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Anjuna - Perfect place for Adventure Seekers

Imagine a beach with brilliant back lanes and numerous transportation options to get around, which is exactly what people imagine after hearing about Anjuna in Goa. The village is said to be a little ragged around the edges which makes it different from any other beach in Goa. Once you find your perfect ride to explore Anjuna in Goa, it will start growing on you and by the time your trip is over, you will have a deep connection with this small town. This beach is quite famous because of Hippie since the 1960s. Frankly, there is no suggested season because Goa is beautiful and suitable throughout the year.

Over the years, Anjuna in Goa has widely evolved, and now you will be able to attend heady parties in most parts of the town. 

Six Modes of Getting Around

There is nothing complicated about exploring this beautiful village because you will find enough options to get around without much trouble. You can try

• Get around in a Bicycle

• Take a local bus

• Hire a motorbike

• Hire a motorcycle taxi

• Take an auto-rickshaw

• Hire a cab

These transports will help you explore this beautiful village in a different way than you have expected.

Things to Do at Anjuna Beach

You will find this beautiful beach to be strength of around 2 km (1.2 miles). The entire strength is filled with water sports, some of the brilliant beach bars, family-run guesthouses, and many yogic paranoma. Here are some of the things you can try at Anjuna Beach.

• If you love water activities and adventure sports, then Anjuna Beach has amazing jet skiing and paragliding at an amazing price as compared to other beaches.

• This beach is also known for its pretty looking stones by the seaside. Taking a walk down the beach will help you assemble tons of memories. It’s highly suggested for tourists to visit this beach during sunset and sunrise for some exclusive pictures.

• This place is also famous for Reiki, Yoga, and Ayurvedic massages. You will easily enjoy some of the relaxing Ayurvedic massages and healing Yoga moves.

• This beach has a transformational setup and they have a very simple rule of eating, drinking, and merry-making. People visit this town to make a close connection by forgetting the rat race of city life.


Apart from having affordable water sports by the beach, this place also has some of the racy nightlife as compared to other places in Goa. You are suggested to attend some of the open-air parties, get to the nine bar or hilltop in Vagator and ask about the famous open-air parties. You might find the security services preventing the locals from visiting, but have patients and get the entry even if it’s for a small-time because it will be worth it.

Outdoor Parties

Outdoor parties in Anjuna is one of the famous attractions, you are suggested to attend the full moon party or one of the black moon parties. Over the years the outdoor parties have been highly discouraged, but you still find some happening places to enjoy the real vibe of Goa.

Shopping at Anjuna Beach

This part is almost everyone’s favorite, where you can shop for one of the best souvenirs from Goa. Anjuna has a lot to offer with a balanced mix of Gujarati, Kashmiri, and Tibetan shops that sell sought after products for you. If you are wondering about what all you can buy, then enjoy shopping artificial colorful jewelry, hip-hop dresses, and decorative items.

Anjuna Beach Flea Market is a famous place to go for shopping; not just the souvenirs, but you will also enjoy some of the Goan food in the market area.

Tips for Travelers in Anjuna Beach

If you are not a frequent traveler and visiting Anjuna, Goa for the first time, then you must know some of the things to stay safe and up to date. Goa remains crowded throughout the year, but some months are crucial as compared to others. If you are planning to visit Goa in the peak season like December and January, then keep these tips handy.

• You have to be careful about the fake policeman. Also, ask for their identity first or discuss it with the local people who have an idea about these things.

• You must also be aware of the Gem Scam where you can get scammed in the name of the business. You must not entertain any such idea of partnership with people you just met.

• You should also buy a mosquito repellent to be safe, and especially if you are planning to stay in a budget hotel.

• If you are planning to visit with a family, then keep a close eye on them and don’t allow them to visit places alone that you nothing about.

• Do not entertain any stranger; avoid eating and drinking if you are offered anything by a stranger.

• Limit the late-night walks around the beach towards the area that aren’t very safe.

This information will help you plan your trip easily. Anjuna in Goa is a great place for couples as well as for individuals, so plan your trip accordingly.

How to Reach?

This place is easily accessible by train, local buses, as well as auto-rickshaws. The nearest train station to this place is the Thivim train station. You can easily reach the place by local buses that will take you to the destination in INR 10-20. You can also hire an auto-rickshaw by paying only INR 200-350.

Nearest Airport

Dabolim Airport is the closest to the beach with around 37km (22 miles), here is how you will be able to get to Anjuna Beach from the airport station. Hiring a car will help you reach the destination easily.

• 1 h 13 min (44.6 km) 27 miles via NH 66

• 1 h 27 min (53.0 km) 32 miles via NH366 and NH 66

Here are the bus routes from the airport to Anjuna beach, though it will be a break journey and you will have to change buses from other bus stops.

• Vasco KTC Bus Stop - Muddebihal towards Vasco KTC Bus Stop => Sada Vasco - Vengurla via Panjim towards Vengurla via Panjim => Panaji - Badem via Mapusa towards Badem via Mapusa => Siolim - Panaji towards Panaji, after taking a walk from Anjuna Charasta, you will reach Anjun beach.

Nearest Railway station

Margao railway station is the closest to the Anjuna beach 54km (33 miles), from the Margao junction take a bus to Thivim railway station and continue the journey

• 50108 - Madgaon - Sawantwadi Road Passenger 50108 towards Sawantwadi Road => Panaji - Usap via Mapusa, Assonora towards Panaji via Mapusa, Assonora => Panaji - Badem via Mapusa towards Badem via Mapusa=> walk to the Anjuna Charasta and take Siolim - Panaji towards Panaji. You can easily take a walk to the main beach from there.

There are different buses available at different time, and you will get ample option to travel via bus. However, be prepared for break journey because that’s how all the bus routes work.

Nearest Bus Stand

Anjuna Beach bus stand will be the easiest transport platform to catch the bus or hire a cab to most of the connecting transport platforms like Margao junction, Thivim station, Mupasa Bus station. Here a convenient route for you

• 50108 - Madgaon - Sawantwadi Road Passenger 50108 towards Sawantwadi Road => Panaji - Usap via Mapusa, Assonora towards Panaji via Mapusa, Assonora =>  Panaji - Badem via Mapusa towards Badem via Mapusa =>  Siolim - Panaji towards Panaji, then take a walk to Anjuna Beach.