Chapora River

Away from the loud music and frequent adventures, if you are looking for a peaceful place to spend some quiet time with a special someone, then Chapora might just top the chart out of all the suggested places. This small village by the river is well-known for practicing fishing and boat building as its main occupation; however, tourism is a new addition to their list. The place gained popularity because of the ancient Chapora Fort which is in a close distance to the Chapora River considered to be busier.

This village is located around 10 km (6.2 miles) distance from Mapusa in the North of Goa. It is also close to Vagator beach from the northern side of the headland. If you are a person who loves authentic holidays around nature and natural environment, then Chapora can be your best bet.

Facts about Chapora River

• The Chapora River divides the Northern town of Pernem and Bardez, the beach is around 22 km (13 miles) away from the capital city and 8km (4.9 miles) from Mapusa River.

• Koval is another name given to the Chapora River and the aerial photography of the olden days from 1970 and 1999 explains some minor alteration in the landscape after a close comparison.

• Chapora town has various cafes and restaurants where the places serve delicious seafood and drinks packed with freshness and taste.

• The accommodations at Chapora is not that expensive and can be easily adjusted, they offer sorted guest houses and rooms for tourists at good rates.

• The fort across the Chapora River was built in 1717 by the Portuguese during the time of colonization.

• The Chapora River can be easily seen from the fort and the view looks absolutely breathtaking.

• The village is actually situated in the ruins of the Portuguese Chapora Fort, the southeast has the pernem and the fort faces Colvalle at Bardez, whereas the right bank of the Chapora River lies the Fort of Arabo.

• Goa comprises of five important rivers and Chapora River is one of them.

Things to Do

Sailing along the Backwaters

Let’s elaborate on some experiences which can’t be experienced at any other place but this. Waking up to the chirping of birds other than a dreadful alarm will feel different than you can imagine. You will have enough time to chase the sunrise and sip on some hot cup of coffee or juice for refreshments.

As the houseboat will be set to sail in the Chapora River showing you the early morning river life, you can absorb each and every sight to replay it later because the beauty will be unmatched. Visiting Chapora River and sailing on a houseboat will be incomplete if you didn’t try fishing. Catch fresh river fishes will be fun and you will be served the same cooked fish later for lunch. The excitement and fun will be the next level, people often labeled the houseboat ride to be one of the best experiences in Chapora River.

Boat Night Tour on Chapora River

The best activity of the Chapora River is the houseboat ride. If you ever imagined sailing in a beautiful houseboat in the backwaters of a calm river, then you have it all right here. The unique experience of floating in slow water in a boat with all the essential supplies is quite a catch. The serene backwaters of the river will be the only thing needed to calm your senses. Imagine you sitting on the edge of a side of your houseboat with a cup of coffee and a good book in hand. Can you picture yourself doing that?

The sleepy side of the village has so much to tell, view of beautiful churches, perfect village houses, palm trees, and the sipping sun across the horizon. Some loners and introverts live to see this site alone.

If you have attended some extended parties in celebrity beaches in your entire trip and experienced the rush of water sports, then the calm boat ride is all you need to balance the sweet madness you experienced in your trip. You will also find some playful dolphins twirling in the sea and that’s when you would know, there’s no replacement for peace.

Chapora Fort

Another interesting feature of Chapora is the fort which proves to be the chief landmark of this river. The fort was built by the Portuguese; this structural beauty is built with steep slopes on all sides and looks stunning from all the directions.

Have Fun on Chapora Beach

If you ask any tourists who have recently been to Chapora, then their fresh memories will only replay the cleanliness of this place over and over again. The nearly magical white sand, palm trees, and pleasant environment make this place one of the hidden treasures of Goa. This beach is at a very close distance from the Vagator and Anjuna beach so you can also travel directly to this peaceful town after breaking the floor in the rave parties of those celebrity beaches.

Here is how easily accessible this place is from other surrounding places. You must plan a trip to experience the peace that drips off these details about the river.

How to reach the Chapora River?

The nearest airport is Dabolim Airport, which is around 49 km (31 miles) away.

The nearest bus stand to Chapora River is the Anjuna beach Bus stand which is in the 10-minute distance and 2.9 km (1.8 miles) away.

Car Route- 1 hour 8 minutes
Estimated- INR 1,100- 1,400
Via NH 66

Bus Route- 2 hour 20 minutes
Estimated- INR 200-480
Dabolim>Cortalim bridge junction>Panaji KTC Bus stand>Mapusa Bus stand>Camurlim Tuem ferry> 2 minutes walk to the river

Town Car- 46-50 minutes
Estimated- INR 1,900- 2,800
The travel expense may vary due to the seasonal changes in the weather.

The accessibility of transportation platforms is another thing that makes the Chapora River land up in every tourist’s list. If you have had enough water sports and rave parties, then you are suggested to calm your excitement and get yourself to Chapora River where a different level of pleasure awaits you. This place can be defined as a slow burn when it comes to exploring the beauty.

You will take time to fix your eyes on the natural yet unique beauty of the backwaters of Chapora River.