9 Goa Travel Tips First Time Travelers Should Know

So, your Goa plan is finally taking place, congratulations! Because most of the people just keep planning. If you are at this stage of finding out about the intricate details of this beach heaven, then it looks like you are all set to flood your stories with beach clicks. However, to avoid any unwanted trouble, you also need some basic information. To get around in Goa like you own the place, you will need these nine Goa travel tips in your excited mind.

1.    Best Time to Visit

Waking up one morning and deciding to hit Goa is not a smart move but a foolish thing to do. Do you know which plans are never executed? The ones that are over-planned, but make sure you at least know about the best time to visit Goa. Ask any beach lover, they will deny a single word against Goa, but you must know a few things about the seasons here. Monsoon falls between (June to September) and the countryside looks green and beautiful. October to March in Goa is very pleasant and it’s considered a good time for exploring. Summer falls between April to May and this season can be a problem because the humidity is high. Winter months, especially December is said to be the most appropriate month to visit Goa. Not to forget, December is also the month when two of the most important music festival happens, Sunburn, and Supersonic.

2.   Go for Cheap Eats in Panjim

Panjim is the capital of Goa and it’s always crowded with tourists, mostly because this town serves some of the affordable food. As compared to other places in Goa, Panjim offers quality food at a low price. You will find many stalls outside churches and temples selling tasty fluffy omelets, sandwiches, different curries served with hot flatbread. Some of the shops here are famous for selling brilliant cakes, and meat-filled patties as snacks.

3.   Go South for Serenity and North for Nightlife

Another Goa travel tip is that, it is divided into north and south districts. All these two places are oozing with beautiful places and brilliant food. Many tourists only plan for the North part of Goa to enjoy partying and experiencing the nightlife. If you have any restrictions and still want to experiences the nightlife, then visit the Saturday Night Market in Arpora. This place is a blend of food, music, and enthusiastic people. Taking your attention back to the serenity and calm environment, visit South Goa. It’s less crowded and has clear beaches as compared to others. Agonda Beach is one of the examples you can try.

4.   Take a Siesta

This practice was followed by the Portuguese, and it is still practiced in Goa. During siesta, many businesses close in the after between 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. This is followed by the majority crowd in Goa in accordance to find a content way of life.

5.   Ask for Directions

Don’t hesitate to ask for directions because if you rely on Google map, chances are you will be lost. The crisis crossroads and alleys of Goa can mislead even Google maps. Ask direction from the locals to save time and get to the right destination.

6.   Make it a Vindaloo

Vindaloo is one of the spiciest and most famous curries served in most of the British Curry houses. The best part about this dish is that it was born in Goa itself. The basic ingredients used in this dish are potatoes, vinegar, chili peppers, and the best portion is the meat stew cooked with wine and garlic. Other spices and ingredients are added that made this dish to be a hit and every lasting. This dish is served on top of hot fragrant rice.

7.   But Do Find a “Pilot.”

One of the Goa travel tips is that you will find two-wheeler taxis. You might widen your eyes, and cringe your eyebrows in surprise. Yes, Goa does have bike-taxi services available. So when you are in Goa, don’t forget to stop a motorcycle pilot to take a ride. The bike is black and yellow in color and the fare is quite affordable. You will find the bike taxi stand in every part of Goa, and especially in train and bus stations. This mode of transportation is quite famous for people who live in the hinterland where buses and other public transport don’t go. However, don’t forget to bargain before agreeing for a ride.

8.  Be Careful When Hailing a Cab

If you are visiting Goa for the first time, you can expect a dent in your wallet. That only happens when you don’t plan well because most of the places are not very well-connected with buses and you won’t find standardized fares after hiring an auto. Since transportation in a new city is the second concern for anybody after their spouse or beloved, it needs to be taken care of. You can also rent a bike, and don’t forget to carry your identity proof.

9.   Carry Exact Change

The last Goa travel tip is that if you don’t a sweet in return of your change when you hand over them the extra amount, then carry enough small denomination. The shopkeepers are pro in marketing and they know how to sell their stuff, but if you know how to save every penny in a new city, follow this fact and don’t except sweets when you can get your money back.

Apart from these nine Goa travel tips which can be of great help when you visit Goa. The biggest selling point of Goa is Cheap Alcohol; however, you must also keep drinking off the road. Even though Alcohol is lightly taxed in the state, it still is cheaper than in rest of India.

You must also be very careful while attending the rave parties, keep your drinks within the radius where you can see them. Make sure you are not making any unwanted, risky contacts because you can get many proposals for making big money in less time. Enjoy the beauty of the beaches in Goa and don’t fall for anything that doesn’t seem right.

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