 15 minutes of paragliding sessions. Paragliding in Goa is one of the loved sports and it’s highly preferred by adventure seekers. However, not every beach offers this opportunity. To keep this thrilling adventure sports in the loop, here are some beaches that offer a great opportunity for paragliding.

Places for Paragliding in Goa

1. Paragliding in Arambol

North Goa is famous for such adventurous opportunity, and Arambol beach is one of them. This beach is famous for paragliding in Goa as its main attraction. Apart from a good paragliding session, this beach also offers other great water sports and mesmerizing nightlife.

2. Paragliding in Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach is a great place to try most of the water sports and recreational activities. Paragliding is regularly conducted in this beach. However, if you are an experienced glider, then Calangute beach will be the best option to try. The charges are pretty affordable and you will get an unforgettable view of the vast Arabian Sea.

3. Paragliding in Anjuna Beach

Tourists who want to experience the best parties and adventurous water sports often visit Anjuna Beach without a second thought. This beach offers some of the thrilling adventure sports and has a big coastline as compare to the Arambol beach. Paragliding is considered as the main attraction of this beach and the magnificent aerial view of this beach will get completely mesmerize you.

4. Paragliding in Mobor Beach

Paragliding in Mobor beach is done differently than other beaches when it comes to preparations. They have trained instructors who spend a good amount of timing explaining to you the mechanism and safety measures that you must focus on while you fly. The difference in paragliding at this beach is that the instructors will also glide with you so that they can have total control of the parachute.

5. Paragliding in Colva Beach

Colva beach offers a great deal for paragliding. The prices are pretty affordable and you will love the aerial view of this beautiful place while you fly. This beach is the closest from Madgao and easily accessible, it is the largest and most striking beach in South Goa.

Paragliding Charges

If you are wondering about the price of paragliding at these famous beaches, then here is some useful information. 

Most of the beaches keep competitive rates to attract and retain customers. Paragliding in Goa costs around INR 3,000 per person for an hour. However, there is also an option of picking up an opportunity of choosing a 15-25 minute long session. This timing is mostly selected by the beginners.

Important Tips for Gliders

The experience of paragliding is pretty exciting; this activity is mostly added as a water sports adventure in travel packages for the tourists. However, if you don’t find the addition, just get yourself to one of these beaches for a memorable experience. Have you ever thought to know some of the basic tips before you finally get to the instructor before paragliding? If your answer is no, then read ahead for a clear idea.

• You must wear comfortable clothing that is not too loose.

• If you ate taking a kid along, know that the agencies charge kids above 12 years as a full price.

• Avoid eating too much just before the activity, you might get nausea.

• Make sure you must not litter the beach or the sea while you are flying.

• You are advised not to fly when the weather condition is bad, the operator will eventually make sure to check the weather condition before you fly.

• If you have any health problems, then you are advised to inform the instructor undoubtedly.

• Keep yourself hydrated as it is considered better.

Three Tips for Beginners

Every individual isn’t the same and human is prone to make mistakes. If you are a beginner going to try paragliding, then you should keep some of the points in mind. It will only prepare you in a more subtle way possible.

1. Don’t learn in a wrong way.

2. You must not overestimate your skills.

3. Avoid overspending on your paragliding gear.

These tips will prove out to be a plus point for glider trying this for the first time. As a beginner, you must follow every instruction given by the trainer. Also, choose a reliable paragliding club to avoid any unwanted problems.

5 Tips to Enjoy Flying Faster

Following the tips for safety will keep you away from accidents, but wouldn’t you want to enjoy your time of gliding to the fullest? Here are tips to help you with flying faster.

• Engage your speed bar progressively.

• Soften your steering because fast steering feeds your sink rate.

• Try the ridge soaring, it might help you supply a steady flow.

• Attack the headwind to avoid the drop in the speed rate.

• Keep steady and enjoy the ride by keeping the tips in mind.

You must have learned a lot about paragliding and its dos and its don’ts. However, there is always something that will slip through the cracks. We hope you have a great time paragliding, and this post helps you in every possible way before you go for paragliding in Goa.

Goa has an adventure vibe much different from any other state in India. There are so many wonders to see and experience that you will always run out of time, planning a trip to Goa requires so much more than just an itinerary. If you love adventure sports, then you must know about the extended opportunities available in Goa. This state offers other brilliant recreations like snorkeling, Jetski, scuba diving, rafting, water skiing, parasailing, and many others.

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