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Anjuna Flea Market – The Weekly Bazaar for Hippie Travelers

You might have wondered exactly why the Anjuna Flea Market is called ‘Hippies paradise’. The answer can never be summarized in a few words; rather even an elaborate write up might fail to do justice with the extended flea market. This place deserves a visit by every shopaholic who can’t keep their hands off unique items. If you are planning to take a tour of the flea markets of Goa, then starting your journey with the most famous one will be a good option.

Little Background

You might be like whoah! That’s a weird history flashback of the flea market, but that’s what talked about. This existence of this market goes back to the 1960s when hippies were a perfect example of the word ‘wasted’. They drank, danced in trance music all night, ate good food, and the time was not far when they ran out of money. They started selling odds and ends from their belongings to a market. The culture of a flea market came into existence and hence slowly over the years became a great success. You will find an elaborate market of psychedelic souvenirs, handmade items, jewelry, hand bands, t-shirts, local tattoos, etc.

Perfect Time to Visit

The flea market is usually set during season around late October to March (December might get a little too crowded). The perfect time to visit the Anjuna flea market is the morning or after midday. The time until 4:00 pm before sunset will be the best time to explore the market. Wednesdays are the Holy Grail for tourists in Anjuna, pick up your bag and hit the road at the earliest to explore the market.

Useful Highlights

1. Take a look at the ‘hippie’ stuff including apparel, headbands, bootlegged DVDs, beautiful Buddha statues, lighters, bed sheets, leather bags, etc.

2. Get a provisional tattoo from any stall in the market place because you will find many around you. However, you will have to be careful with the kind of ink and needles they are using. 

3. Enjoy the live performance by rising jazz bands.

4. Chill in the shacks and enjoy the delicious Goan food with cold beer.

5. Buy Tibetan stuff from the Anjuna flea market.

What can you buy?

1. Beach clothes and more

You will find some of the most colorful beachwear made from light materials to complement the breezy weather of the beach. There are many designs of tippets, tops, resort kaftans, skirts made out of natural fabric. Apart from the homegrown brand in Goa, you will also find interesting designs of tunics at an affordable price range.

2. Tribal Masks, Dream Catchers & Cool Headgear

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? You will come across selective stalls selling various crafts at Anjuna flea market on the Wednesday. There are dream catchers in every color and size, gypsy and trendy headgears, tribal masks, designer masks, bamboo sling bags, jewelry, and summer dresses. When it comes to these craftworks, you have less scope for bargaining, but you can still try your luck over it.

3. Tibetan Market Stuff

If you wanted to own some of the unique Tibetan items, then you will love the small section in the Anjuna flea market that is especially dedicated to the Tibetan stuff. You will be able to fish out things from the huge treasures of singing bowls, artifacts, flags, silver trinkets, and many more. These items can be a little expensive; however, you can try your luck by haggling over the stuff you want to buy.

4. Glass Jewelry

When you are visiting the flea market, you will not fail to notice the Turkish shop where a couple sells glass jewelry. You will find various varieties of pendants, chokers, bracelets, and many other handmade items specially designed keeping in mind the taste of tourists. However, the prices are pretty reasonable and you can get the jewelry between INR 400-1,500.

5. Bright Bikinis

Visiting the beach without a new bikini is not done. You can find a shop just outside the glass jewelry shop. The shops can be easily spotted because of the popping colors of bikini on display. The two-piece bikini is made with colorful fabric, there are huge varieties of Bangkok sourced swimwear mostly in a geometric pattern, trippy neon colors, and Aztec prints. You can easily get a set in around INR 850- 1150.

6. Spices and Tea

If you love spicy food and playing with flavors, then spice shopping in the Anjuna flea market is the right option for you. You can buy varieties of spices based on the quantity and quality of what you want. Spice market will also have a great variety of tea. You will be able to choose from mango green tea, strawberry tea, pink tea, masala tea, Darjeeling tea, lavender tea, etc.

No matter how extended the market looks, never expect or ask any seller to direct you to drugs or marijuana. You might be held questionable because drugs are legally banned in Goa.

There is no doubt that you will love the vibe of this flea market where global sellers set their market, not just as an occupation, but also because they are deeply interested in representing their country and the traditions on a global platform. From mesmerizing jewelry and accessories to handicrafts and striking handmade items, you will find this market to be the best place for shopping souvenirs.

How to reach the flea market?

Goa is blessed with a good network of transportation; let’s give you three perfect options:

You can reach the flea market with a long way by taking a bus and experiencing a break journey.

You can hire a taxi to get to the location.

If you are up for some fun, hire a two-wheeler and race the winds to the flea market.

From the Nearest Airport - Dabolim, 23 km (14 miles)

1 h 14 min via NH 66 via taxi, 44.6 km (27 miles)

1 h 39 min via NH 66 and Betim – Penha de Franca – Pomburpa – Quitla – Aldona via taxi, 54.8 km (33 miles)

From the Nearest Railway - Thivim Railway Station, via taxi, 15 km (9.3 miles)