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Calangute Beach – The Longest Beach in North Goa

Calangute beach can be described as a celebrity beach of Goa. It has some of the famous water sports, shacks, seafood, you name it, and this beach has it all. Apart from these core interesting things to do in Calangute beach, you will also find some amazing flea markets to buy souvenirs. However, it will be partial to highlight just the activities and not the surrounding places. Calangute beach is also blessed with some brilliant location nearby which keeps the interest of the tourists around the world intact.

All these attributes of the beach make it a must-visit. Surrounded by trees of palm and coconut, you will feel at home amid the fresh environment. It’s simply 9 miles away from Panjim, the capital of Goa. With Candolim towards the south, Baga towards its north, and many other small locations, Calangute contributes to the major part of tourism of Goa.

Calangute Beach, Goa
Calangute Beach: Longest Beach in North Goa

What is Calangute beach famous for?

Calangute is a small town very famous for having the longest beach in North Goa. It’s also considered as one of the prime locations in Goa and is visited by tourists from all over the world. The peak season to visit Calangute beach is during winters because people love spending the New Year in a happening place such as this. Some also prefer visiting during the summer season to soak in the sun and sunbathe at the beautiful golden beach.

Things to Try in Calangute Beach

The place is a surprising mix of interesting locations, delicious food, water activities, and shopping spots. There is no way you will understand the charm of this beach, you will have to visit to experience the magic. Here are some of the things which make this beach stand out from the rest.

Water Sports

Calangute Beach
Paragliding at Calangute Beach
Leaving Goa without experiencing water sports might be legalized as a crime in the coming few years. There is so much to offer, which is why you must not leave Calangute Beach without trying snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, paragliding, water-skiing, etc, or at least one of these. These adventure sports will turn out to be the best experiences of your tour to Goa.

Sandy Delights

Whether you are visiting during the winter season or in the scorching heat of summer, you will love the sandy beach and soaking the sun with a delicious fruit drink in hand. Sunbathing is another way you can utilize the opportunities around the beach.


It’s one of the specialties of Calangute Beach, you will love to experience the fresh air on your face while you soaring up high tied to a boat. The experiences are worth every penny; it slowly takes control of your senses and fills you in with excitement and joy. If you find this water sport affordable, don’t back out, do experience the thrill to make memories.

Kerkar Art Gallery

Calangute Beach
Shopping at Calangute Beach
If you are an art lover, there is no doubt that you love to visit the art gallery in the surrounding area. You will find popular sculptures and painting exhibitions at the Kerkar Art Gallery.

Medicinal Spring

Wouldn’t you love chilling in the medicinal spring and walking round the cashew covered foothills? Guess you answered yes. This place is also known as a popular picnic spot for tourists.


For people who love collecting souvenirs from new travel locations, must know about what to buy at the Calangute beach. There are ample handicraft boutiques, Tibetan shopkeepers, jewelry shops, and different fabrics to satisfy the shopaholic in you. There are long stretches of street shops at Calangute beach where you can buy accessories, handbags, trinkets, etc. 

Nightlife in Calangute Beach

Calangute beach becomes fiercely enjoyable after the sun goes down. The shacks are lit up and soothing music is heard from all corners of the beach. Here are some places to hang out on the Calangute beach for a memorable night party.

1. Tio Tilly's Bar and Kitchen

The cost cover is around INR 1,000 which include drinks. You will love the entertainment arrangements and ambiance of this place. Grind into the beats of hip music and enjoy the live music.

Calangute Beach Party
Calangute Beach Party

2. Carvalho's

This place is pretty affordable where you will get a cover charge of around INR 600 for two people including the drinks. This place offers delicious cocktails with some amazing music.

3. Spice It

This place offers casual dining and good drinks, you get an extended bar counter, buffet, outdoor seating arrangements, a good dance floor and smoking area to hang around with friends, all this under INR 800 for two people including the drinks.

Some other hangouts in Calangute beach are Cantare, Souza Lobo, Hipster, Tonic - Hard Rock Hotel, Moon Pub, IVY, and Clove.

Let’s Explore Calangute Beach

Apart from the above activities, beach lovers must also visit some major attractions around Calangute beach, because this coastal heaven has some much more to offer in terms of beach locations.

Baga Beach

Baga beach is the closest location to this beach with around 10km (6.2 miles) distance towards the west of Mapusa. It’s safe to say that the Baga beach is an extension for the Calangute beach and it might be difficult to mention the start and endpoint of these two beaches.

Colva Beach

Colva beach falls towards the south of Goa and also known as one of the oldest and enchanting beaches in Goa. Colva beach also offers some of the best nightlife and beach shacks to have fun and make memories. The interesting shacks have so much more to offer apart from good food, you will love the music, live performances, and meet new people.

Quick tips

• If you want to experience the real essence of this beach, visit there during the Christmas.

• Avoid planning during the summer season, which is between June and September.

• Take the locker facility to keep your belongings safe.

• If you are worried about changing rooms, then know that there are many changing room facilities just outside the beach for only INR 25 per person.

How to reach Calangute Beach?

Calangute is one of the most popular beaches in North Goa and is well-connected with a wide range of transport options and roads.

• Traveling from Panjim will be easier because it’s at a close distance of around 16km (9.9 miles) and can be covered by hiring any taxi or taking a local bus from Panjim.

• If it’s about traveling from the nearby railway station like Thivim, then the distance of 19km (11 miles) can be covered by hiring a taxi. Keep an estimate of around INR 300-500.

• Traveling from the nearest airport can get expensive because it gets around 39km (24 miles) from the beach. So you will have to hire a taxi to avoid any break journey and get to the destination easily.

In the middle of all these hassles of travel locations, and catching the right transportation, don’t forget to do that one thing you planned this trip for, HAVE FUN!