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Museum of Christian Art

The Museum is a beautiful place with a collection of expensive and unique artwork. The Museum of Christian Art was first created to display the depth of art in the form of paintings and many craftworks, but over the years the museum also became the symbol of awareness, conservation, and restoration of architecture and art. The task is done with the help of various interactions and collaboration by people international across the nation. The museum has been restored a couple of times and the most noticeable being the 17th century under the state protected monument.

The collection of this museum is richly unique, embroidered vestments, chalices and many other religious receptacles prepared out of precious and partly precious stones and unique metals, ivory carvings, excellent paintings, and statuary.

The source behind this beautiful art and priceless collection are mostly by local artists and artisans, some were even traditional Hindu artists who produced some of the brilliant pieces.

Quick Glance

Entry fee- INR 2-5 (May vary)
Open hours- 9:30 am- 5:00 pm (recently closed due to renovation)
Photography- Allowed
Nearest Airport- Dabolim Airport: 26km (16 miles)
Nearest Bus stand- Panjim Bus Stand: 9km (5.5 miles)
Nearest railway station- Jeddy Railway Station: 12km (7.4 miles)

The famous museum is located in the old convent of Santa Monica, which is considered as the epicenter of Old Goa. The old Goa is considered to be the dipped and soaked in history and traditions with many religious monuments. The collection of art in this museum makes it one of the unique places and well-maintained institutions in Asia.


The museum was formed in 1994 and it’s known as the first of its kind in the entire Asia. However, the location of this museum was considered to be not central, and was shifted to Santa Monica, and now it’s known as an example of a brilliant architecture in the religious monument spectrum in Old Goa. The purpose of the museum was highlighted as preserving the treasure of Indo- Portuguese Christian art. The museum holds some of the very ancient art from the 17th and the mid of 20th century.

Where to Go?

The museum a rich example of rich architecture, the place is located in the north of Goa and the convent of Santa Monica is the actual location of the Museum of Christian art in Goa. The place is easily reached from Margao and Panjim both.

The current location for the Museum of Christian Art is the Convent of Santa Monica in Velha Goa. Due to its age old history the building is said to be of an architectural importance in this place, you will be able to travel easily because the location is in North Goa and it is easily accessible from Margao and Panaji.

When to Go?

The peak season is the best time to visit the museum, although it remains open all days of the week. The timing is already mentioned, the months between October and March, and June to September are suitable months to explore the art of this museum.

How to reach there?

The distance from down town Goa to the museum is around 40.4km (25.1 mi) via NH66 and it will take around 1h 13 minutes to get there. The roads are mostly clear, here is how you can get to the museum with different transport.

• Bus Route- 2 hours 45minutes

  Estimated- INR 800-900

  Panaji - Harambol via Chopdem > Harambol >

  Panaji KTC Bus Stand > Old Goa > then it’s just a 6-7 minute walk to the museum.

• Car Route- 1 hour 18 minutes

  Estimated- INR 1,500-2,500

  Via NH748- Drive from Mandrem Rd/Querim–Arambol–Agarwada Rd, Duler-Marna-Siolim Rd, NH 66 and NH748 to Bainguinim

The traveling expenses may vary based on season and timing.

Church Etiquettes

Since the Museum of Christian Art adjoins the Chapel of the Weeping Cross, you might want to visit the church to seek blessings. You need to understand the importance of proper etiquette in order to avoid disrupting the concentrations of the devotees.

• Dress Appropriately
• Greeting at the door.
• Don’t be late. Arrive at the church on time.
• Be respectful.

Following these points will help you experience the magic of this beautiful church. Don’t forget to do what you are especially traveling this place to do, pray.

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