Galgibaga Beach in Goa: A Secluded Place of Peace

It’s best to describe this beach as a Turtle Beach because it’s a great place to spot the Olive Ridley turtles. They are a protected species and this beach has a great nesting environment for them. This beach is one of the underrated beaches in Goa, and has recently been hyped for its beauty. However, the attention is completely justified because it truly is one of the hidden treasures in Goa. If you are planning to spend maximum time in South Goa, then do keep the Galgibaga beach into your itinerary.

Where is Galgibaga Beach?

When it comes to traveling to Galgibaga beach, make sure you have some of this information. It is located in the Deep South area of Goa on the banks of Galgibag River. This place is also connected with two major towns like Colva which is around 56km (34 miles) away, and Margao which is around 54km (33 miles) away.

Best Time to Visit

This beach also invites you to visit in the winter months of this state. The months between October and March, the winter of Goa is pretty pleasant and seas are calm and serene. Even summers are not very tough to travel, however, the scorching heat might be very difficult to indulge in sand activities or spend more time doing water sports. You are advised to avoid the monsoon season because the seas are mostly tough and the undercurrent is hard to travel.

The Beauty of Galagibaga Beach

This beach is not very frequently visited and it is never flooded with tourists, however, people with a taste to experience nature and protected turtles will find this place to be very peaceful. To give you a clear idea about the beach and its nightlife, you will not find a lot of beach shakes and night clubs on this beach like the other places in Goa.

• The best part about this beach is the solitude that this place offers. The beach looks beautiful under the golden shimmering sunlight where you can take a walk along the shores. The gripping dip of your feet into the wet and will take off all your stress.

• Water scooters are quite common and you will love the ferry ride in the Galgibaga River, the ride will be memorable and there is a small village to surprise you with its rustic beauty.

• The show stopper of this beach is at the northern part where the nesting of the endangered Olive Turtle takes place. This is the portion that gave another name to this beach; it’s famous as Turtle Beach.

• The authorities are trying their best to keep the protection plan of the Olive Ridley turtles. The implementation is carried out on a serious scale and construction of any extra developments is strictly prohibited to protect the turtles from any damage.

Can you see the turtles? Yes, you will be able to witness these small creatures at night; they usually are out laying eggs at night. However, the area is fenced for their safety, but if you are lucky, you will definitely spot some of them.

Shacks in Galgibaga Beach

Galgibaga beach has a protected area and the development of any structure is prohibited. You will not find a lot of shacks in the area, but enough to hang out and chill with soothing music. You may not find five-star accommodations but there are good beach resort to spend a peaceful time, the available shacks offer good food and innovative drinks to help you enjoy your travel to the fullest.

Reaching Galgibaga Beach

Since this beach is located at the far end of South Goa, it’s not very close to the airport and the railway station. The closest airport to Galgibaga Beach is the Dabolim Airport which is around 80 km (49 miles) away, and the closest railway station is in Canacona at around 11km (6.8 miles).

The best option will be to hire a private taxi that will directly take you to the beach without any break journey. You will find the option of public buses from the Canacona Bus Station to Mashem, and taking a walk or ferry for the Galgibaga beach.  However, here are some more details about the travel routes and estimated fair you will have to pay.

• Bus Routes- 2 hours 30 minutes

Estimated- INR 1,330- 1,601

06922 - Vasco Da Gama - Belagavi – Dabolim > Sanverdam Chuch > 8-minute walk to Curchorem - Savordem KTC Bus St > Mashem > 13 minutes’ walk to the beach

• Car Routes- 1 hour 7 minutes

Estimated- INR 2,200- 2,700

Via NH66

The prices may vary based on seasons and events.

To put it in philosophical words, you will find this beach to be a dream come true, the scenic beauty is incredible and unique. The difference between this beaches being different will be clearly visible.

Important Information

Plan your trip during the nesting season of the Olive Ridley turtles. They are very active during the month of January and February, if you are interested to witness the turtles, then plan accordingly.