Butterfly Beach – Trip to the Hidden Gem of South Goa

Doesn’t the name sound interesting to you? Butterfly Beach of Goa is one of the most adventurous hidden beaches. The place has a very stunning view of the sea and it almost looks like a view out of a movie. The calmness and serenity of this beach is next level and no matter where you have been in Goa, there is a high chance that you won’t be able to compare the stillness of this place. The beach is in a semi-circle landscape, and to add up to the beauty, you will come across millions species of butterflies flying over the hilltop blossoms.

There are other attractions on the beach that will be extremely interesting, especially, if you are visiting with family. You will love the acrobatic of dolphins and enjoy the boat rides. This beach can be considered as one of the perfect beaches to regain your peace of mind. If you are still wondering where exactly it is located, then you will travel to Palolem beach to reach this beautiful beach.

Best Time to Visit Butterfly Beach

Since Goa is beautiful and pleasant throughout the year, but it’s best to visit during the peak season, the months between November and March are perfect to plan a visit. This time of the month is a good time as the weather is suitable for boat rides and sighting different species of butterflies. However, when it comes to visiting the Butterfly Beach, the months between April and May are also not very bad to take a trip to the beach.

Operating days: Monday to Sunday

Operating hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Highlights in this Perfect Holiday Destination

1. Home to Some of the Exotic Species of Goldfish, Butterflies, and Crabs

The best part about the beach is hidden in the name of the beach itself. The beach houses numerous butterflies from different species and winter is the best time to witness their magical presence. However, there is one more thing about the beach that no one mentions, when the seashores widen during the high tides, the Butterfly Beach is flooded with sea urchins, goldfishes, crabs, sea cucumbers and even some redfishes. Wouldn’t you want to capture the beautiful image?

2. Stunning Sunsets

Of course, the beach has some of the most stunning sunsets; there are spots where you will be able to witness the beauty of the orange horizon and dewy breeze around the hidden Butterfly beach. 

3. Dolphin Sightseeing

Dolphin sightseeing is carried out on boat rides where you will be able to look at happy dolphins playing around the shores. There are many places in Goa to look at dolphins but Butterfly beach has some of the best spots. This is what sets this place apart from the rest of the beaches.

4. Secluded Beach

The main reason why this beach is called the hidden beach is that it is located amid forests. This tiny beach is a cute cove of white sand and clean water. You will come across a bicycle and motorbike to explore the beauty of this secluded place.

Here are some other things to do on Butterfly Beach, you will be able to experience Canoe riding along tiny streams, walking on the beaches, boat riding, sunbathing, trekking, rock climbing, and many other activities.

Important Tips to Visit Butterfly Beach

• When you are taking a boat ride, don’t forget to haggle with the boatman, or you might end up paying more than you should.

• You must carry some food and drinks on the boat ride because you will not find a lot of things to eat on the boat.

• Don’t stay out for long.

How to reach Butterfly Beach?

The beach can’t be reached via any bus, car or bike for it is bordered by a thick forest. Taking a boat from Agonda or Palolem is good to get to Butterfly Beach. With an approximate distance of 6.5 km (4 miles) from Agonda, the ride will cost you INR 1,000-1,200 or so (round trip). Boat ride in monsoon season is not allowed, so plan accordingly.

This is the easiest way to reach the Butterfly, make sure you are carrying your camera to capture the beauty of butterflies and aquatic animals.