Lamgau Caves

GOA - the name of this place is enough to push you through a kaleidoscope of imagination. The emerald beaches might be one reason you are attracted to this state, however, in this post, you will come across some other reason why Goa deserves to be in your bucket list.

Goa has some of the real attractions as compared to other surrounding places in India; the state is covered with ancient colonies, beaches, night clubs, casinos, and caves. The Lamgau Caves are the best example, to begin with; these manmade caves are carefully carved out of laterite which is described to be delicate. The caves are covered with palm trees and it is said to be structured well. One of the caves looks like a pavilion where even the ceilings and the beams of the interior are carved very carefully. The other cave is bigger as compared to the first one, and you will also find a small image of Nandi, Tulsi and a Shiva Lingam installed in the courtyard of the second cave.

Lamgau Caves is one of the reasons why Goa attracts tourists from around the world, the place is very close to the capital city, and you will find this cave in Bicholim.

The Infrastructure of the Lamgau Caves

If you are wondering why tourists are so attracted to this pair of caves, then you are soon to find out the brilliant infrastructure that plays the role of a charmer.

• The Lamgau Caves are very delicately carved out of laterite, this pair of caves holds a lot of beauty for adventurers and people who love caving.

• Both the caves are strikingly different inside and structure, the first cave is small, and the second Lamgau cave is comparatively bigger than the first cave.

• There is a stone installed along with a small Nandi bull, tulsi Vrindavan inside the cave.

• The bigger adjoining cave is also used as a hideaway during the monsoon season; this cave is bigger and deep with some labyrinthine passage.

• One visit to the caves and you will be able to make out the difference of religious transformation from early Buddhism to Hindu religion.

There are numerous tourist destinations in Goa, however, the Lamgau caves also serve as a great place for educational and cultural sites.

Surrounding Areas

As you already read the first cave is smaller in size and the other one comparatively bigger, you will find the second cave with some very complicated passages. The cave is also a neighbor to some open cast iron ore mines in the surrounding area. If you have any interest in exploring temples, then you will find ample on your way to Bicholim.

The surrounding area to the caves has varieties of attractions and it surprises the tourists. Since Goa is mostly associated with beaches, tourists have very limited knowledge of places like Lamgau Caves. In recent times the archeological experts have discovered many brilliant caves in Goa and that have instantly contributed to increasing the demand for tourism. Now people can experience the best of both worlds with the sea, and land activities all under one wide state sky.

If you love caving, then remember that Goa doesn’t offer water sports and night shacks, there are around 25 man-man caves discovered in the recent times, apart from these manmade caves, there are many other natural caves in the state that can be much more fun.

Safety Tips for Exploring Lamgau Caves

The most important thing before visiting any cave in Goa is to know some safety tips.

• Don’t waltz around in the cave, stick to your team throughout the journey.

• Carry a map of the cave if possible and find a guide who is familiar with the routes.

• Don’t forget your helmet while visiting the cave, and make sure you are covered to escape any minor scratches or cuts from the rocks.

• Stray hydrated and carry enough water to last the journey.

• Carry a spare light source to avoid any shortage.

• Don’t touch anything fishy, sharp, or unclear, you might disturb the surrounding, you can hurt yourself.

These safety tips can keep you off from some unwanted accidents. Do carry your camera to capture the beauty of these caves. As far as Lamgau Caves are concerned, you might want to re-describe the word adventure.

How to reach Lamgau Caves?

To reach Lamgau Caves you can trust the roadway, as it’s the easiest and cost effective way.

You can take the roadway from Panjim to Mapusa and then to Bicholim.

Panjim to Mapusa by car- 26 min, 16.0 km (9.94 miles)

Estimated- INR 380-450 by car, INR 35-70 by bus

Mapusa to Bicholim by car- 17-20 min, 18.6 km (11.55miles)

Estimated- INR 550-600 by car, INR 40-59 by bus

Note- Lamgau Caves is situated at Bicholim, which is 35 km (21 miles) from north-east of Panjim, Goa.