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Candolim, Goa

Keynotes on Candolim

Famous for: Peaceful beaches and serene landscape

Visit Duration: One to two days

Ideal for: Day trips  

Ideal Time to Visit: October to March

Best Visited with Solo, Couple, or Family

Accommodation: Service apartments and budget apartments are available.  

Languages Spoken: Kanada and Marathi is widely spoken – English and Hindi is understood by most.

Located in the Bardez taluk of North Goa, the ancient Candolim town was once under the Portuguese dominion and became the focal point of the anti-Portuguese revolt in the 18th century. With the history, this town has several beautiful monuments built during the colonial era. It houses a long and relaxed beach on the shore of Arabian Sea. At the shoreline you will find tiny beach shacks with an unending line of sun beds. A popular holiday strip, endowed with historical landmarks as well as beautiful beaches, the place is surely a must visit for every tourist to Goa.

Let’s check some of the popular attractions of this historical town.

Popular Tourist Attractions of Candolim

1. Candolim Beach

One of the biggest attractions of Candolim in Goa, the beach is one of the most popular destinations for international, especially British and Russian tourists. Regarded as one of the most stunning beaches of India, here you can find vacationing tourists relaxing under the sun lounges or engaging in beach activities. Just off the course of beach, lies the ancient Fort Aguada constructed by the Portuguese as a strategic stand hold.

2. Fort Aguada

Address: Fort Aguada Rd, Aguada Fort Area, Candolim, Goa 403515

Opening time: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm

Overlooking at the magnificent Arabian Sea, the dilapidated Fort Aguada was once one of the most stunning and impregnable forts of India. Located on the confluence of Arabian Sea and the Mandovi River, historical records point out that the fort was built by the colonizers to keep an eye on the surrounding areas. The architecture of the fort is atypical to Portuguese military style, with high walls and secret passageways strategically designed to prevent the invaders from invading.

P.S: The Fort Aguada encompasses a beautiful lighthouse and a jail that was used to house criminals tills 2015.

3. Church of St Lawrence    

Address: Aguada - Siolim Road, Near, Aguada Fort, Sinquerim, Candolim, Goa 403515

A beautiful church overlooking the stunning Aguada Fort on the Sinquerim hill, the Church of St Lawrence is one of the popular attractions of Candolim in Goa. Built in 1643 in the honor of St. Lawrence – the patron saint of sailors, this church is famous for its magnificent view and attractive architecture. The interior of the church is decorated in a simplistic manner. However, the altar dedicated to the patron saint has gilded decorations, a popular decorative fixture in the Portuguese architecture.

4. Casa dos Monteiros

An old residential complex, the Casa dos Monteiros is great example of Candolim’s architectural brilliance. Constructed in the 18th century by the Monteiros – Goa’s most affluential family of the time – the building is now marked as a heritage building. A beautiful chapel, Nossa Senhora dos Remedios, stands just opposite to the complex and is a popular attraction of the region.  

P.S: The Casa dos Monteiros is a private property and still inhabited by the descendants of the Monteiros family. This property is not open to public, but you can always look at it from the outside.

5. Casa dos Costa-Frias

Another beautiful fixture of Candolim is Casa dos Costa-Frias built in the 18th century. Overlooking an impressive gateway and a tiny family chapel inside the complex, place was once the star attractions of the town. The casa is not open to the public, but can be viewed from the outside.

How to Reach Candolim

Nearest Railway Station: Thivim (21 km/13 miles)

From the railway station, you can hire a taxi to Candolim. Usually, the taxi fare ranges around INR 600 to INR 700. The entire trip would take around one hour.
Although, there are no direct buses between the stops, there are several connecting buses available in the route. 

i. Board the Panaji - Rayeshwar College of Engineering bus, and get down at Panaji. From Panaji, board the Panaji - Candolim bus.

Nearest airport: Dabolim Airport (37 km/ 23 miles)

From the airport, you can book an app-based taxi to reach the destination. The entire trip would cost around INR 1,500.
For buses, get on a Calangute - Dabolim Airport bus – Get down on the Panaji KTC bus stand. From Panaji board Panaji – Harambol bus, and get down at Candolim.  The bus fare is usually INR 90 to 120, but the amount is subjected to change.

Getting around in Candolim

Since Candolim is a small beach town, you can cover the entire region by foot. However, to experience the beauty of this small town you can hire a two-wheeler from any rental agency. There are plenty of dealers who lease their vehicles for a day for two. Usually the daily rental for rates for these vehicles is below INR 500. However, during the peak tourist season, the fare might rise steeply. To drive in India, you need to be 18 years and above, and need to have a valid driving license.     

Candolim is a popular destination for holidaymakers due to its superb beach front. While passing thought the serene beaches of this small township, you will come across travelers relaxing at the sun lounges with their favorite cocktails. Being the continuum of the Calangute, here you will find vacationers shopping or dining at beautiful seaside shacks.