A Detailed Guide for Solo Trip to Goa

Goa is a magical place surrounded by golden sunshine, exotic beaches, aromatic seafood, and a dynamic cultural landscape. These ingredients make Goa the perfect place for a solo soul-searching trip. A completely safe venue for travelers, you might find vacationers taking their nth solo trip to Goa. This tiny Indian state has been attracting explorers and backpackers since the Flower Era in the 1960s – essentially due to its scenic beauty and addictive beaches.

Solo traveling in Goa could be a rewarding experience for travelers looking for something offbeat. The weather, the beach, and the people make this place an addictive destination where once is not enough. Here is an essential guide for travelers coming to Goa for a solo trip.

How to get to Goa?

Airport: Goa International Airport (GOI) , Dabolim

International airlines providing flights to Goa:

• Virgin Atlantic

• British Airways

• Etihad

• Air India

• Cathay Pacific

• Jet Airways 

• Delta Airlines

Tourists coming to Goa from other parts of India can take trains or buses for the trip. Indian Railways is preferred by numerous backpackers taking a solo trip to Goa due to its affordable fare and exposure to unadulterated Indian culture.

The main railway stations of Goa are:

• Margao

• Vasco-da-Gama

Both the railway junctions are located in the southern part of the state. Apart from these stations, there are numerous smaller railway stations scattered all over the state.

Staying at Goa

Goa’s coastline, stretching for 101 km (63 miles), has a lot of options when it comes to accommodation. However, first, you have to make a difficult choice – where to set up the base North Goa or South? Both regions have their beauty and attraction for a different set of vacationers.

While North Goa reflects more of a party vibe, South Goa mirrors calming and soothing aura. Ideally, most backpackers prefer staying at Arambol and partying at Calangute, Vagator and Anjuna beach. Dormitories or homestays are usually preferred by vacationers coming on a solo trip to Goa.

For a more serene and comfortable setting, you can always stay at South Goa. Some of the locations worth staying at South Goa are Palolem Beach, Patnem and Agonda.

Interesting Things to Know for Solo Travelers in Goa

Goa is the place to enjoy and experience new things, relax on the beaches, and taste exotic seafood. Here are a few of the things you can do at Goa, on your solo trip:

1. Visit the Silent Disco

So, it is a must-try for tourists on a solo trip to Goa. Due to several restrictions, loud noises are banned post 11 pm in Goa. The solution to this is a silent disco. Here partygoers wear Bluetooth enabled headphones and switch between playlists to listen to their preferred music and dance to it. Accompanied by great food and drinks, the Silent Disco can offer a great experience.

P.S: Palolem beach has several pubs that host these silent disco nights frequently.

2. Yoga and Massage Retreats for Relaxation

So, at Goa and its wonderful beaches have several Yoga retreats that organize numerous yoga sessions for travelers. Here you can learn about this ancient Indian exercise routine or indulge in relaxing massage sessions. These holistic therapies are known to help people with chronic illnesses.

3. Incredible Attractions Call for a Solo Trip in Goa

Traveling solo has a lot of advantages and visiting groovy places is one of them. Here are some attractions that will compel you to travel solo.

• Flea markets- That’s where all the fun happens

• Rave parties- Your Ultimate Nirvana

• Backpacking- Perfect to explore this beautiful place

• Water sports- It’s hard to put it in words, because you need to see it for yourself.

• Delicious Goan Food- If you love food, you will be gone on Goan cuisine.

How to stay safe during the solo trip to Goa?

Goa is a safe state for tourists, with very active and helpful local authorities. In case of trouble or for information, visitors can approach the tourist police. Additionally,

1. Solo travelers can book the airport transfer in advance to avoid the hassle. That way they can avoid long queues at the taxi bay. For traveling within the state, you can always hire a two-wheeler.    

2. For additional safety, do not carry a large amount of cash in one place.

3. Try drinking bottled water and eating at standard eateries to avoid stomach issues.

4. Get the necessary and mandatory vaccines before your solo trip to Goa, to avoid contracting diseases.  


Stay Safe in Goa for Female Solo Travelers

Small things make big difference, and if you are a solo female traveler in Goa, you need to double your guards. You can have all the fun in the world, just make sure you are staying safe and taking the safety measures that are needed. Here are few tips you must follow to stay safe while you are exploring Goa alone.

• Don’t leave your possessions at the beach and go for swimming, it can get stolen in the blink of an eye.

• Don’t get to an unknown party unless you know a friend or the organizer in person.

• Renting a scooter sounds tempting, but it can be a lot of trouble when it comes to finding new place. It can also challenge your safety.

• Staying in beach huts sound amazing but remember to rent one of those off the beach.

• Safety really depends on how you are acting upon it, no one can assure 100% safety. But with a little presence of mind, you can stay safe. Now, you can take the transfer available at the airport but don’t forget to bargain the price.

Safe Places in Goa for Solo Female Travelers

Goa has its own charm when it comes to hotels, motels and lodges. However, for a female traveler, it’s a severe matter and needs to be well researched. Here are a few places that are listed as the safest places to stay when you are on a solo trip to Goa.

1. Amour Resort- It’s a 4 star property, Vagator

2. Baga Hideout- Goa 4 star property, Wooden Cottages, Baga

3. Laguna Anjuna- 3 star property, Anjuna

4. Novotel- 5 star property, Candolim

5. Rococco@asvhem- 3 star property, Ashvem

6. Le Pearl Beach Resort- 3 star property, Candolim, close to the beach

7. Calangute Grande- 3 star Property, Calangute

Overall, Goa is a beautiful place suitable for a fantastic soul-searching trip. So, when are you coming? 

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