Palolem Beach – Perfect Mix of Calm Water and Exciting Nightlife

Lazing around the beach of Goa is at the top of every tourist’s list. Surely, you have similar fantasies, where you want to relax on one of the painted beach lounges with a bright fruit portion in one hand and a good book in the other. Imagine greasing your body with sunscreen and soaking the filtered golden light, just enough to tan your porcelain skin into a beautiful color of caramel. Yes, Palolem Beach is your best shot; it has some super interesting activities and lively crowd at the night clubs to keep your Goa trip hopping.

This beach radiate with a very chilled out party vibe and tourists are attracted to it like a moth to the flame. What more can be said? This beach is surrounded by dense coconut trees providing shade and a picturesque scene for the photographers.


This beach is located in south Goa, which is around 76 kilometers (47 miles) from Panjim, 43 kilometers (27 miles) from Margao. Useful information to know is that Palolem Beach falls between Patnem beach towards the south and Agonda Beach to the north.

Things to Do in Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is an amalgamation of adventure, good beach shacks, and a relaxing environment. Experiencing some of the famous activities of this beach will keep you entertained; you can visit the butterfly beach during the low tide or go hiking just before the sunset. This beach also offers amazing water sports, so there is no way that you will get bored or run out of things to do in Palolem Beach.

1. Laze on the Beach

Palolem Beach is a beautiful place with white sand and an extraordinary sunset. The place is surrounded by palm and coconut trees with striking huts and peaceful surroundings. You will love the open sea with the sapphire shape of water, and the dewy breeze that can heal any stressed person.

2. Eat Traditional Indian Food

Goa is also famous for having some of the spiciest and delicious food. The fresh seafood is a weakness for many tourists. In some of the boat and jetty ride, you are allowed to catch fresh fishes and bring then to the kitchen table of a restaurant and they will grill, and gravy it up for you right there. Palolem Beach offers a delicious menu for south Indian cuisine. Various carries with prawns, chicken, and seasonal vegetables will be available.

3. Groove in the Silent Noise Disco

You might have just heard about this unique place, the Silent Noise Disco is revived back to life after sundown. Goa is one such state that has legalized alcohol but still maintains peace by having the noise band after 10 pm. Since the discs has found a new way to party with wireless headphones, people can put the headgears on and get the party started.

4. Go for Dolphin Spotting

Are you visiting with kids? Even if you are not, sighting dolphins in the Arabian Sea will be a different experience altogether. There are separate tours available for people who want to look at these friendly creatures. Try to visit during the afternoon when you will find them twisting and twirling in the water.

5. Get an Ayurvedic Massage

You must do something to relax your body as well, and going for an ayurvedic massage at Palolem Beach will be the best thing to do. The prices are quite reasonable and you will find professional centers offering quality massage treatments. Imagine the slow moves and natural goodness of Ayurveda blending into your skin, the strikes and strokes to de-stress you from the jetlag and free all the muscle knots from a long journey.

6. Monkey Island

Plan a trip to the monkey island because it’s not very far from Palolem Beach, it’s located towards the extreme north end of this beach and is a good place to relax and be friendly with monkeys. The place is a little rocky, so wear comfortable shoes to explore the real beauty of this classic paradise in Goa.

7. Enroll in Yoga Classes

Nothing better than meditation at the shore of the Arabian Sea, breathing in the fresh air and exhaling the toxins out of your life. There are regular yoga classes arranged for tourists by several resorts and even some shacks. The evening and morning classes are held to enhance the way of life and enrich your Goa tour with good memories.

Palolem Nightlife

Here is the section you must have been searching for, people with a deep love for beach shack parties and trance music can have their own sweet time after sundown. Palolem Beach offers some psychedelic places for tourists to hang out and spend the evening in complete BLISS.

• Leopard Valley

• Neptunes

• Sundowners

• Lost Paradise

Numerous DJs, trance music, splashing cocktails, good food, neat drinks, and amazing varieties of BLISS will keep you hooked to this beach for a little longer than you have planned.

Getting There

• The nearest railway station to Palolem Beach is the Konkan Railway Station, Margao Railway Station, and the Canacona Railway Station.
Canacona railway station can be the easiest to travel because it’s just around 10 minutes’ drive. The auto can charge you around INR 200 for a comfortable journey. Margao station is in 40 minutes' distance and the cab ride can cost you around INR 1,000.

• Traveling from Dabolim Airport, 65 km (40.4 mi) away, can prove out to a little tough. The cabs charges go up till INR 1,900, and buses have several stops. To escape from expensive and inconvenient travel, just rent a cab beforehand to cut the charges.

When you are making a plan for Palolem Beach, you might wonder whether it’s required to book the accommodation in advance, then the answer is yes. You can decide on what kind of place you would want to stay, if you are not too fussy about accommodation, or have already decided on any homestay, then make the arrangements to get the plan in action.